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Window blinds

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mummyofteens Mon 15-Mar-10 13:13:34

anyone got any recommendations on window blinds ... already have curtains but the window is a bit overlooked and so would like to use a blind for a bit more privacy. any suggestions??

jkklpu Mon 15-Mar-10 19:45:07

John Lewis blinds are pretty good and offer various widths, which is helpful

tethersend Mon 15-Mar-10 19:48:54

Very cheap made-to-measure here, and really good quality. Have their venetian blinds at home and they are fab smile

humptyismarriedtoanumpty Wed 17-Mar-10 00:09:02

ikea has nice venetian blinds which are good quality and look good too, not made of plastic, actually real wooden slats unlike other cheaper versions.

ErnestTheBavarian Wed 17-Mar-10 05:15:12

or thinking outside the box, how about something like this?.

mummyofteens Wed 17-Mar-10 11:30:43

Thank you for your replies.

ETB - have never seen your suggestion before - I will investigate

Thank you

SparkyToo Fri 19-Mar-10 19:52:41

We have Venetian blinds and they are very smart and have lasted 12 years plus!!

newshoes121 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:15:43

If being overlooked is the problem you can use a bottom up blind to create privacy in the bottom part of your window and allow light in over the top. I've got some in my living room and they look great! You'll find them here -

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