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De-cluttering - what do I do with unwanted soft toys?

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turkeyboots Sun 27-Jun-10 21:10:16

DC have a mountain of soft toys as the PiL bring at least 2 at every visit. Most of them are neglected and while I rotate some for variety, DC aren't that interested in them.

So where is a good home for soft toys? Can't bring myself to throw them out - there has to be someone who wants them?

DrivenToDistraction Sun 27-Jun-10 21:11:16


Wordsonascreen Sun 27-Jun-10 21:12:22

donation to school? (its fete time coming up soon)

turkeyboots Sun 27-Jun-10 21:16:32

How do I find a refuge? Have looked on the Women's aid website but can only find number for people in need of help, not in need of re-homing soft toys!

StealthPolarBear Sun 27-Jun-10 21:17:36

i started 2 threads like this in the last week (in fact i thought this was mine!!)

age concern took mine, many places dont want them

PotPourri Sun 27-Jun-10 21:17:42

and tell pil NO MORE!!

turkeyboots Sun 27-Jun-10 21:21:04

I'd picked up that charity shops don't take toys anymore from somewhere. Is a shame as these are as new really.

PiL are beyond reason sadly. But apart from the endless soft toys aren't that bad really.

StealthPolarBear Sun 27-Jun-10 21:23:16

thats what i thought
so i aslked would they take them
she said yes
i said did they actually want them or was i just offloading my problem and she said they were always happy to get new toys
& when i got there there was a huge wire bin with a load of toys for sale in

turkeyboots Sun 27-Jun-10 21:24:20

Will have to go find my local charity shops and ask(have just moved and dragged all the toys across the country!)

TheButterflyEffect Sun 27-Jun-10 21:27:04

Message withdrawn

aristocat Sun 27-Jun-10 21:31:24

my friend gave hers to our local childrens ward at hospital - they were very grateful for the toys smile

BertieBotts Sun 27-Jun-10 21:31:39

I managed to sell some on ebay for a little over the cost of postage, if you can be bothered. Maybe get the kids to put them on if old enough/not likely to develop a sudden extreme attachment to every one grin

JustKeepSwimming Sun 27-Jun-10 21:32:29

Also, if they are lots of different animals your local Portage service would take them - they were happy to take a bag of mine.
Portage is a bit like play therapy for SN kids, normally in the home.

iloveasylumseekers Sun 27-Jun-10 21:34:41

I sold a few on ebay, not for a lot, but they did sell. Or freecycle.

turkeyboots Mon 28-Jun-10 11:19:22

Thanks all.

missusp Tue 29-Jun-10 12:43:34

a slightly random response but this looks like a good idea.
Use soft toys as stuffing for floor cushions!

helenwilkes Sat 06-Dec-14 21:21:15

Hello, I am collecting used soft toys that can fit in shoeboxes, please drop me message if you have any. thank you

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