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How can I clean my oven door glass?

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Moosy Mon 23-Nov-09 12:03:49

I can't see inside my oven anymore, it's disgusting, but nothing seems to shift the brown dribbly marks all over the inside. What can I use that will get rid of them?

twolittlekings Mon 23-Nov-09 12:12:38

Our cooker has unscrewable handles that then allows you to get at the door better.

I used fairy liquid. squirted it all over the glass and left it for about 10 mins.

then went back and scrubbed the glass with a cleaning pad thing (spong and scourer but be careful not to scratch the glass).

came off a treat and it is all sparkly now!!

Moosy Mon 23-Nov-09 12:17:42

I can take the glass right out of the door, so I'll try that later, thank you.

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 23-Nov-09 12:19:57

Try Fairy Power Spray - it's much stronger than ordinary washing up liquid.

Or - call on - fantastic service - they cleaned my oven and hob, replaced the oven light for £83. It looks as if I have a completely new cooker now!

twolittlekings Mon 23-Nov-09 12:22:48

if you can take the glass out can you put in the dishwasher?

pushmepullyou Mon 23-Nov-09 12:23:10

Flash followed by windolene brought mine up a treat!

EvilTwins Mon 23-Nov-09 12:26:01

this It's easy to use and made mine look like new.

procrastinatingparent Mon 23-Nov-09 12:32:38

Moosy - when you take the glass out of the oven door, don't take it to your ceramic sink and shatter it against the side whilst trying to wash it the day before you are about to do a house exchange. Just sayin' wink

Moosy Mon 23-Nov-09 12:36:42

Right, I'll try the fairy first as I have some, I wouldn't like to put it in the dishwasher in case it gets broken, but I might try a dishwasher tablet on it if the fairy doesn't work.

Next i'll try the Flash/Windowlene combo, then if all else fails I'll do the lakeland sutff.

BIWI, not sure I can justify £83 on some cleaning!

Procrastinating, I don't have a ceramic sink, but I will be careful, thank you!

twolittlekings Mon 23-Nov-09 12:39:35

Re flash and windolene - I was always worried about using something a bit more toxic that might smell when you turn the oven on. If you can completely remove the glass then go for it since you can then rinse properly otherwise I would stick to something less toxic?

only my opinion but I once used that awful mr muscle and the oven stank for weeks afterwards and I hated using it for fear of poisoning anyone!

Fizzylemonade Mon 23-Nov-09 12:50:55

I use Astonish liquid and a green scourer. I can't remove my glass so have to do it sat on the floor. I also do my oven shelves with the Astonish and they are gleaming.

I think I got the Astonish liquid from Lakeland. Haven't tried their Oven Mate but usually stuff from Lakeland is good.

I would come and clean your oven in exchange for one of your lovely cakes grin yes I do like cleaning ovens <hangs head in shame>

chopstheduck Mon 23-Nov-09 12:55:28

I have a bosch oven and although it is possible to remove the glass, I know a lot of people have ahd big problems in getting it back in properly and having to buy new seals to sort it. I daren't take mine out - if you have a bosch oven, be careful!

Moosy Mon 23-Nov-09 13:05:15

Fizzy, if you live close enough then I'd gladly take you up on that offer!

herbietea Mon 23-Nov-09 13:13:52

Message withdrawn

Lemonylemon Mon 23-Nov-09 13:27:01

One of those paint scrapers (with the Stanley blade) should do the job before giving it a spray with a kitchen cleaner. Worked a treat on mine!

Sooty7 Mon 23-Nov-09 14:38:47

Message withdrawn

Moosy Mon 23-Nov-09 14:46:14

Soaking it in Fairy did nothing at all, soaking it with Flash kitchen spray did nothing too. I don't have any of the other things suggested so it's going to have to wait until I've been shopping. Thanks for all the suggestions, I shall report back on what works...

Furball Mon 23-Nov-09 15:06:11

I'll second ovenmate from Lakeland

Tis like Magic! You paint it on, all over the inside of oven as well whilst your at it. Leave for 3-4 hours then effortlessly wipe it off with kitchen roll.

No smell, no effort no nothin' except brand new looking oven

Told you - tis magic [smile

franke Mon 23-Nov-09 15:11:10

I second using an old-fashioned razor blade or scraper. You can try to soften the gunk before scraping with whatever chemical comes to hand. Didn't Kim and Aggie use biological washing powder once?

FlyMeToDunoon Mon 23-Nov-09 15:11:34

I saw Kim and Aggie recommend a ceramic hob cleaner. It's a blade in a platic holder and scrapes the gunk off.
I use it with ciff.

piscesmoon Mon 23-Nov-09 15:20:43

I'll third oven mate from Lakeland-it is like magic!

LilianGish Mon 23-Nov-09 15:24:41

Feel as if I should go and clean my oven now blush

jamaisjedors Mon 23-Nov-09 16:17:00

baking powder and vinegar mixed to a paste, leave on for a while. It sorted out the bottom of our oven.

I can't get at our glass, there seems to be gunk in between two panes of glass, have cleaned the accessible bit but it still looks yucky and you can't see in the oven...

ErnestTheBavarian Mon 23-Nov-09 17:37:03

can the ovenmate be used over stainless steel oven insides? On all types of oven? I hate my evil stupid contaption pseudo-oven

EvilTwins Mon 23-Nov-09 17:54:13

On the box it says:

"Not for use on aluminium, brass, copper, anodised, teflon coated or painted materials."

My oven has self-cleaning surfaces (only some of them) so I avoid those. It's fine for the rest of it though.

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