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Can someone tell me what these symbols on my washing machine mean please!

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fruitstick Fri 06-Nov-09 10:38:05

We are in a rented house and there is no instruction manual for the washing machine.

There appear to be various different programmes at 40 degrees (none at 30 angry) but I can't work out the difference.

There are 2 symbols, one that looks like a conical flask and one that looks like a cloud. There are the same 2 symbols on the dryer setting.

And then there is one that says AA which I thought would be the economy one but it lasts for nearly 3 hours shock


nancy75 Fri 06-Nov-09 10:44:10

what make is the washing machine?

fruitstick Fri 06-Nov-09 10:48:35

it's a Howdens I thik

shallishanti Fri 06-Nov-09 10:56:17

the conical symbol might mean synthetic fibres?
on ours A is the longest, hottest cycle.
maybe the cloud is a cotton thingy?

squashedfrogs Fri 06-Nov-09 10:58:56

Can you google the make and model number? A lot of the manuals can be found online these days.

fruitstick Fri 06-Nov-09 11:04:33

I tried googling but nothing comes up.

You can buy one for £7.50 though!

MrsBadger Fri 06-Nov-09 11:07:04

the conical flask one is for synthetics ie will be 'gentler' and have a lower spin speed and a lower dryer temp.

the cloud is meant to be a cotton boll and will have a faster spin speed and a higher drying temp.

Remember the drying function of washer/dryers is notoriously shit though - you are better off using a clothes horse by the radiator. And even if you do use it never try and dry more than half a washload at a time.

The AA programme is the economy/ energy efficient one, but this is most likely because it uses cold water and/or a v low drying temp, so needs to run for longer to get the same amount of cleaning/drying done, iyswim - our dishwasher has similar.

fruitstick Fri 06-Nov-09 17:09:45

That makes perfect sense.

Thank you Badger

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