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How to get mould off walls?

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plus3 Wed 20-Jan-10 10:30:02

Hello does anybody have any good tips for getting mould off walls? In the winter we have two areas downstaires that mould comes back on repeatly. We use a dehumidify, and open windows when possible, but need actual tips for removing it. It is in non-visable places.

plus3 Wed 20-Jan-10 10:32:50

repeatedly and dehumidifier...duh

plus3 Wed 20-Jan-10 10:46:50

anyone?....I'm about to attack it

Starboo Wed 20-Jan-10 11:09:35

A good quality bleach will do the trick and helps to stop mould returning.
We found black mould caused by condensation in some corners when we moved into our new house and bleach worked a treat.

Miggsie Wed 20-Jan-10 11:12:23

Lakeland do a mould killer which is better than bleach but it stinks...vinegar works too

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 20-Jan-10 11:13:29

Mould remover from a diy shop, aplly, then use wire scourers to get it all off. - then leave to dry for at least a week and apply sealant before repainting.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 20-Jan-10 11:14:32

Do you know what the source of it is?

Mine was coming from a very small leak in a water pipe so the damp built up without me noticing.

SilveryMoon Wed 20-Jan-10 11:17:01

We have mould too in our living room. I use bleach on it whenever it comes up.
Tea-Tree oil is good too apparently (according to Kim and Aggie)

Starboo Wed 20-Jan-10 11:20:12

Also, make sure you don't place furniture too close to the walls in the problem areas so that the air can circulate. I think that black mould, especially in corners is always caused by condensation rather than penetrating damp, but it's worth looking into where the moisture is coming from. An anti-condensation paint would be better than a damp sealant as long as the moisture is caused by condensation of course.

hazeyjane Wed 20-Jan-10 11:25:15

I would try and use a proper mould killer, which will help prevent it returning. Bleach is not great IMO (partly because it is really bad to inhale it), and I think I read somewhere that it can actually help mould growth, if you have a bad case of it.

You can also buy a special mould paint, which can help stop mould developing. Teatree wroks at removing it, but won't prevent it coming back.

Try to air your rooms once a day.

Good luck!

Starboo Wed 20-Jan-10 11:30:56

I've tried the Polycell mould remover, and the fumes were a lot less noticeable than bleach but it didn't remove the staining. I also try to avoid using bleach whenever possible but when it comes to mould, the big guns come out!

If you do try bleach, make sure it's diluted, avoid breathing it in and air the room well.

mogs0 Wed 20-Jan-10 11:33:23

I have a massive mould problem at the moment caused by condensation so am currently freezing with the windows wide open! grin

Last night I tackled the worst of it - on my bedroom ceiling/wall - with a steam cleaner. I have bumpy/pointy artex (not sure what it's real name is but it's a pita and rather ugly) on my ceiling which makes it really difficult to clean with a cloth or kitchen roll. Also, the worst bit is on the sloping ceiling so if I spray anything chemically on it it just falls off and bleaches the carpet/me (have tried it before blush).

I have bought some mould-remover from Lakeland that bleached the areas where it was sprayed but didn't stop it from coming back within a couple of months.

plus3 Wed 20-Jan-10 17:16:00

thank you for the's definately due to condensation on a northfacing wall (I googled after leaving the thread earlier!)

I used Detox mould and mildrew removal stuff (in a green bottle) but was reall wondering if there was a slightly less toxic way of doing it, as I think I took a layer of paint with me!

JonathanSmith78 Sun 03-Apr-16 14:15:24

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DanyellasDonkey Sun 03-Apr-16 14:52:24

Try HG mould spray - it's brilliant and the mould doesn't come back. It stinks like chlorine but well worth using.

sammyjayneex Mon 04-Apr-16 17:20:34

I have horrible mould problems in my house. I used a mould cleaner but I've read that white vinegar and tea tree oil is a good thing to use which I'm gonna try next...

SugarPlumTree Mon 04-Apr-16 17:25:26

HG mould remover is indeed truly brilliant.

Eidel Fri 02-Sep-16 23:24:36

HG mould spray is the way to go, it's the best cleaner for treating mould hands down.

DimplePeach Fri 02-Sep-16 23:28:27

Hg mould spray is good but if its reccuring often then a few coats of anti mould paint does wonders! Ronseal I think I used then wallpapered over it, i think damp was coming from outside rather than condensation though

cressetmama Sun 04-Sep-16 20:29:22

HG mould remover spray is good stuff, keeps the mildew at bay on the sealant around the shower too.

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