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"safe" paint for bedroom - I have a 1yo dd?

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titferbrains Wed 11-Nov-09 13:45:18

Want to redo our bedroom but we have a dd, 1yo, and I wonder if you can recommend a safe low odour good quality paint that I can use without having to move dd out of the house entirely...? Our bedroom is pale blue and rather grubby and it would be so nice to change it.

Also, experience painters, did you wash walls before you started? I will have to get rid of blue tack marks etc but ceilings are quite high so cleaning them from floor to ceiling will be a right PITA.


somewhathorrified Wed 11-Nov-09 14:13:00

Most emulsions are low odour and safe nowadays. If you are worried then have her sleep in another room for the night and air the room while paint is drying. I have to admit to cleaning the walls with sugarsoap using a mop before, blue tack marks may need to be scrubbed off before painting. You can always try and see if they come through the paint before going through stain block routes.

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