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Can't screw toilet seat back on-is it me or is it broken?

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gio71 Mon 09-Nov-09 10:28:05

Don't know if this is the right place to post this but help!. One of the screws fell off the toilet seat this morning. I have tried to screw it back on again and gave up after much shouting and swearing as it wouldn't screw in, kept falling back out! Is it me? (I am particulary useless at anything practical as is dp)or if it doesn't screw in easily does that mean it is broken? Thank you!!!

somewhathorrified Mon 09-Nov-09 12:07:20

It's normally a bolt with a plastic washer that you attatch the seat with. What does the other side look like? It is possible it's broken or sheared off. take the seat off completely and compare the holes.

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