Bit embarassing...but semen stains on mattresses - how do you remove them?

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lovechoc Wed 23-Dec-09 15:21:41

This has been bugging me for some time now. I have a memory foam mattress and I have no idea how to get these stains out. Anyone got any tips on how to remove them?

TIA blush

ShiriDoula Wed 23-Dec-09 15:29:18

try "vanish"- they have an upholstery stain remover..

Cybilsnotgettingdressed Wed 23-Dec-09 15:30:17

Buy a mattress protector

lovechoc Wed 23-Dec-09 17:31:01

thanks for the advice. will try the vanish stain remover.

SparkyToo Wed 23-Dec-09 20:44:46

Definitely get a washable mattress protector - you can wash this one on a hot wash so neither your mattress or protector will ever be stained again!

ImdreamingofaGROUCHYxmas Thu 24-Dec-09 08:55:56

hmmmm - I've used a steam cleaner in the past. Or vinegar spray and a good rub with a microfibre cloth

lovechoc Thu 24-Dec-09 09:54:21

the thing is I've used a mattress protector in the past on the mattress and it makes no difference - it still leaks through!! So I end up having to wash the mattress protector anyway, and then left with the stubborn stains on the mattress.

We have a small steam cleaner Sparky I may have to hunt for it though, have no idea where I've put the bloody thing now! But yes, will maybe try that first then the Vanish upholstery stain remover if that doesn't work.

Anything's worth a shot. Thanks for your advice everyone

lovechoc Thu 24-Dec-09 09:55:26

oops, I meant thanks to ImdreamingofaGROUCHYxmas who suggested the steam cleaner blush

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