mending torn silk?

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ifyourmotheraskedyou Thu 08-Jul-10 21:01:06

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place here, but I have a delicate silk skirt with a strip of gold pattern across it (like a sari), and it has torn sad. I've taken it to the local tailors who said they couldn't do anything. They suggested either shortening the skirt and losing the gold strip (which I don't want to do) or sewing a large patch on behind it but said you would see the stitching and it would affect the way the fabric would fall.

I was wondering if it would be better to sew small silk patches on from behind each part of the tear. Or if there might be another cunning way of fixing it. Is there anyone out there who is clever with needle and thread and can advise me?

Thank you!

TheButterflyEffect Fri 09-Jul-10 09:26:03

Message withdrawn

SwansEatQuince Fri 09-Jul-10 09:33:33

You could try very carefully positioning some wundaweb behind the tear (on the wrong side of the dress) and on a moderate setting, iron the torn parts so they close.

Once the tear has been closed, perhaps you could find some similar material eg from a pocket and use a fine needle and very fine thrad to patch. It is a faff.

MmeLindt Fri 09-Jul-10 09:37:50

I would go to a dressmaker who specialises in delicate fabrics, someone who make wedding dresses for example.

My wedding dress was silk/organdy and after the wedding had two tears. I took it to a dressmaker and she was able to mend it without it showing, no idea how she did it.

TheButterflyEffect Fri 09-Jul-10 10:29:57

Message withdrawn

ifyourmotheraskedyou Fri 09-Jul-10 21:39:51

Thanks everybody! I have ironed on a patch from the back and the tear is now completely invisible. I'm a bit worried that, because the patch is so much thicker than the fabric, it alters the way it hangs, but maybe it will soften? Also I have failed to get it to attach properly and one end wants to peel up. So I'm not sure if this will be a success... If not I will try your dressmaker idea, MmeLindt.

TheButterflyEffect Sat 10-Jul-10 10:13:24

Message withdrawn

size6feet Tue 13-Jul-10 00:10:52

At college we were taught to use a pressing cloth when using intefacing (likewise wundaweb). Press directly down onto the patch and dont move the iron about. Dont use steam as this dilutes the glue. HTH.

ifyourmotheraskedyou Tue 13-Jul-10 21:37:13

Ohhh, that's probably where I went wrong, size6. I took the advice of the lady in the shop and put a damp cloth on top. Bugger.

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