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Yay or nay to shiny bathroom floor tiles and no, I am categorically not prepared to clean them daily

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Toots Fri 12-Feb-10 17:15:45

Really don't want to spend much time thinking about floor once it's down. Certainly am not going to be on hands and knees with e cloth. So.... Loft bathroom so not mega traffic. Sandy beige coloured large format glossy porcelain tiles. Will I regret? Have read about Johnson Klear on here is that foolproof? Or do I just need to get out and find the same colour in a matt finish.

NomDePlume Fri 12-Feb-10 17:23:52


they will prob be slippery when wet also you will see relflection of genitals in floor when you step out of shower.

NomDePlume Fri 12-Feb-10 17:25:15

i have large format gloss tiles in my kitchen. they are a mare and would be v slippery if in a bathroom

PrettyCandles Fri 12-Feb-10 17:27:13


Slippery when wet.
Slippery when dry and you wander in there in your socks while getting dressed.
Anything that falls on them shatters.
Hardwater area - every mark shows.
Harsh reflections, lots of glare, unflattering when you look in the mirror.

Toots Fri 12-Feb-10 17:56:08

Sheesh. Reflection of genitals Nomdeplume? That, I had not considered. My own genitals, right? Only ask as reading that the first time I had a flashback of being 16 in Hamburg in a fairly nude mixed sauna with my mum (just as surprised as me to find herself there) and our family friend who lived there and seemed v cool with it all. I lay on a low bench and shut my eyes for a while (in shock) but opened them just as a wizened gentleman stepped over me, his grizzled ball bag swinging inches from my face.

It was looking like a no anyway but the genital reflection issues has swung it (like a ball bag with momentum)

Prob will do porcelain..... we have already got the wall tiles. They are a slightly sparkly, slightly dappled bone colour. Gloss they are. Technical marble (to be said in nerdy voice for some reason.

Toots Fri 12-Feb-10 17:57:16

So we are already commited to glare.... pooh.

PrettyCandles Fri 12-Feb-10 22:14:22

Tiles won't give the same sort of glare as glossy floor tiles. Presuming that all your light fittings are above your eye-level any light shining directly on the wall tiles will bounce downwards, whereas any light shinging onto the floor will bounce upwards - towards your eyes.

Toots Sat 13-Feb-10 11:48:05

Thanks Pretty Candles that's good to know.

abride Sat 13-Feb-10 11:51:09

I would have matt rather than glossy. They are far more forgiving. Otherwise each splash of water looks untidy. In this house it means that the bathroom would look utterly horrid all the time instead of just most of the time.

You are probably neater than we are.

shergar Sat 13-Feb-10 13:47:30

No, lethally slippery when wet. Matt, slightly rough texture tiles would be O.K. but still cold to walk on of course.

My ideal bathroom floor is one of those funky Dalsouple rubber ones, and when I get a new bathroom that's what I'll have. They're nice and warm to walk on, non-slip whatever you do, and so many patterns and colours you can have. I fancy the industrial steel pattern in a nice grey....

Toots Sat 13-Feb-10 19:00:50

Yes, matt and rough. Will have to drag DC to more tile shops this half term. They will be furious.

I do like rubber but feel we are on a tileward trajectory.

Speckledeggy Sun 14-Feb-10 10:53:25

No, definitely not shiny!

We had those in the bathroom when I was at uni and how I didn't break my neck I don't know. Worst bit was getting out of the shower with wet feet.

NomDePlume Sun 14-Feb-10 18:40:56

PMSL @ your sauna story. Sorry to bring back traumatic memories.

DS1 & 2 have black gloss marble-esque wall tiles on the bottom half of their bathroom wall and it is most offputting when you are sat on the can with your strides around your ankles and you can see yourself perfectly (it's like a mirror) in the reflection. Disturbing.

At least the white wall tiles of the same ilk are not quite so bad for cystal clear reflections. The black ones are like mirrors!

Toots Tue 16-Feb-10 19:37:37

They are boys/men so they might like seeing themselves on the can with their strides round their ankles. But happily, I agree whitish won't be so full on.

I don't know. People. Their nakedness. Their dirt, their strides....really spoil a bathroom.

NomDePlume Wed 17-Feb-10 18:59:57

they are 16 and almost 18 so the less said about their toiletting habits, the better.

DukesOfTripHazard Mon 08-Nov-10 14:25:13

Update. Went for solid grey marmoleum. Love it. Not a reflected genital in sight.

Pannacotta Mon 08-Nov-10 18:55:25

I was just reading this thread (and having a good chuckle) and was about to suggest Marmoleum as an alternative, no unwanted reflections with that!

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