What is it with mesh ironing boards?

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tootootired Thu 17-Jun-10 22:43:05

I'd really like a new ironing board - ours is very small, about 20 years old and now the cover has split again. It's just a Beldray type with a wood board. I had covered it with a good thick pad and metallic cover.

I was looking in John Lewis and all the ironing boards seem to be metal mesh with really insubstantial covers that look like they'd fall off in a moment? Are they all like this now? Are they better to iron on? What sort of cover is best? I use my board for crafts and sewing too so need a good firm pressing surface.

bacon Fri 18-Jun-10 09:58:12

I assume the mesh allows the heat to escape through the gaps. I always try and buy Brabrantia products, ironing board, clothes line etc always find the quality strong.

I would assume a good strong board for longevity you'd want to pay £40 plus.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 18-Jun-10 10:01:56

I think they are crap. I have a very old Beldray which is almost impossible to get covers for but until it can no longer stand I'm not getting a mesh one - tried them - hate them. angry

Incidentally the solid types are now called ironing tables if you are googling.

bacon Fri 18-Jun-10 10:15:21

You can get covers for loads of shapes and sizes. I bought mine new on e-bay for my oldish Barbantia. Have a look whomovedmychocolate.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 18-Jun-10 10:20:18

I got an stick on one from Lakeland Bacon but thank you.

Careybliss Fri 18-Jun-10 15:24:27

I sewed the cover onto the mesh so it doesn't fall off and don't have any problems with this anymore.

Careybliss Fri 18-Jun-10 15:25:47

Next time I'll get the stick on one, that sounds even better.

tootootired Fri 18-Jun-10 16:04:12

I've already ordered new covers for mine in the past but TBH I am fed up of it being too short to iron even my trouser legs and it's pathetic for bedlinen.

Well nobody has said mesh is better yet - is it aimed at steam generator irons (which I don't really want)?

BeenBeta Fri 18-Jun-10 16:13:49

The mesh is supposed to allow the steam from the iron to go straight through clothes and through the board so it works better than a solid board.

Personally, I have not found the Brabantia ironing board we got from John Lewis to be any better than cheaper boards we have had in the past - maybe a bit more stable and durable but no better really for ironing on.

The mesh design is supposed to mimic professional ironng boards in industrial laundries that have small holes drilled in a solid stainless steel board and a vacuum chamber and pump under the board to suck the steam through the clothes. Coupled with floor standing steam generator irons though they are really in a different league to domestic ironing.

tootootired Fri 18-Jun-10 19:17:26

Oh yes, my sister has a hotel and a sheet ironing machine envy

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