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How often do you mop your floors?

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phoenixflower Sun 25-Apr-10 22:53:19

I have laminate wood flooring downstairs and lino in the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. How often do you clean these types of flooring and what with?

LowLevelWhinging Sun 25-Apr-10 23:01:38

Once a week. I have no idea how my wonderful cleaner I could find the time to do it any more than this!

Poledra Sun 25-Apr-10 23:04:12

When it crunches underfoot. grin


[slattern emoticon]

hellymelly Sun 25-Apr-10 23:11:06

As little as possible.I wipe over the bathroom floor most often,with spray cleaner and a rag or soapy water,but I should do the kitchen more,I do sweep it frequently though.I hardly ever do the tiled hall,I just hoover it (or rather miele it).

Meglet Sun 25-Apr-10 23:11:22

sorry, I don't understand the question wink

toccatanfudge Sun 25-Apr-10 23:12:37

moved in here on the 6th March........mopped all the downstairs floors today.........not sure when they'll next get done

luciemule Sun 25-Apr-10 23:19:30

Every couple of days with dettol liquid or bleach in hot water. Flash if not but it's not anti back like dettol/bleach.
If the floor is awful in between, it's more often. We have cats though and they love coming in (white tiles in kitchen that were here when weboght house)and put muddy paws all over nice clean floor angry.

Gay40 Sun 25-Apr-10 23:24:49

When my shoe sticks to the floor and my socked foot is left dangling in mid air

hellymelly Sun 25-Apr-10 23:28:19

forgot to add that I use an eco spray cleaner,or ecover floor soap,eco disinfectant sometimes in the bathroom.If you have real lino(e.g.marmoleum) then it needs specialist cleaners, so don't use anything too harsh on it.

poguemahone Sun 25-Apr-10 23:38:36

Daily/every other day. I'm a complete slattern but have 2 very messy toddlers who would spill stuff and walk it through to the (cream, wtf was I thinking??) carpets if I didn't.

Condensedmilkaddict Mon 26-Apr-10 02:44:10

For wood laminate flooring you have to use the special wood laminate type cleaner.

It comes up really nicely if you do.

Trust me, I didn't and just used my normal disinfectant, and it made it semll weird. It seems to 'hold' the strong smell of other floor cleansers.

I have a separate mop for my bathrooms/toilets as I use diluted bleach or disinfectant for those.

nannyl Mon 26-Apr-10 08:29:27

we have wood laminate floor in the kitchen...

we also have the back door there that we use as the main door in and out of the house
i sweep the floor daily

i dust it with the dust attachment on my mop every other day

i wash it on a monday and friday

and on monday it gets a good proper hoover

(always looks filthy)

I use soda crystals disolved in water, cheep environmentally friendly and work better than any expensive branded floor product!

Tortington Mon 26-Apr-10 08:32:27

i pay someone else to do it - once a week.

i don't even own a mop or bucket.

best tenner i ever spend

PuppyMonkey Mon 26-Apr-10 08:41:38

I just did mine on Friday... last time I did it was about January. blush I do have those floor wipes for random spillages and etc to keep the floors looking sort of ok. But ooh, it does look nice when it's all nice and mopped. Just takes so bleedin long to do that every week.

nannyl Mon 26-Apr-10 09:38:43

i have a mop thing with a microfibre cloth thing on the end

i have one dusting cloth and one cleaning cloth

dusting my floor takes about a minute and washing it takes about 3 mins max.... they then go in the washing machine, as made of microfibre are almost dry when they come out, and are all ready for the next time they are needed smile

the floor drys pretty quick too

Sonilaa Mon 26-Apr-10 09:39:58

I do every other week, my cleaner in between. I have laminate wood flooring in the whole flat and use ecover all purpose cleaner with a lightly damp mop.
hoover more often because of robbing 4months old.

nickytwotimes Mon 26-Apr-10 09:41:04

Brush them every day/couple of days depending.

Mop them once a week, conservatory less often probably, as it never gets much traffic.

rubyrubyruby Mon 26-Apr-10 09:41:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShinyAndNew Mon 26-Apr-10 09:47:50

Not often enough lately. They were done for the first time in three weeks yesterday blush

I have been different hours for three weeks and the hours I worked were the times I normally do my cleaning i.e. when dd1 is at school. But I am back to normal now.

Normally they get hoovered and swiffered when they look like they need it, which is often daily and mopped 2/3 times a week kitchen/dining room and once a week everywhere else.

Knickers0nMyHead Mon 26-Apr-10 09:50:12

when I remember Every night.

notquitenormal Mon 26-Apr-10 09:58:24

DP Vacs the front room once a week (mixture of lamiate and carpet) and the rest of the carpets once a fortnight.

We sweep the kitchen every other day and mop once a week. I don't actually mop though. I get on my hands and wash with a cloth. I hate the usual mopping/vaccing action, it hurts my back.

APassionateWoman Mon 26-Apr-10 10:01:32

Once or twice a week on wooden floors downstairs/upstairs (we don't have carpets) and ceramic tiles in kitchen. I just use a mild detergent - whatever is cheapest in supermarket - and warm water.

Once a week only on bathroom floor (tiled) as it doesn't get that dirty.

noddyholder Mon 26-Apr-10 10:02:41

This is more like it All those threads about sex, tut grin

toccatanfudge Mon 26-Apr-10 10:08:31

"Once a week only on bathroom floor (tiled) as it doesn't get that dirty."

I guess you don't have small boys then grin

APassionateWoman Mon 26-Apr-10 10:12:41

I do!@toccatanfudge. And a small girl to boot! We have bath mats laid out near bath and shower, and our boy has been taught to aim from an early age grin. Plus my standards arent extremely high. I wouldnt get the mop out for a small mark.

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