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ready made blinds

(6 Posts)
fairybubbles Sat 06-Mar-10 15:36:52

I'm looking for some blinds for my sitting room, size 210cm wide, 180cm length. I can't seem to find any stores that sell this width. I've tried the usual suspects like homebase, b and q, harry corry and ikea.

Has anyone bought blinds in this width without having to go through one of these companies that come out and size up? I only want to buy them as DP can fit them.

Would it look silly to have 2 blinds side by side, say a 100cm one and a 110cm one? I've seen some nice ones in ikea but this would be the only way I could get them as they don't come wide enough.


BooKangerooWonders Sat 06-Mar-10 15:42:25

Why not 2x 110? Would look better than 2 very slightly different sizes.

We have same size but different colourways and it looks quite striking. Depends if you need absolute darkness or are happy with a small gap.

fairybubbles Sat 06-Mar-10 15:49:10

Thanks BKW I suppose 2 the same size would look better. I'm not sure how much the gap would bother me. I'd have the blinds open all day so it would only really be noticable after dark and I close the curtains anyway.

I just wish it was possible to buy a ready made pair in the right size!

BooKangerooWonders Sat 06-Mar-10 15:58:07

Actually if you're doing venetian, in our living room we have one about 1m and one 2m (massive windows = v expensive )because that's where the openers are. And it looks good.

But stay away from Hillarys - the service was the worst of any company ever that I've ever ever used. ever. (Pissed off moi?!)

fairybubbles Sun 07-Mar-10 21:56:23

I eventually decided and went for 2*120cm from Ikea, the wooden venetian ones. They are perfectly fitted ( by DP and my dad) and you can hardly notice they are seperate. They look so nice I'm very pleased. Thanks for your advice BKW. grin

newshoes121 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:26:18

If you ever need readymade blinds again in wider widths there's quite a nice range by order blinds. They have loads of plain colours and designs.

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