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Help! mystery holes in tops/t-shirts

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arfur Thu 21-Jan-10 13:58:07

Have noticed for a while small holes in my tops/t-shirts around the area of the belt buckle and assumed it was catching but have ruled that out. Have inspected areas around home that I could possibly be catching this area on like worktop in front of sink etc but can find nothing. Yesterday I wore brand new top for first time and have just taken it out of the washing machine to find about 10 small holes in the bottom centre of it!!! Definitely not the belt/jeans I wore with it yesterday. Could my washing machine in some scary way be targeting only this area of my clothes. Driving me insane and am v angry about new top! Any help/ideas please??? PS no one else in family's clothes affected?!?!

IdontFeelLikeDancing Thu 21-Jan-10 13:59:14

I think it is your belt.

Tamarto Thu 21-Jan-10 14:00:25

Do you clean in them? small splashes of bleach/things with bleach in can cause holes in clothes.

arfur Thu 21-Jan-10 14:01:15

But am wearing same jeans and belt today blush with different top and doesnt show any sign of problems (belt is wide and has very rounded spike)??

arfur Thu 21-Jan-10 14:04:11

Had wondered about bleachy type stuff before (has been going on for more than a year) but am not fond of cleaning and certainly didnt do any yesterday, just had an idea though. Will go and check inside and around zip area of coat I wore yesterday........

DaftApeth Thu 21-Jan-10 14:08:29

I have the same problem with some of my baggier cotton tops.

I think it is from standing at kitchen/bathroom sink and the fabric coming into contact with the newly cleaned surfaces i.e. the cleaning fluid.

I don't wear any belts, so can't be that. Just think the cleaning fluid weakens the fabric gradually.

Lakota Thu 21-Jan-10 14:10:13

I just googled same problem yesterday! There are loads of web pages on this very subject but no-one seems to know what causes it! I am having the same problem with my clothes and I really can't afford to keep buying new ones.

Are the affected tops those really thin cotton knit ones? Because I honestly think shops are just using shoddy material these days. I reckon that jeans/belts/seatbelts/toddler feet when carried are rubbing the fibres, and because they're so thin, something snaps and you get a hole. The weave is like super thin knitting, and therefore makes a hole if one bit of thread goes. I guess the holes turn up in the same place because that's the area of most tension. I did read a high spin speed on your washing machine will make the problem worse.

I do object to paying £25 for what is basically a puff sleeve t-shirt from Oasis and finding a hole within about 3 wears. I don't think it's so bad with man-made fibres, but who wants a polyester t-shirt?

brimfull Thu 21-Jan-10 14:11:12

ah I started a thread about this last year here

Lakota Thu 21-Jan-10 14:11:22

Also, I don't clean that much!

arfur Thu 21-Jan-10 14:13:05

Nope not the coat.

Daft apeth it does seem to be on looser style tops so maybe it is that. Its just never happened before after only 1 wear. Did give kitchen good clean day before yest so I guess its possible its residue on the worktop .... but I only use gentle cleaners on it as its granite??

Lakota Thu 21-Jan-10 14:14:24

And I would take new top back and make a fuss. Seems to have happened with my things just slightly too long after I've bought them.

What do you reckon about cheap feeling clothes though? I didn't buy anything new really for about a year (pregnancy, and general skintness) and was shocked on going back to the shops a) how expensive things are (aside from Primark, which to be honest I expect to fall apart) and B) how shoddy looking. Grr

DaftApeth Thu 21-Jan-10 22:09:57

I think it has to be the chemicals on surfaces.

As I said before, I don't wear belts neither do I have toddlers anymore, the part of the tops that get holes do not come in to contact with my jeans or seatbelts.

I don't do any cleaning either (unless I have togrin) but all surfaces get cleaned weekly using a kitchen/bathroom cleaner and the baggier tops come into contact with the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and bath frequently throughout the day.

I think the thinner cotton breaks down more easily after coming into contact with the chemicals.

It's really annoying that the tops with holes are my more favourite ones because they hide more

DaftApeth Thu 21-Jan-10 22:19:05

Have just read your thread, ggirl (didn't see it last year).

I don't have granite worktops either!grin

crankytwanky Fri 22-Jan-10 10:45:07

Ah this old chesnut!

Drives me round the bend!angry

Is it just women who get it? I have never noticed it on DHs clothes. That would add weight to the toddler's feet/chemical/big tummy straining at clothes theory. (No offence, people!)

I am wearing a Next top that has a HUGE hole after 3 wears. That was a zip I think. I saw it sticking out while I was sat down. V. v thin cheap material. May send back.<<ponders thread in S&B.>>

AmazingBouncingFerret Fri 22-Jan-10 10:49:03

Ive had this! I thought it was because my dog is a nutter and still jumps up to me when I come in the front door!

crankytwanky Fri 22-Jan-10 10:50:47

Just followed link, some one said seatbelts!

<<slaps forehead>>

That sounds v. plausable.

Nyx Fri 22-Jan-10 10:59:26

I suffer from this too. It REALLY annoys me. I have no idea what causes it, it's only my tops it happens to. it's not a belt, it's not worktops/cleaning products (as I am rather short and my worktops are higher than where the holes appear), it's not the car seatbelt, it's not the cats, surely if it was some sort of moths or bugs it would happen to DH or DD's clothing and it would happen in different places in the clothing? It drives me insane. If it's the washing machine or tumble dryer, again, surely it would happen to DH or DD's clothes? angry

(I have just noticed the mysterious wee holes in a lovely scoop neck light blue top I was really pleased with, I just bought it last week. Teeth grinding with rage!)

DaftApeth Fri 22-Jan-10 11:46:25

I wonder if it's MNing?

I sit on sofa with my laptop on my lap.

Does anyone else have a rough desk they sit at?

Perhaps it's directly related to the amount of time spent on-linegrin

Lots of my Next tops have been the main victims too. Obviously thin cheap fabric.

LoveBeingAMummy Fri 22-Jan-10 11:49:31


I thought this was just me shock

MissAnneElk Fri 22-Jan-10 11:58:47

This happens to DD1 and I too and it's been a complete mystery. I think it could well be the car seat belt. I'd never thought of that before, but it doesn't happen to DH, who is rarely in my car and DD2 always sits in the back of my car, so seat belts will be a bit different. DD1 and I are always in the front.

delllie Fri 22-Jan-10 13:26:37

I used to have this alot and it turned out it was my washing machine causing it and overloading it wasn't helping.

Hasn't happened since Ive had a new washing machine and I try not to put so much in the machine grin

TheBossofMe Fri 22-Jan-10 13:30:07

Wow - this happens to me too and I've always taken it as a sign that I'm putting on weight and my belt buckle is sticking out instead of lying flat. Hmmmm...maybe not, after all.

aristocat Fri 22-Jan-10 13:32:48

OMG !! me too shock

i always blamed my cat for this.......

TheBossofMe Fri 22-Jan-10 13:36:16

I too have a cat. Maybe...

I also overload the washing machine.

But I'm a shorty so the holes are pretty much below work-surface height, so don't think its that.

Could be the car seat-belts - I got them more on maternity leave when I used to drive more than I do now. Maybe car seat belt causes the friction against the belt buckle...

Oh, this is now really bugging me!

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Jan-10 13:39:21

OP - One word-


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