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Anyone got a shag pile carpet?

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Ondine Mon 08-Feb-10 21:46:34

I'm just about to buy a shag pile carpet for the hallway and am a bit worried about maintenance after speaking to the salesman today.

I've never had this type of carpet before and apparently they need to be raked so it doesn't flatten and get matted.

Does anyone have one? How oftern do you rake it and also how do you find hoovering it? Is it a lot of hard work!

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 08-Feb-10 21:48:56

<sniggers immaturely at the word shag>

<boggles at 'raking' a carpet>

<runs off unhelpfully>

Ondine Mon 08-Feb-10 22:01:16


It is difficult keeping a straight face talking about how deep you want your shag carpet to be.

But this is serious fruitshoots! I might have to rake my carpet.... the first salesman didn’t mention anything about that then today the second one showed me a few rakes I should buy like it was normal & everyone does it?

Beauregard Mon 08-Feb-10 22:03:06

Brings back memories of my parents bright orange shag pilegrinMom was always raking it.And i remember i used to go hunting in it for things.

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 08-Feb-10 22:12:01

LOL at 'showed me a few rakes'

going to Google carpet rakes now!

DrivenToDistraction Mon 08-Feb-10 22:20:08

I've got one on the stairs and landing but we have hard flooring in the hall it's self. It's not massively deep <snurk> though, maybe 1 1/2 or 2 cm. A damn good hoover with the hoover attachment like the second one from the left here keeps it fluffy. 'tis a standard one but I've no idea what to call it blush

Anyway, are you sure you waant carpet in the hall? It'll get totally filthy and ruined in no time, I fear.

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 08-Feb-10 22:21:47

Oooh those rakes look like they'd make the best back scratchers.

Ondine Mon 08-Feb-10 22:32:56

Sounds like I'm doing the same as you Driven, i'm having Karndean hard flooring in the downstairs hall then shag pile up the stairs and along the top hallway.

The type i'm having is a bit like this. A bit deeper though, and the rake is like this, metal. So it looks a bit like i'd have to brush it?

How often do you all rake/hoover. Is it an every other day job.

hormonesnomore Mon 08-Feb-10 22:51:17

I had a shag pile carpet and used to either rake it or brush it with a stiff brush.

You will find you will want to rake it all the time as it will show every footprint.

They're lovely though (when freshly raked), just don't let anyone walk on it...

hormonesnomore Mon 08-Feb-10 22:54:05

Meant to say I had a plastic rake which looked like this but orange.

Ondine Tue 09-Feb-10 15:00:18

That plastic rake looks more like it Hnm, the metal rakes look like something you'd brush shoes with.

Thanks, will have to think about if I want to go for a shag pile after all, coir matting is looking like an easier if more boring option.

dorgar Wed 11-Aug-10 17:25:40

Hormonesnomore....Nooo! That's a pic of a leaf rake for the garden. If it rips the grass up whilst raking the leaves, imagine the fibres it will rip from a carpet. This is because the teeth are flat - particularly at the rake-end of each tooth.
My g/f has a plastic slightly smaller-spread rake with rounded teeth [and rounded off at their ends] with a light wood stail. She doesn't have the carpet now, but the rake is brilliant for raking up leaves. It rarely flips a leaf backward and just combs through grass ground shrubs etc grabbing the leaves. It makes for far less a chore, even less so if you rake the leaves onto a snow shovel and just tip into a plastic dustbin. No bending down at all! The rake came from a carpet shop some years ago. The makers name I’m sure incorporated Biggleswade, but I couldn't find them on the net when I looked.

Chrisbond65 Wed 01-May-13 01:12:29
I have just bought a fantastic shaggy rug for this company, would recommend.

Chrisbond65 Wed 01-May-13 01:14:34
I have just bought a fantastic shaggy rug for this company, would recommend.

PigletJohn Wed 01-May-13 10:47:02

in the hall? good god why? do you have shares in rug doctor?

It will get filthy, and the dirt is difficult to get out. Surprisingly large spiders will live in it.

PigletJohn Wed 01-May-13 10:48:24

oops, zombie alert.

Mon 08-Feb-10

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