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Kardean flooring?

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butterscotch Thu 22-Apr-10 21:56:46

We moved into our house in July last year previous house had laminate we have Kardean flooring in this house which mostly I love!!!!

However I've just had a wall replastered the plasterer cleaned it twice still it dried looking not right I've been over three times with a wet mop with flash floor cleaner in not different sad they sell kardean flooring kits about £30! Does anyone have any cheaper cleaning suggestions? Currently 8.5 months pregnant with my section booked for next Thursday wondered if there is anyhing I can do quickly before trying the kardean cleaning kit? As it probably won't Arrive in time for me to do before baby!!!

pippop1 Fri 23-Apr-10 15:57:06

A little white spirit? Check in an unobtrusive place first though. This takes grout off tiles when I do mosaics and get the grout on the tiles.

paddypoopants Fri 23-Apr-10 16:25:21

Plaster dust and plaster is a nightmare to get off - you can clean it over and over again loads but it stays for ages. You have make sure you are using a very clean mop/cloth and clean water every time as you just end up spreading the dissolved plaster around. When I got my kitchen replastered I used a mictotex cloth and machine washed it between cleans. It was a right faff.
Better watch all this cleaning doesn't start your labour off - good luck with the section.

butterscotch Sat 24-Apr-10 07:59:32

Thanks ladies 5 mop loads still no better givng in and buying the kardean cleaning kit today baff at the price though £30! I just want rid of get rid of the dust before bubs arrives !!!!

Snufflebufty Sat 24-Apr-10 08:04:11

try Lidl's own make of floor cleaner/polisher. Seemingly it is the same as the Karndean stuff according to someone who sells Karndean flooring. I cant remember the actual name, think its W80 or something like that.

margonbread Sat 24-Apr-10 08:05:07

the Karndean cleaning kit is magical... try local shops that sell Karndean - ours stock it and some sell it individually so you could just buy the stripper first and use it with an ordinary green kitchen scrubber then see if you can add the shine with some other stuff.

£30 kit includes 3 bottles of stuff, some cloths and scrubbers. It has ben £30 for years... I use my kit about once a year but have had it for about 6 years in between times i use flash


margonbread Sat 24-Apr-10 08:06:13

it is the stripper that makes the difference but you have to do the whole floor - you can't spot clean.

butterscotch Sat 24-Apr-10 08:16:16

Thanks time is against me so i'llbuy the kit today then stick to flash/try the Lidl one for the future!

Senior1 Mon 03-Jan-11 13:32:15

Love my Karndean. Have it in my living room, hall, & bedrooms x2. Pricey but great floor covering. I am also looking for advice on scuffing. My teenage daughter had a party, and all her friends were wearing high heels, and some furniture was moved creating scuffing, which I can`t get rid of. Any suggestions would be gratefully received,

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