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Wednesday fly: insert witty title here

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Wolfcub Wed 11-Nov-09 07:11:50

Morning all

got ready for work but just couldn't face it. Have been up all night feeling I'll and coughing. Czn't stop flaming crying either. Think I'm just at the limit of how much I can take at the mo
mad I'm glad you liked the card, it's not supposed to make you cry though. Hope you got to sleep in the end.
wendy hope you are feeli g better today

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 11-Nov-09 07:37:49

morning all. Hope everyone who is ill gets better soon. Ds was up an down all night then they both decided to be up for the day at 5am. My back is still killing me i just want to sleep! Not liking this lone parenting lark very much at the moment.

wendyhappysmile Wed 11-Nov-09 08:28:40

Wolf Anything I can do? I am only down the road, do you need shopping doing, or just some of Wendy's cure-all choc chip cookies? smile or should that be biscuit. Please let me know if I can.
Tea hope you managed some sleep.
Knickers I take my hat off to you, as a single parent. Anything I can do? (again!)
morning to all who follow!
Good night's sleep but I need to start getting up earlier to make my mornings less stressful.
To do
Post Office
Mini movers
what's for dinner and lunch?
Washing! It's Mount Washmore here.
Sweep hall
Cull toys! Overtaking the house
DD's party bags
Menu for DD's party - start baking?


leeloo1 Wed 11-Nov-09 08:44:45

Sorry to all those having a bad time! I'm childminding today, so need to start making breakfast for the little ones in a bit (they're busy playing so I'm having 2 mins with a cup of tea first).

To do:
Make breakfast
Check laundry in kitchen dry, if so put away, if not rearrange strategically near radiators
Go to Stay and Play at chn's centre this pm
Play with babies grin - not such a hardship that one!

TeaMonster Wed 11-Nov-09 09:25:24

Wolf Sorry you are having a hard time too and I cried nice tears you girls are my rock

I have just been to the horror that group photographs if you want your preschool child included.

I finally got to sleep at 3 only to be up again at 6 biscuit indeed

No duckings today, my tired, achey bidy wont take it, plus I still have stiches in so don think it is that good an idea infection wise

swanriver Wed 11-Nov-09 10:48:29

was going to add my woes to this thread lying n bed
but will cheer up0 instead grin
having to grit my teeth - feeling a bit grim and can't do anything for a day I think, whilst longing to give dh instructions
think he is survvng...
loads of tears (think it does a lot of good just crying Wolf) yest in hosp, feeling v low waiting for five hours nil by mouth 18 hrs, but morphine does make me feel v. positive so after op(an investigat)was making allsorts of woozy amazng plans for next few weeks - fantasies about pickling and sewing and knitting, museum visits, lino printng, such as only drugs can induce.
now feel more prosaic alas grateful just for a nice cup of tea.

Simply Wed 11-Nov-09 11:08:22

Hello to all. Sorry to hear that some are feeling so unwell. I hope everyone gets better very soon.

I'm going to plod on as I've just had my cup of tea and half of a cake (I had half yesterday) as elevenses. I'll post a done list later. smile

Ludaloo Wed 11-Nov-09 11:27:41

Morning ladies smile

Well that's my days at work done until the weekend!
Now I need to catch up on the house!

I have already:
~Sorted bills and paperwork
~Lit a nice fire

I have oodles of washing to wash and dry and fold and put away..sad I hate washing sad

Right better get on...

I'm doing housework and watching David Attenborough Season on Eden... his voice is really soothing and the feeding habits of a trap door spider are very all's good! wink grin

wendyhappysmile Wed 11-Nov-09 11:53:03

swan sending hugs your way - hope you're ok, and how is DS?! is he being entertained? Keep going girl, one cup of tea at a time.
Luda hiya, housework to David Attenborough sounds lovely! grin
Just catching up with the washing, been to Mini Movers and Post Office (book finally posted, Galen, I take heart as I haven't received mine yet!)
Tea take it easy today please or I'll be up that motorway!

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 11-Nov-09 12:13:19

Simply, the diary came today, thank you very much!

Wendy, what is there to do around here? going to have to start getting out and about with the dcs. I walked in Ossett and was a bit peeved to learn there is only one charity shop!


hoovered living room, hall, stairs and landing.
shovelled all the crap left over from the bonfire.
done pots and wiped sides.

To do.

still got to sort veg patch.

tea? may pop to chippy as a one off tonight.

TeaMonster Wed 11-Nov-09 12:14:07

Swan Glad to here you enjoyed the opiates, they do the opp to me and send me into a terrible state grin

wendy I have took it easy, no swimming, but played on the PC with DS2 and also sewed another christmas pressie smile

Lunch done for DS2

To Do's

Preschool Drop Off
Home and lunch for me
Prep Pizza dough for dinner
More sewing - I am enjoying it
Ebay listings
Preschool and school collect
Clean fridge
Shopping list for tomorrow


scattyspice Wed 11-Nov-09 12:40:02

Hi all.

Sympathy all round. This is the sleepy time of year remember and we are supposed to be winding down for hibernation hmm. Don't expect too much of yourselves.

bookfair after school
reboot laundry
clear up and get stuff ready for tomorrow

Ludaloo Wed 11-Nov-09 13:45:43

Swan hope you feel better soon [hugs]

I was doing really well....cleaned piggles out, cleaned fish out, washed up, hoovered upstairs, hung 2 loads of washing out, tidied living room...then....

DH comes back for his lunch, bringing with him 3 HUGE boxes of lego...(someones entire collection by the look of it)
Needless to say my lovely clean living room is now covered in bubble wrap, boxes and 20 tonne of lego bricks (the dining table which I spent a good long time clearing and polishing now has at least 60/70 minfigs sprawled all over it..GAH!)......and he's gone back to work!

galen Wed 11-Nov-09 13:49:38

afternoon all
wolf look after yourself.Hope youre feeling brighter soon

swan take it easy...I also have lots of plans like that alltime...but not mrophine induced, just plain unrealistic LOL

TM well done on all your sewing. My poor sock monkeys are progressing sooo slowly!

knickers I dare not venture as far as myu veg patch any more...too muddly and yuck...but luckily it is covered in plants I sewed for green manure so all is well....though really not long till they need digging in...

luda I also despise the washing - mostly the sorting and putting away...especialy socks and underwear for 4 girls LOL

wendy no worries about book...only sent mine off other day too...ooops blush and not too sure when I am meant to fit reading into my rapidly overfilling list of stuff to do LOL

everyone-else Hi!

doing ok here today actually...

Washing - all up to date shock
Mopped kitchen
bathrooms s&S
school run
walked dog
made a picture with dd4 to send to someone off this site which I discovered yesterday and made me cry and count my blessings!
nursery drop off
made L&P soup - now bubbling inpan
bread in breadmaker
just taken DD1 Bday cake out of oven..
(kitchen all warm and yummy smelling now LOL)
Now having cuppa before school pick up

may get round to finish planting bulbs....
also need to sort out several bags of culled toys/rubbish for charity shop/tip run tomorrow
oh and nee dto doonline banking...although avoiding as I'd rather not know..LOL

hopefully bbl grin

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 11-Nov-09 14:15:42

I have gotten sidetracked with the housework as my new wrap sling has arrived grin

Simply Wed 11-Nov-09 14:15:54

Hello to everyone.

galen How do you manage to differentiate between the clothes (esp undies and socks) for 4 girls?! I take my hat off to you!

Hi luda. Is it grey but dry weather wise with you, too?

knickers I'm amazed that the diary arrived so soon! I'm glad someone is able to make use of it. smile

scatty I'll try to remember that we're supposed to be winding down and not try to start pulling out loads of stuff that'll take lots of sorting out.

I seem to be a bit stuck. My house:-
Tidy rooms/areas:-
living room
utility room (more or less)
downstairs loo
ds' room
dd's room

Untidy rooms/areas:-
main bedroom
spare bedroom
ensuite bathroom

I need to chip away at the untidy bits instead of just keeping the doors closed / averting my eyes and pretending that it isn't untidy. It may even be time for me to start looking at the FLY website and start doing the missions! [scared and wimpy emoticon]

FlappyGrouchybatOscar Wed 11-Nov-09 14:20:23

Wolf I'm working every afternoon at the moment but if you ever fancy popping round at the morning/weekend for a cuppa/scream feel free.

Hello all!

Been working all morning. House is surviving, I am surviving so I hope everyone is OK.

Better make lunches, byeeeee

galen Wed 11-Nov-09 14:33:48

oh knickers what wrap did you get? I used wraps loads for dd4 and ds2(although he wasnt quite so keen!) Nothing like a nice new snuggly wrap to cheer you up....and distract fromhousework LOL grin

galen Wed 11-Nov-09 14:37:45

TM have been reading your blog....and SO agree about clothes. DD1 is big (tall and big, not fat...) for her age, takes about age 12 clothes....and it is SO hard to find ANYTHING I would consider suitable for a 9/10 yr old girl.In fact all affordable girls clothes over the age of 3 seem to be totally unsuitable these days...hmm

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 11-Nov-09 14:39:45

Its a choc orange calin bleu. Never had a wrap sling but ds seems to like it. Just got to get used to wrapping it. Hope I dont get addicted to buying them!

swanriver Wed 11-Nov-09 15:33:06

Still feeling cr**p, but have spent a semi-productive morning looking at Home Ed websites to plan for 4 weeks with bolshy 9 year old.
Ruby - I advise the special TLC dentist for dd, ds1 was charmed out of phobic filling mode.
Galen - will try and get ds to send a postcard to that little boy
Wendy - he is lstenng to Joseph and Tdc, chatting to dad etc.
well done on new job Grouchy
now kids have returned - need to help dD with a loGO DESIGN and mastermind various pickups and dropoffs for B & B.

Ludaloo Wed 11-Nov-09 16:35:29

simply yep...grey all day...and cold sad

RubysReturn Wed 11-Nov-09 18:19:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wolfcub Wed 11-Nov-09 19:43:19

ruby I need to lose about 3 stone before May if you want some company.
wendy how lovely of you, that's very very kind, would very much love biscuits tea and sympathy with you and grouchy but suspect I am infectious. Whatever this crappy thing is it is running rampage through our family (apart from a temp we have all the piggy flu symptoms and i'm not sure about the temp as we have no working thermometers in the house)
knickers are you new to the area or have you just moved towns and getting used to the local amenities? I really like the didymos wrap btw. came to it late on so ds not hugely keen but will use one from the start next time. (if there is a next time).
swan I hope you feel better soon
luda hi lady, how's the welsh winter going?
simply leeloo, galen, mad & scatty hellllooooo

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 11-Nov-09 19:46:51

I moved from Barnsley to Netherton 3 years ago and moved to ossett on halloween.

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