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Possibly the silliest question ever - understanding curtain poles.

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navyeyelasH Mon 07-Jun-10 12:19:56

I'm quite young and have been brought up with men - only recently have I discovered a curtain pole doesn't have to be straight and you don't have to jump up and down tugging the curtain across.

I'm 5ft 2 and have a bay window in my bedroom. I was some curtains that block out light and I ideally want them to be easier to open and close.

I'm looking online and there are too many options, my budget is as cheap as poss; but I want something that will last.

Any help would be amazing!

smerchant Mon 07-Jun-10 22:57:54

I bought mine from Ikea, cheap and you can create whatever arrangment you like.

LynetteScavo Mon 07-Jun-10 23:02:45

What you want won't be cheap.

Do you want a curtain pole or a track (which would be a lot cheaper) And you also need a pull cord to open easily.

The best way would be to go to a decent independent curtain shop, and let them talk you though it. Although you might faint when they give you the quote.

cat64 Mon 07-Jun-10 23:10:54

Message withdrawn

serenity Mon 07-Jun-10 23:18:49

IKEA doesn't really do poles to do Bay windows, not any more anyway (only the expensive Kvartal tracking system comes with corners, all the rest are individual straight poles) We do black out curtains though (£34.99 a pair) I work in that department, so know about it from an IKEA POV, but that's it/

Does it have to be curtains though? How about individual blackout blinds, and then have some kind of light decorative curtain over the top?

DilysPrice Mon 07-Jun-10 23:24:28

I'm afraid that I went to a professional curtain fitter and paid loads of money to get a curtain rail (with pullcords) fitted to my bay, because I was also intimidated by the entire concept. (but I'm saving money by making the curtains myself, which is a lot cheaper - if you don't count the cost of having my sewing machine serviced).
However, a good DIY book, a drill, the IKEA website and a few deep breaths should supply the necessary equipment to do the job yourself.

Livingbytheriver Tue 08-Jun-10 08:05:03

For a cheap and cheerful option this curtain pole from B&Q is good, you won’t be able to hang really heavy curtains but it will do the job.

Most plastic curtain track will do the job, if you buy it straight you will just need to heat the bit you need to bend with a hairdryer and bend into shape before you fit and make sure you the brackets very well attached to your wall.

If you are feeling really bold you could try fitting plastic corded track (use you hairdryer on the bend again).

cat64 Tue 08-Jun-10 16:05:50

Message withdrawn

mathanxiety Tue 08-Jun-10 21:21:05

Roman blinds in blackout fabric are really easy to run up (basically a long rectangle to measure and cut, sew, hem) and also easy to raise and lower, and easy to install in a bay window. How to

crestfitters Tue 25-Mar-14 19:16:08

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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