just so ican get an idea.. what is yor cleaning routine? daily/weekly

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mothersmilk Thu 04-Feb-10 13:35:11

last week i started my new yrs resolution of keeping a consistantly clean and semi orginised house. The idea to be consistant so it doesnt get on top of me to the point i have waist a whole weekend stuck in the house cleaning and sorting whilst i make dh takes the kids out. You know a little everyday so i dont have to panic when someone knocks at the door popping in on the off chance, and my house looking and stinking like a sty (obvs exageration).
Anyway im getting by by making daily lists and working though them whilst dd is at nursery and ds is asleep so good so far. but i am just curious (noisy) as to what everyone elses routine is. In the hope i can improve or streamline my own

Whippet Thu 04-Feb-10 13:38:54

Cleaner comes for 4 hours on Thursday a.m.

<Whippet turns round and admires clean & shiny house>

er... that's it really blush

Whippet Thu 04-Feb-10 13:41:20

OK, I jest (a bit)....

I'm a big fan of the 'little & often' approach, and of having cloths and cleaning materials hidden around the house (not just in the kitchen or utility room) so you can give somewhere a quick once over while you're e.g. waiting fro a bath to run etc

I presume you know about FlyLady BTW?

mothersmilk Thu 04-Feb-10 13:44:10

no i was wondering what all this flying was?

pushmepullyou Thu 04-Feb-10 14:01:52

It's basically a system of doing little and often that helps you to keep on top of things without having to have the sort of mammoth cleaning sessions that take over your life.

The FlyLady website is very offputting, but the system is good!

Pop in to the flybabies thread here and have a nosy/join in if you fancy it.

lordkensal Mon 22-Mar-10 10:34:33

I'm the sort of person, who if I don't have lists and routines, things can easily get on top of me.

There are loads of great house cleaning schedules - my favourite is at www.homecleaninggoddess.com/housekeeping-cleaning-schedule/

You can also find great tips on cleaning for busy people. Most of it is common sense, but sometimes you just don't want to think and you want it all laid out for you. There is also a Microsoft Template for cleaning you can get - www.homecleaninggoddess.com/housekeeping-cleaning-schedule-2/

blogpage Mon 22-Mar-10 11:13:03

I'm keeping an eye on this thread, looking for ideas that are <whisper> not FlyLady.

MathsMadMummy Mon 22-Mar-10 11:18:09

watching with interest, I'll have a nose at the MN fly threads, also thought the website was weird!

LadyintheRadiator Mon 22-Mar-10 11:21:55

I can't abide lists, or routines. When I was pregnant with DS I drew up a big rota with just about every household job imaginable on it, divided them into days of the week, and laminated the bloody thing. Needless to say I have never looked at it again.

So with that in mind I just try and keep the place tidy - I give the kitchen a quick going over every day after I've done the breakfast dishes - takes about five minutes - so it's never appalling. because it's small, I feel forced to keep it tidy.

I hoover when the hallway is bad, sometimes every day but if we are out of the house a lot maybe it ends up being twice a week.

Washing, conveniently my washing basket holds one load's worth so I just do it when it's full.

I wash up a lot though, after every meal really as the kitchen looks messy otherwise.

Bathroom and toilet I do at the weekend, and give a quick wipe when needed - like Whippet suggests, I keep bathroom cleaning stuff and cloths in there... and use baby wipes a lot too blush

Um, what else... I loathe mopping so DP does that at the weekends, if the floors are bad when it's rained I just get the worst bits with a cloth during the week.

Dusting... whenever I hoover I suppose. Ihave huge cobwebs at the top of the stairs I keep forgetting about.

Bedrooms are kept pretty tidy, I run around picking up clothes/toys while brushing my teeth in the morning because we then don't really go upstairs in the day so it keeps it tidy.

Think that covers it? I don't feel I do a lot, washing and ironing is where I get fed up, so that aside I reckon twenty minutes a day is enough to keep it presentable if anyone popped over unexpected. Having good storage and not too much 'stuff' helps.

I did have cleaners while I worked though, much preferable I have to say...

LadyintheRadiator Mon 22-Mar-10 11:22:22

Sorry I have waffled on there blush

blogpage Mon 22-Mar-10 22:01:05

Not waffly at all LadyintheRadiator

lordkensal, those are great links, thanks for posting them.

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