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Rubber Floors?

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darcymum Tue 08-Jun-10 14:37:17

We are having work done on our house and DH wants to get rubber flooring in one of the bathrooms. Has anyone got it and if so what do you think? Also I remember having rubber sole shoes and getting a lot of static, is this a problem with the floors?

darcymum Tue 08-Jun-10 16:34:07


linspins Tue 08-Jun-10 17:49:14

Sorry can't help you but interested if anyone else knows! I've always fancied rubber flooring, it looks so warm and durable - wonder if this is true...

tibni Tue 08-Jun-10 20:35:24

I have a flat light beige rubber flooring in my cloakroom and bathroom. I had it fitted because my ASD ds likes to splash water about.

Positives - nice underfoot, has not cracked or aged (had it 5 years). I went for a flat finish to reduce dust gathering in ridges and am pleased I did.

Negatives - not as easy to clean as I expected. I think this is due to the light colour. Looks ok from a distance but close looks grubby. Flooring comes with a protector which adds shine but this needs stripping back and reapplying far more often than I do. I think a mottled or darker shade would have been better.

SparkyToo Tue 08-Jun-10 20:44:52

We have a woven vinyl (could this pass as rubber?) flooring throughout our hallway and sitting room. It's absolutely fantastic. It's been down for 11 years now and still looks good. If you spill anything on it it can be wiped up and it looks rather like sisal flooring (everyone thinks that that is what it is until I point out it is woven vinyl).

Anyway I stupidly put a natural stone floor in our bathroom which has cracked out, scratched etc and looks dreadful so I'm planning on having some of this woven flooring laid over it.

The name of this product is Bolon flooring and the one we have in our downstairs is called BKB Sisal Plain Sand. Here is a link to it on the site - Bolon flooring - which I don't think really does the product justice as they have just pictured an option with one colour, rather than 2 colours woven together.

darcymum Tue 08-Jun-10 21:58:49

Thanks for that Sparky, I will have a look at Bolon, do you have any idea how much it costs per square meter?

Tibni, bit worried about this protractor, how often do you have to apply it?

tibni Wed 09-Jun-10 15:28:43

well ..... every couple of months would keep it looking good. Im afraid its a couple of times a year here! I clean it daily with a bathroom cleaner (I need to with ds) and it probably does take more abuse in our house than most! Can't remember how often they recommend to protect it - sorry.
You have to remove all old coating before you can apply the next coat of protection for an even finish and that takes some scrubbing! I just think my colour choice wasn't good.

midnightexpress Wed 09-Jun-10 15:34:53

We looked into it for our kitchen but decided against it because of all the preparatory work that would need to be done - it needs a very smooth under-layer, I understand, so you might need to get a screed (is that the right word - a bit like having your floor skimmed, anyway, but not with plaster, obv) laid first. I think the problem is that every tiny bump shows through otherwise.

darcymum Wed 09-Jun-10 19:15:50

Thanks, I don't really want it, mainly tbh because I'm too tight and it's expensive but dh is quite keen.

midnightexpress Wed 09-Jun-10 20:58:18

Ah, well, if it's the money, I found a company online that seem to sell it for heaps less than everywhere else I could find. But then you probably need a specialist to lay it. hang on and I'll see if I've still got it you go

Igglybuff Wed 09-Jun-10 21:01:43

We've got dark grey rubber floor in our new bathroom (only just had it down). It feels really nice underfoot but I'm already annoyed at the (very very small) gaps between the tiles. I think the person laying them walked on them too soon! We got it from the rubber floor company.

I've not noticed any static problems - but I don't walk on the floor with shoes on.

tibni Thu 10-Jun-10 17:16:49

My floor isn't tiles because of the quantity of water that gets thrown about. We even had it under the bath to try and protect the ceiling downstairs a bit!

susan277 Tue 03-Jun-14 18:32:17

I recently got some rubber flooring from the Colour Flooring Company and am so pleased with it. I got a lovely soft pale grey called Mildmay. It's lovely and soft under foot and cleans well too. It's sheet rubber so you don't have to worry about any dirty cracks like you do with tiles. I haven't had it long enough to tell if it's going to fade. I'll come back to you on that one!

oxontweet Thu 11-Sep-14 20:00:28

susan277... just wondering if you have an update; I'm deciding!

BlackbirdOnTheWire Thu 11-Sep-14 21:26:21

We have dalsouple rubber flooring in our bathroom. Dark colour. We've had it 15+ years. You are meant to strip and protect it every so often, but we haven't done it once yet. It would probably look better if we did, but tbh it doesn't look bad as it is - estate agents who valued the house recently all thought the bathroom had been done recently. I didn't correct them wink. We have tiles and no dirty cracks.

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