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window cleaner charges

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champagnesupernova Wed 12-May-10 15:37:56

I'm not far from E anglia
I pay £15 for 1/2 a dozen downstairs windows
1/2 a dozen upstairs windows (with ladder)
and 2 fiddly doors with leaded glass

nickschick Wed 12-May-10 15:37:35

littledawley get ya mums window cleaner round to do yours wink.

nickschick Wed 12-May-10 15:36:52

littledawley shockshockshock how many windows? do you have???

ClaireDeLoon Wed 12-May-10 15:36:45

£7.50 once a month, one bay window, one patio door, 5 other normal sized windows. And he does them in the old fashioned manner, with a ladder, not the pole system thing which leaves streaks I found.

I'm in Bedfordshire.

Mine climbs over the gate to do the back, I said he could let me know and I'd leave the gate open but he said he doesn't mind climbing over and it's solid enough he won't do any damage.

littledawley Wed 12-May-10 15:33:36

My mum pays £3.00 I pay £58 shock so only have it done every six weeks!

nickschick Wed 12-May-10 15:32:05

Ours only does the front (back is too secure for easy access) he does front room window 1 upstairs window,small window near door -rinses all the UPVC and wipes ledges and door - £1.50 every 2 weeks grin.

emsyj Wed 12-May-10 15:29:03

Ours is £10 once a month for the front and side - 2 big windows and a small (single bedroom size) bay at the front and 2 medium sized windows at the side. It's £15 to do the front AND back but yes IsItMeOr you'd have to be in to let him through and we never are when he comes - altho suppose we could leave the gate open if we were that houseproud!

To be fair we live yards from the prom and our windows are covered in salt and crap from the 'bracing sea air' to the point where you can barely see through them in the winter after a month's wear and tear, so £10 is reasonable for us but might not be if you live somewhere where they don't get that dirty. Ours looked like frosted glass after the recent bad weather.

IsItMeOr Wed 12-May-10 14:56:57

Ours is £5 once a month but he only does the front windows for that. When I asked if he was going to do the back windows the first time he came, he looked at me as if I was mad, laughed and said, not today.

When he next came I asked again about doing the back - which he did - and it was £10 that time.

Sorry for the ramble, but is it normal for them to only do the front windows confused? We live in London, rows of mostly terraced houses, so maybe it's to do with not being able to get around the back if people are not home when he calls?

biglips Wed 12-May-10 14:53:00

he sounds like that hes a proper window cleaner (legitimate) and not a window cleaner who is working on the side. Dp fills his water tank up in his van when hes out on jobs as it take hours to fill it up.

bananabrain Wed 12-May-10 14:46:20

Thanks for the replies, sounds like our £15 isn't vastly different then - maybe just a bit pricey for a small house.
It seems like a lot of money for 15 mins work, but I know there are tools/fuel etc to pay for and actually our cleaner does bring his own water in his van!!
I'm probably being stingy and begrudge paying someone to do something that I could DP could do!!

CMOTdibbler Wed 12-May-10 14:32:56

17 quid, quite a lot of windows and a glass lean to. Comes every 5 weeks and v good

Pinner35 Wed 12-May-10 14:28:33

We have a townhouse so 3 storeys.....ours come every other month, take about 15 mins (there are a team of them) and they charge £20. This hasn't changed in the 4 years we've had them.

trice Wed 12-May-10 14:26:42

we pay £22 every two months

lots of windows and a conservatory

Shaz10 Wed 12-May-10 14:26:16

3 bed terrace, 8 windows, £12. He comes once a month.

jenduff Wed 12-May-10 14:24:57

Oops not £8.50 a week - £8.50 every six weeks

jenduff Wed 12-May-10 14:24:21

Midlands - 2 windows downstairs, plus window in front door and then patio doors, plus 5 upstairs windows by ladder £8.50 a week, nice friendly fit bloke, does a good job, chats to the DC and comes bang on every 6 weeks - I always give him a cuppa and biscuits so he keeps coming back to give me an excuse to go ogle

Our last window cleaner charged a tenner came when he fancied and did a crap job.

bananabrain Wed 12-May-10 14:18:40

Just wondering how much window cleaners generally charge as I think ours seems expensive.
We have one downstairs window at front, plus a conservatory across the back (smallish house but a fair number of separate window panes on conservatory.) Then 4 windows upstairs which are washed with a long pole thingy. It seems to take 10-15 mins max.
We're in East Anglia, if area makes a difference. He charges £15 (started at £11 and has crept up....) How does that sound??
If that's the going rate I think we might just have to start doing them ourselves.... or more likely leave them to get dirty as we did before!

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