help! washed trousers with tissue in pocket!!

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bonnyb1 Thu 01-Jul-10 17:40:04

Please help - I have just pulled my lovely new black linen trousers out of the washing machine and I've bloody washed them with a white tissue in the pocket and they are covered in horrid fluff -
any top tips anyone?

Ponders Thu 01-Jul-10 17:43:31

give them a bloody good shake outside then wash them again & see how they look then. It will come off but may take a while!

SwansEatQuince Thu 01-Jul-10 17:44:25

Dry them with the pocket inside out (if possible) then flick the worst of the tissue off with your fingers and finish the tiny bits which are left with sellotape.

bonnyb1 Thu 01-Jul-10 18:54:58

thanks will give that a go........have a feeling they will never be the same though sad

nickschick Thu 01-Jul-10 18:57:21

Tumble dryer will get rid off the bits.

PlanetEarth Thu 01-Jul-10 20:23:25

You can also get rollers with sticky stuff on that work for this, dog hairs etc. Or (preferable as it lasts forever) a clothes brush. I have one, forget what it's called, it's not exactly a brush but has a rough one way nap. Try John Lewis or similar (or Kleeneze come to that!)

Ponders Thu 01-Jul-10 20:28:40

oh, yes, PE, one of these things! I used to have a couple but they have vanished.

They pick up bits brilliantly used in one direction, & then you can rub the bits off by using your hand in the other direction.

Really really good, honest!

PlanetEarth Fri 02-Jul-10 10:28:01

Yes Ponders, mine's a different style but same principle. It's been working for nearly 30 years now!

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