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Dyson v Henry

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jazee Wed 02-Jun-10 16:15:52

My poor little Henry is brokensad so I have borrowed a Dyson upright. OMG I thought they were supposed to be good!
I love my little Henry. He could fit in all the nooks and crannies, and I whizzed around with him.
Well heavy cumbersome Dyson just doesn't do it for me.
Would love to hear what your thoughts are please.

muggglewump Wed 02-Jun-10 16:18:36

Dysons are big, heavy and cumbersome, Henrys are smaller, a pain in the arse and I hate them.

Hope that helpsgrin

I've just ordered am Argos value hoover (£36). Tis all I can afford and has to be better than my dumbass Vax with broken brushes (they don't spin anymore, rendering it useless unless you want to hoover the whole house with a two inch attachment pole thingy)

Rhian82 Wed 02-Jun-10 16:25:11

Dysons are heavy, but wonderful. I love mine.

(though we did get it purely because my Mam found it too heavy, and bought herself a lightweight one instead).

Henry's are evil, I can't get my head round them.

jazee Wed 02-Jun-10 16:26:54

Why does everyone think Henry's are evil confused

DanJARMouse Wed 02-Jun-10 16:28:56


I have just got a Henry and I love him!!! The one thing to put me off Dysons was the repair shop where I used to live had rows and rows of "refurbished" dysons for sale - just screamed poor quality to me!

muggglewump Wed 02-Jun-10 16:42:01

I'm a cleaner, I use a Henry at work and he is evil.
Heavy, a pain to carry, I hate cylinders anyway, sucks too hard, yes really, as it makes it a pain to push and is unnecessary, and that stupid face is enraging, I kick it often.
<considers therapy>

cyb Wed 02-Jun-10 16:42:35

love Henry

Well, my cleaner does

JillyWillyPops Wed 02-Jun-10 16:42:49

Henry all the way for me!!!!

Used to think that Dyson were the best until I got my little red man grin

Rhian82 Wed 02-Jun-10 16:43:47

Jazee - I don't know, they just are! We had one in our university halls which I hated, and seemed very strange after my parents' Hoover, maybe it's just the association of different/dislocation!

DanJARMouse Wed 02-Jun-10 16:47:18

I dont think Henry is that heavy really..... and the suction is only difficult when on high power. I like it on high power though because it means I get a "work out" of sorts with all the effort it takes to push it!

Also absolutely the dogs bollocks for cleaning out the car..... even the vac at the garage couldnt get up as much as my little red man!!!

Ronaldinhio Wed 02-Jun-10 16:48:50

miele cat and dog
dyson animal
henry as a distant third

wheelsonthebus Wed 02-Jun-10 16:55:14

miele cat and dog is excellent but so expensive. i prefer non-back breaking Panasonic Lightweight upright Hoovers.
Cheap too - £75 from John Lewis.

cocolepew Wed 02-Jun-10 16:56:47

Henry by a mile, I hated my Dyson.

Ronaldinhio Wed 02-Jun-10 16:58:14

new dyson v good
i'd written them off as emperors new cloths but my mum has a ball animal one and it's fab

BuzzingNoise Wed 02-Jun-10 17:01:51

I had a Dyson that I loved for years until it started to smell really bad. So I spend £300 on a new Dyson and it was a total waste of money. My mum then gave me her old Henry and it is superb. Henry all the way for me from now on.

chegirlmonkeybutt Wed 02-Jun-10 17:03:05

I consider myself a bit on an expert on hoovers. I have a DS who is allergic to housedust mites. I hoover 2 -3 times a day depending on how bad his skin is (also allergic to pollen).

I have been through tons of hoovers and spent fortunes.

I like Henry best (well Henrietta as she is pink).

Does the job. Bits dont fall off it all the time. It takes a lot to clog it up and when you do its easy to unblock.

Its fairly cheap. I spent nearly two hundred quid on a Hoover (brand) because it had mega filtration and an extendable hose. It was pants! Once out the bloody hose never went back in and I didnt notice the filtration made a difference.

Henrys are a bit bulky and you have to store the tools seperately but they are still worth it.

If you dont have allergy issues I think a cheapo vac does a good job anyway.

NEVER buy a hoover with a cut off function. Bloody stupid idea if you do a lot of heavy duty hoovering. I never got round a sodding room without it cutting out.

nigglewiggle Wed 02-Jun-10 17:04:16

Miele hoovers are fab!

kveta Wed 02-Jun-10 17:04:41

I thought this was going to be a baby name thread

anyway - we found henry better than dyson, especially on dog hair!

brimfull Wed 02-Jun-10 17:20:55

i hate my henry tosser with a passion
too bulky
but I borrowed neighbours dyson ball thing and it was shite too..not impressed
I have roomba as well which is crap

can't bear to spend anymore money on sodding household crap when there are shoes to buy

my clean freak mil swears by her sebo

mrspear Wed 02-Jun-10 17:32:47

henry for me it is fab - feeding babe at mo sorry for typos

ceres Thu 03-Jun-10 07:41:46

i hated my henry. i found it useless - and was expecting great things from it as i had read loads of good reviews.

after a couple of years i gave in and bought a dyson dc14. i remember giving the sitting room carpet a good vacuum with henry before using the dyson as a 'test' (god, that sounds sad!) and being amazed at how much dirt the dyson pulled out. so for me dyson wins every time.

my dc14 is a few years old now and i have never had a problem with it. practically the whole thing comes apart for cleaning/maintenence.

we also have a dog - the henry wasn't great for extracting pet hair from carpets/sofa but the dyson does a good job.

maybe i just got a dud henry but i was very glad to see the back of the thing.

Shaz10 Thu 03-Jun-10 07:55:13

I love Henry. But I love my Roomba much, much more.

racingheart Fri 04-Jun-10 09:40:13

Henrys are great except for stairs. Hate Dysons.

thislittlesisterlola Fri 04-Jun-10 20:05:35

Miele are amazing I hated hoovering until I got mine. The problem with Henry was he was just too heavy. Dyson just didnt pick up pet hair and was so blooming big, it was a nightmare for me.

Coderooo Fri 04-Jun-10 20:06:16

the WHICH report for henrys slates them compared to dysons

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