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Aranea Mon 22-Mar-10 19:25:16

Argh, I can't take the mice any more. Despite all my efforts with poison and snap-traps, it now feels as though every time I go into a room a mouse runs for cover.

I think I need professional help. Should it be rentokil or are they just expensive and well known? Are there other good companies? What do they do anyway and does it make any difference who you call out?

I really hope someone can do something drastic to the little fuckers. angry

thehillsarealive Mon 22-Mar-10 19:26:39

the thing is you can kill all that are in the house - but you have to stop them gaining access otherwise it is a never ending circle.

call the professionals.

Aranea Mon 22-Mar-10 19:39:12

Absolutely, I want to call the professionals - but who? Does it make a difference?

cruelladepoppins Mon 22-Mar-10 19:54:44

A cat.

Aranea Mon 22-Mar-10 19:56:53

I wondered about that cruella! But I have a 17 month old and she and cat might be bad for each other - and when I was buying poison I got chatting to others in the hardware shop who all have mice, and one said his cat made no difference!

Buzzybb Mon 22-Mar-10 21:30:52

Do you have an exotic pet shop near by if you have ask have they any snake skin [obv a shedded one not a living snake] and put it by door or where infestation is worst bye bye mices and not cruel [it really works]
Or just get the professionals who will find their entry point and get rid of the furry pests
Or if you have a friend who owns a Jack Russel dog borrow the doggie they are fab at catching mice rats etc

Buzzybb Mon 22-Mar-10 21:32:35

Once you evict furry squaters those plug in scare things are good

Aranea Mon 22-Mar-10 21:33:30

Wow, I am loving the snake skin idea. Perhaps I could festoon the house in them as a Terrible Warning to Rodents.

Seriously, that is amazing. I will have to try & get hold of one.

maryz Tue 23-Mar-10 10:01:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

itshappenedagain Tue 23-Mar-10 12:02:54

Call your local council, they come out until you are clear and will investigate where they are coming from. plus they dont charge. i had an infestation and turned out next door was a health hazard, took 4 men, 2 days and many truck loads to clear it. nice! i tried borrowing friends cats, putting everything in glass jars or metal tins that could be got at.

DorotheaPlenticlew Tue 23-Mar-10 20:09:41

God, I am in the same boat and it is sooo tiresome. Droppings absolutely bloody everywhere, tiny darting shapes all the time. I'm sure one ran over the back of my ankle today while I was kneeling, playing with DS on the floor. Jumped a mile. DS was rather surprised.

We are putting down poison tonight -- I really didn't want to but DP is firm. We usually stick to traps, which I prefer because you don't have to worry about the poison being around the DCs, or about tiny dying mice dragging themselves across the floor trailing blood <boak>.

I know we can never stop them getting access; it's a losing battle in a Victorian flat block. There are more gaps and holes than we could stuff with wire wool in a month of Sundays. I just want to manage the situation so we get the occasional one mouse, as we've had in the past, rather than this current situation with shedloads of 'em fouling up every room

So, er, the snakeskin thing ... why does that work? Do they smell it?

jademitchell Mon 16-Sep-13 11:07:53

I think it would be better if you seek help from some of those Pest Exterminators who use organic ways to get rid of the rodents and pests.

pestlocal Sun 11-Jan-15 18:21:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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