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I need to buy some new tableware-where can I get some that will stay looking good after repeated dishwashing?

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schroeder Sun 28-Feb-10 18:29:44

My dishwasher has ruined (my admittedly cheapo dishes) Are there certain kinds of tableware that are more resistant?

blametheparents Sun 28-Feb-10 19:19:47

I have the Andante range from M&S for everyday use. It's been very good, reasonable price and pretty sturdy

leeloo1 Mon 01-Mar-10 09:25:07

I have Denby (wedding present, but often reduced in Debenhams etc sales) and its been dishwashed every day for 3ish years with no noticable difference... the cheapo (but v pretty) Whittards plates are crackle-glazed and all chipping round the edges...

GrendelsMum Mon 01-Mar-10 10:03:13

I've had Poole Pottery tableware (seconds) for the last 12 years, and the majority still look very good. (One got damaged by a babysitter, but I think it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been a second.) They also have a good resale value on Ebay!

Badpups Mon 01-Mar-10 22:41:12

Second vote for Denby here. I bought mine in an outlet shop but there are no noticeable give-away marks to show that they are seconds.

Been washed in the dishwasher loads of times and still look as good as the day they were bought. They're also very tough and don't chip if accidently knocked.

SoMuchToBits Mon 01-Mar-10 22:45:32

A third vote here for Denby - have had mine 13 years, and it has been dishwashed for the last 4 years (since we've had a dishwasher!). Still looks good, and agree it doesn't chip easily (and I am quite rough with it blush).

boardbunny Mon 01-Mar-10 23:02:24

Denby! Have had mine for 7 years and it has been dishwashed for 5 years, my set is a dark blue/green colour and has hardly changed, colour as it was when we got it.

JetLi Tue 02-Mar-10 08:56:42

Denby Energy range (sadly for me now discontinued) - I have a mix of mostly seconds & some first quality and it's been manhandled, dropped & bunged in & out of the dishwasher for about 12 years - still looks brand new TBH. There are a couple of seconds shops in north Derbyshire & eBay do a roaring trade in Denby too. Website here smile

lolalotta Tue 02-Mar-10 10:34:11

I got a discontinued Denby line 50% off in House of Fraser a few years back... Debenahms regularly has 20% off reductions!

notcitrus Wed 03-Mar-10 12:17:58

Denby, but actually never had a problem with plain cream/white crockery from Woolworths or Ikea. It's only if you have a pattern that's coloured that you notice any marks. I had a set of Woolies swirly cream crockery for about 15 years until most of it got chipped but the dishwashing was fine.

Now can anyone recommend glasses? Most of mine have gone smeary and it must be the glass as handwashing doesn't help!

schroeder Wed 03-Mar-10 14:10:51

Denby ones sounded nice, but as I would be paying myself; I've gone for ikea rondo and I don't want to hear if they're crap too, as I've already got themsmile
Notcitrus my old ones were plain white and the glaze wore off and cutlery started leaving marks yuk.
Sorry I've no idea about glasses they all seem to go a bit hazy after a while.

brimfull Wed 03-Mar-10 14:36:52

god I am so sick of my blue and white denby stuff, I wish they would break so I could buy new stuff

greygirl Thu 04-Mar-10 17:52:09

i went to a junk shop and bought a load of 50's midwinter stuff for £2 a plate. 1 has a small crack, they are not 'pristine' but i don't mind when the kids drop them, and they are nice and retro.

brimfull Thu 04-Mar-10 18:10:09

great idea greygirl
I have some nice ones I bought from antique market stall for a few quid each when I was attempting boho chic non matching thing-maybe I'll attempt that again .

KwanYin Thu 04-Mar-10 18:12:55

My cheap white Woolies ones are on their last legs but they've lasted at least 10 years of dishwashing.

BlackYellowRed Thu 04-Mar-10 18:15:50

We bought Denby everyday black pepper at Tesco.

Comfy Thu 04-Mar-10 18:28:52

My ikea plain white china stuff is fine after about 10 years of dishwashing.

brogankrcd Mon 08-Apr-13 20:36:43

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