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Anyone know where I can get a single valance sheet that will fit a trundle bed?

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Fimbo Wed 12-May-10 16:30:39


PrettyCandles Wed 12-May-10 16:32:29

How can a valance fit a trundle? It would all lie on the floor and get in the way of the wheels.

Fimbo Wed 12-May-10 16:35:54

I want one of those types that fit onto the top mattress on the bed (not the actual trundle) so it is long enough to hide the fact there is a 2nd bed underneath. I think the proper name is a valance sheet.

PrettyCandles Wed 12-May-10 22:08:34

Oh, I see. I have a valance on the box (divan?) part of dd's bed, so that it drapes down and hides the trundle, but the box is slightly longer than a standard divan so the valance doesn't hang well. Does the job though. I got it from John Lewis.

Our trundle is a full-length single bed, which is why the box is longer. The two mattresses are the same length. If yours is shorter, so that the top mattress is standard length but the bottom one slightly shorter, then a standard vallance should fit fine.

Having the valance under the top mattress means less laundry, and that all the children's fitted sheets are interchangeable.

marriednotdead Wed 12-May-10 22:31:06

The ones prettycandles refers to (platform valances) are a lot easier to manage. You can just add a fitted sheet on top. Even if your bed is a non standard size, you can hide any excess between the mattress and the base.

Fimbo Wed 12-May-10 22:35:59

Thank you.

Ah marriednotdead a platform valance is what I currently have but cannot use anymore as the top part of the bed is not a box shape but is slatted and then there is a built in headboard so I can no longer fit the valance on. It is going to have to be a valance that fits onto the mattress but because the bed is higher up to accommodate the trundle underneath, I don't think a standard size valance sheet is going to do the trick. IYSWIM!

marriednotdead Thu 13-May-10 08:02:03

Oh, ISWYM. How about one of these then?

SparkyToo Sun 16-May-10 22:41:40

So what is the total drop that the bed valance needs to be in order to cover the trundle underneath?

This bed valance has a drop of 39cm. Would that be long enough?

Fimbo Tue 05-Oct-10 16:17:18

Well ladies I had a lightbulb moment and solved the problem! A double duvet - it is long enough to hang over the side and hide the 2nd bed. The other side is against the wall so it all sits neatly.

karanahuja Mon 23-Oct-17 08:39:12

Hi Mate, as per your question, you should buy a fitted valance sheet. It is because of your bed shape. A fitted valance sheet will cover your mattress perfectly.

Stores like,, offers single valance sheet purchases to customers.

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