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How do I rescue a pot with burnt jam on the bottom

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DidEinsteinsMum Sun 20-Jun-10 18:43:32

Or more precisely charcoaled jam stuck to the bottom.

How on earth can I get the jam to lift?

Tried boiling with very very salty water but only a little of the charcoal has been removed. I need to retrieve pot as it is the bottom of a 3tier steaming pot blush

Help please!

cece Sun 20-Jun-10 18:47:10

It took me (and my mum) about a week of twice a day scraping and soaking. Good luck.

iamfabregasted Sun 20-Jun-10 19:00:38

This is my EX-mils trick and though it pains me to admit this it DOES work - might take a couple of goes though

Get some dishwasher powder/tablets - the sort you put in the machine.

Put in bottom of saucepan and cover to about 3-4 inches with water - you need a decent amount of water to make this work.

put on hob and boil.

and boil.

and boil.

watch it though, coz it will boil away but it will lift any crap.

Stinks unfortunately, so if you have an extractor fan, get it on!!

DidEinsteinsMum Sun 20-Jun-10 19:05:27

Thankyou will give it a go tomo when I can open the windows too. And after the latest bit of salt boiling finishes. Pot still boiling away atm.

whoingodsnameami Sun 20-Jun-10 19:07:19

Add bicarbonate of soda to the water once boiling, that should do the trick.

Seona1973 Sun 20-Jun-10 20:09:12

Use astonish household paste and a spontex brilliant scourer. That combination has rescued several pots, the grill pan, etc

I get the paste from semi-chem and the scourer from the supermarket

Sonilaa Mon 21-Jun-10 09:44:55

I sprinkle the charcoal with baking powder, fill the pan with a little water (maybe an inch), bring to the boil and let sit over night. then scrub and repeat as long as neccessary.

swanriver Mon 21-Jun-10 11:36:02

all you need is *washing powder* salt alone is no good, not too much, and to boil it for a while. It does come off easily, then just a bit of a scrubbing should finish it.
Just saved a burnt pan last week with this method.

Lionstar Mon 21-Jun-10 11:39:22

Soaking in Soda Crystals (and quite a bit of scrubbing) has always worked for me

CMOTdibbler Mon 21-Jun-10 11:42:11

You could also try some of the Lakeland oven cleaner - it is amazing at lifting burnt on yuk.

Have also heard that boiling biological washing powder is good though

DidEinsteinsMum Mon 21-Jun-10 21:31:07

bicarb and has reduced some more. soaking in coke didnt work. will try the bio powder tomo. it has improved and the bare metal is very very clean.

<makes mental note to never make jam with ds awake in the house again>

SwansEatQuince Mon 21-Jun-10 21:33:52

Ammonia shifts the carbon from our old burner so might work on your pan? You have to do it outside though as it really stinks.

MrsJohnDeere Mon 21-Jun-10 21:50:28

Dishwasher tablet. Put in pan with 3cm of water. Bring to boil then simmer for 15 mins (will be smelly btw) on a low temp. Seems to work better with economy d/w tablets rather than Finish ime.

ilovesprouts Mon 21-Jun-10 21:57:47

old credit card to scrape it off

Gmf7 Sat 04-Jul-15 11:02:58

Wow! Thanks very much for this tip. It really worked. Had to do process twice but pan now clean and it had loads of rock hard strawberry jam stuck to it.

JohnMich Mon 06-Jul-15 06:02:57

Hi Gmf7! Great but WHICH tip was it that you used? I desperately need to use it to remove my charcoal strawberry jam.

BeautifulBatman Mon 06-Jul-15 06:14:32

Just a note about the cola tip - you need to boil it, not just soak it.

JohnMich Thu 30-Jul-15 06:30:25

I'm an Australian and so is my wife Michelle. We live on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
I was making strawberry jam and forgot pot was on stove. The burnt jam was about 1/4 inch thick and as hard as a rock. Michelle told me that cloudy ammonia would fix it. Full of disbelief I covered it with about a quarter inch of the ammonia and put it outside because the ammonia smells like very old, very powerful animal urine.
Three days later I tried to see what had happened. I tried to scrape it and that didn't work so then I hit it with the scraper and it broke out in chunks leaving the steel shiny clean! Here and there were tiny spots which the dishwasher cleaned up.
So there you are - cloudy ammonia and a few days wait.
Regards, John

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