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Dirty covers - help please

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lionmummy Fri 06-Nov-09 13:56:58

My sofa bed cover has definitely seen better days, is very grubby but too big to go in the washing machine. My plan was to take it to the launderette but having plenty of student experiences of washing coming out a bit grey, my plan was to soak it in the bath to give it a head start before taking it to the large launderette machines. Any ideas as to what would be good to soak it in. It's cream (or was originally!) & cotton. thank you!

Seededbiatch Fri 06-Nov-09 14:03:15

My sofa is cream and cotton and actually came out beautifully without pre-soaking. Just on at 40 degrees with some biological washing liquid, laundry bleach(ace) and I may have added some washing soda crystals but I can't remember.

You can buy pre-soaking sachets I think for white things from supermarkets and I've heard someone on here recommend adding napisan to washing to help boost detergent power, maybe try that?

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