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Does anyone luuurve their rotary washing line?

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MortaIWombat Sat 24-Apr-10 17:40:19

Because I'm finding it difficult to get enthusiastic about them, but we do need to get one (been using a drying stand since moving house in January, but now we have a garden). grin

So, 3 arm or 4? Vileda or brabantia or Homebase own brand? And how, exactly, does one sink them into the ground? Dh is diy-phobe, and mum's one is listing quite severely, so no help there...

<<sits back and waits expectantly for a crash-course>>

herbietea Sat 24-Apr-10 17:52:34

Message withdrawn

herbietea Sat 24-Apr-10 17:53:46

Message withdrawn

bamboobutton Sat 24-Apr-10 17:58:16

i hate mine.

we live in rented and the landlord has installed it so it is too low and my face gets tangled up in the lines and i have to bend backwards to hang stuff on the inside lines.

also stuff on the inside nearest the pole doesn't dry as quickly as stuff on the outside so i have to make two trips out to the line.

im installing a proper line as soon as i can be arsedgrin

MrsJohnDeere Sat 24-Apr-10 18:04:43

Homebase own brand one is rubbish. Mine is falling apart after 6 months. I' m going to replace with a brabantia one.

Bonnyandborris Sat 24-Apr-10 18:27:24

I am greedy and have 2 (one came with the house and I owned the other one already) the 4 arm one is better as you get more on it. I can fill them both up though.

I didn’t have anything to bang the spike in but the ground is quite wet at the moment so I just made a deep cross mark in the ground with a spade (and gave it a wiggle back and forth) and pushed the spike down the centre.

I would get a brabantia one…mine is a cheapy one and the strings all sag, doesn’t matter much until you need to hang sheets or trousers out.

DontCallMeBaby Sat 24-Apr-10 18:47:11

I'm enthusiastic about mine today cos my dad has very cunningly sunk the spike into my block paving, as the trampoline takes up the entire lawn meaning we haven't been able to use the washing line for two years. I wouldn't recommend putting one into paving for a DIY phobe, but putting it in the lawn was easy, jsut bashed it in. It's a Brabantia one, really solid - although the cover it came with was rubbish.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-Apr-10 18:49:25

Top of the range Brabantia one - six arms!!! Yes six. Very swish. Makes a whoosh noise when it spins round and does indeed dry the clothes quick. It's so big you can even get double duvets on one side!!!

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-Apr-10 18:50:50

Oh yes and the spike - well we have ours fitted in the middle of deck so it's quite easy but you can get ones you bash in or ones you screw in. The latter are more expensive but don't break your hand when you put them in and also you don't go through two trying to fit it because you destroy the form of the first one! wink

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 24-Apr-10 18:54:30

whomoved - envy

We have a four arm one, I think it's Vileda, it is still going strong after 3 years.
I love it because I can fit 4 whole loads from my monster 9kg washing machine on it all at once. This means I can just keep loading it up during the day and only have to get the washing in once.

I am off to look for that Brabantia 6-arm one!

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-Apr-10 21:04:25

I wouldn't - they cost over £200!!!!

I too have a monster machine. NB it has a very thick pole and needs a special spike. It does not go in the existing hole.

It's also ace as a tent for the kids. Chuck a few king sized sheets on and they are quiet for ages.

Beasknees Sat 24-Apr-10 21:07:16

i blarddy broke mine yesterday when i tried to tighten the rope round it and it broke one of the arms. I'm obviously stronger than i look [nerd emoticon]

Mine was a three arm job that i bought at Ba nd Q but i think it's vile eda

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-Apr-10 21:10:48

I need new pegs though - mine have gone horrid over the winter, can you put them in the dishwasher?

Lilymaid Sat 24-Apr-10 21:12:54

I've had a 4 arm Brabantia for 25 years which is still going strong through 2 children etc. Has only needed a new line once in that time. More expensive to buy but worth it in the very long run!

Pluto Sat 24-Apr-10 21:14:08

Love mine. Bought it when pg with DS1 - that was 10 yrs ago. Think it might be Vileda. Has 4 arms and hangs loads.

I take mine down and put it in the shed when I'm done as I don't think they look good when they are empty, even folded, and it's not very fair on the neighbours to have to look at it all the time. I think this is probably why it has lasted so long.

KellyBThomas Sat 24-Apr-10 21:24:16

Hey all

I love mine too... I have a dyson double drum, its big too and i can fit all my washing on there!!! i just think it takes up less space in the garden then having a massive long line of washing right across the garden!!!!
We are trying to grow a lawn at the moment, and my husband thinks the shade of the washing will stop the grass growing, men eh!!! dont think he realises the washing moves on the line hee hee

KellyBThomas Sat 24-Apr-10 21:25:53

oh about the pegs in the dish washer - i do on a quick wash, they come out great xx

nappyzoneloveslindor Sat 24-Apr-10 21:30:37

I have a four arm one strategically walloped into the lawn but in a postion i can stand in one spot on the patio and hang without getting muddy feet - i am all for labour saving grin- when i had a conventonal line it always sagged or fell down if it was a retractable job and if it wasnt i would forget aboutit and walk into it <dumb ass that i am>

babyicebean Sat 24-Apr-10 21:34:34

I have a huge height adjustable one.Its great in as much as being a shorty I wind it down as far as it goes load it up and lift it into the air.Think its a Brabantia one, got it mainly cause the cat jumps from the roof of the conservatry onto it when I dry th duvets as I put them over the top of the line so they dry flat.

taffetacat Sat 24-Apr-10 21:40:21

I have just got this one as I don't want to see the washing from the house. Not put it up yet so don't know how effective it'll be.

Linnet Sat 24-Apr-10 21:47:05

I have a 4 arm whirly gig. The landlord put it in for us about 8 or 9 year ago and it's still going strong. I'm not sure what make it is, but it has a bit that it slots into which is cemented into the ground.

I love it, it's really good and I can get loads of washing on it, much more than I could get on the normal washing line we had originally.

ArthurPewty Sat 24-Apr-10 22:00:57

Message withdrawn

MortaIWombat Sat 24-Apr-10 23:02:01

Thanks, all! I suddenly feel fired with great enthusiasm for the humble rotary drier....
hmm grin

Whoamireally Mon 26-Apr-10 13:36:19

I have a 4 arm heavy duty one - hated the concept at first (being an old fashioned single line type of girl) but now love it - can get 2 whole loads from my large machine on there every other line.

Now I'm on the subject, off to start a 'Rotary Washing Line - quick dry strategy' thread if anyone wants to contribute!! wink

zippy79 Mon 26-Apr-10 16:04:21

I have a 3 arm rotary drier that cost £8 from B&Q, is still fine 4 years later- no rust etc.

I wouldn't be without one. You can't beat the fresh smell from washing that has dried in the fresh air

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