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bigstripeytiger Mon 05-Jul-10 14:02:01

We are looking for a new bed for DD (7). She likes the Ikea Hemnes Daybed.

If anyone knows about these things I have a few questions about it:

1) Would it be OK for everyday use?

2) How does it work as a double - am I right in thinking that you have 2 foam matresses, pile them on top of each other for use as a single, and use individually for use as a double?

3) How big is it when you buy it in Ikea (Im trying to work out if I can fit it in the car)


bigstripeytiger Mon 05-Jul-10 15:43:15


Gentleness Mon 05-Jul-10 16:24:39

bumping for you as I love it and plan to get one for our spare room...

bigstripeytiger Mon 05-Jul-10 18:03:48

thanks for that, and bumping again smile

uggmum Mon 05-Jul-10 18:12:22

I have one and loved it. It's my dds. I have had it a few years but I am very disappointed as it is falling apart. My dd has not been rough with it, she is only little.

The screws that hold in the base will not stay in the holes, the holes have got bigger over time and I have only converted it into a double approx 6 times.

We will now have to replace it far sooner than we expected.

bigstripeytiger Mon 05-Jul-10 18:33:15

That doesnt sound great. What is the effect of the screw holes getting bigger - does that mean that the whole bed collapses?

IsThatTheTime Mon 05-Jul-10 20:31:00

I've got one, it's brilliant, we've had it for about 5 years and it has been taken apart & put back together repeatedly with no ill effects (except the wooden bit around the top is impossible to glue on and kind of sits on its dowels until you lean on it awkwardly and it comes off in your hands). My DD1 (4yo) has slept in it since she came out of her cot. We use 2 of the huge drawers for toys and one for spare duvet / linen in case of nighttime accidents (thankfully rare but I digress).

In answer to your questions:
1) I'd be happy with it for every day use for a younger child but will replace when DD gets older. The mattress Ikea sell with it is only foam so not v supportive but DD1 is so light I'm not worried now. If I can be bothered to look for find a proper, sprung 80cm wide mattress then I'd happily keep it until it falls apart.
2) To make it into a double, you just pull the bottom out towards you, stick the spare mattress on it and off you go. Both beds are then slatted as the slats fit in between each other when it's a single. It does mean whoever's sleeping on the outside (the extra pullout bit IYSWIM) doesn't have a headboard but I guess if it's for 2 kids you could turn them round so it's more like a conventional sofabed (I hope this makes sense!). We keep the spare mattress either in another room or behind the bed up against the wall though as it feels a bit high / wobbly with them both on together (shades of Princess and the Pea!).
3) can't remember how big the box is in relation to getting it in the car but the back panel is at least 2m long and solid so it's not going to be small...

littleducks Mon 05-Jul-10 20:38:51

I looked at this in ikea and was almost sold until the salesman said that when using the bed as a single you had to keep the second mattress in another room or put it up against a wall....seemed too messy to me

IsThatTheTime Mon 05-Jul-10 20:45:16

Littleducks it is a bit messy but the mattress is not that thick so you can stick it behind easily, honest.

bigstripeytiger Mon 05-Jul-10 20:47:47

So it isnt really practical to have the two foam mattresses on top of each other? thats a shame.

Also strangely disappointed by the likely size of the boxes for the bed. Though logically I knew it would be 2m long, for some reason I was hoping it wouldnt be. grin

londonmackem Mon 05-Jul-10 20:51:13

We have it and I love it. We do have both mattresses on top of one another and not princess and the pea for me (but am MUCH heavier than a 7 year old). i would go in and lie on it with the two mattresses. The drawers are really big too - I would definitely recommend it and our daughter will sleep in it from about the age of 3 (as we have no where else).

SweetApril Mon 05-Jul-10 20:53:58

Bigstripeytiger - here is a useful thread. As you will see I wittered on about the bed as I love it. We had ours delivered but I do remember that it was extremely heavy and awkward and bits of it very long. Even the two delivery men struggled with it so I doubt you could you lift it by yourself and you would need to have a very big car. Plus there are loads of different "bits" which I suspect you'd have to trawl around different aisles of the warehouse looking for and once you've got everything you'll find they've run out of mattresses or screwpacks or some such crucial element. Not trying to put you off just nothing worse than going to Ikea full of hope and leaving hot, sweaty and cross!

bigstripeytiger Mon 05-Jul-10 22:53:20

Thanks SweetApril - I had seen that thread (probably why I only had 3 questions and not 20 grin )
I dont like the thought of trying to get all the bits picked out in Ikea and then trying to get it home.
Not sure what to do now!

uggmum Tue 06-Jul-10 11:07:05

Hi, Bigstripeytiger,

The bed has not collapsed as the drawers and the second base for the pull out bit holds it up.

When you pull out the other base you have to be careful, if you pull it too hard the second base comes out completely and its really difficult to get it back underneath.

I keep the other mattress behind the bed as my dd finds it too high with both mattresses on.

The box is very heavy. My dh broke his big toe when he built it as he dropped a piece on his foot.

bigstripeytiger Tue 06-Jul-10 11:10:42

Thanks for that, I think that I understand now.

Is it the kind of thing that I could fit in my car (I have an MPV and the seats can all push flat) or would I need to hire a van? DH would be there to do the lifting.

shock at the broken big toe.

IsThatTheTime Tue 06-Jul-10 20:14:00

I'm pretty sure we got ours in a Golf hatchback (can't remember hiring anything) so you should be fine with an MPV.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 06-Jul-10 20:19:29

We have an IKEA metal daybed which is slightly bigger than this one and got it in a Zafira complete with mattress. IKEA stores have little cages you can lock stuff in so you can make several trips if you need to btw. They are located in the car parks.

azazello Tue 06-Jul-10 20:23:53

We had one of these. We used it as a spare and have now been persuaded to let my brother keep it for the time being as a proper bed. We're going to get another one as a proper bed for DD soon but with 2 proper mattresses and store one down the back which looks okay.

Car wise - we got it delivered. It arrived at our flat about the same time as us driven by a bloke with a slightly smaller car than ours (we had a Zafira). He ran upstairs with it too blush. Go for it.

bran Tue 06-Jul-10 20:34:33

We have one, but I have absolutely no idea how we got it home from Ikea. I think we had it delivered as we bought lots of things at the same time. I remember very well that it took bloody ages to put together though.

DS sleeps on it and loves it. He's been using it for a couple of years and it was our spare bed for a couple of years before that. We have a proper mattress on it for him and the second mattress is propped up behind the bed on it's long edge. It comes to just below the edge of the bed so it makes a perfect shelf for his myriad of soft toys.

We're moving house soon (and leaving it behind) and we won't be buying the same again as we have never used it as a double since that became DS's room. DS has said he wants the same bed again, but I have bought him a Flexa bed with a slide instead.

You might be better off using a bed that has a truckle underneath instead, the kind that you can open up the legs to make it normal height. That way you can either have a second single or a double and it would be quicker to convert when you have guests. The Ikea bed is a bit of a pain as a double as the person on the inside has to climb over the person on the outside if they want to get out of bed.

HousewifeOfOrangeCounty Tue 06-Jul-10 20:43:10

We also have one and brought it home in our mpv. It was dd1's, but we moved recently and now it's dd2's. Dd1 misses it and says it was the most comfy bed ever, she always slept on both matresses and is 11.

I did sleep on it once in it's pulled out state and wouldn't advise any hanky panky, not that we did, but it did feel like it would colapse easily.

bigstripeytiger Thu 08-Jul-10 09:34:59

Thanks for all the advice. Am going to Ikea on Sunday, so will try to fit it in the car!

Alielton1977 Sat 11-Jan-14 15:18:21

I am thinking of buying the Hemnes daybed for our playroom. It would be used occasionally as a double bed for 2 adults but mostly as a sofa for my 2 year old twin boys and us to watch films/read/cuddle. I have a few questions: is it too high for a toddler to get on? Is it comfy as a sofa? Would two adults sleep well on it? Any help gratefully received!

dreamingofthesun Sat 11-Jan-14 17:27:13

We had one and I'm afraid I didn't think it was very comfy when used as a sofa. The bit that you sit on was too wide so I couldn't comfortably put my back against the back rest and have my legs dangling over the front. I don't think it is too high for a toddler to climb on and off, DS2 seemed to manage fine. Not sure how well adults would sleep on it as we've only ever had kids in it. The daybed is now at my parents house and my DSs seem quite happy to sleep in it.

poppycarew Mon 13-Jan-14 18:19:07


I had two cushions (like sofa back cushions ) made and covers for those and one of the mattresses. It works well as a sofa now but agree with dreaming , without cushions at the back it is too wide for comfort


ejl3795 Fri 24-Jan-14 17:29:05

I work at IKEA in the bedrooms department so hope my knowledge can be of some help!
I'd actually recommend this product - especially for the reasons you wanted it for.
All the beds are made up in the showroom (bedrooms department) so you can go in store and try them out if you're unsure on it. Also, all the measurements are online.
Both my little sister (11yrs old) and my ex-boyfriend have the Hemnes day-bed and neither have had any problems and loved it! The storage is great as the drawers do go far back (not like some drawers) and it is also easy to pull out. Most people sleep with 2 mattresses and then when needing to pull it out have 1 mattress on each. Just make sure you get the right size mattresses as IKEA beds are different sizes to regular UK sizes smile
As for sofa...if my ex-boyfriend and I cuddled up to a movie or whatever we had lots and lots of cushions on the back and it actually was comfy.
As for toddlers getting up onto the bed - I'm not entirely sure if they would be tall enough - just be careful of the handles on the drawers too...
If you're not sure about whether it will fit in your car you can check out delivery options through IKEA - prices depend on how far away/postcode regions.
I'm not very knowledgeable on the delivery but here's the link online: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_GB/service-offer/delivery/index.html

Hope I've been some help and given some helpful, unbiased knowledge!

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