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How do you store toddler jigsaw puzzles esp peg/tray type

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kissyfurschaos Thu 05-Nov-09 21:22:22

DS's puzzles are quickly becomming the bane of my life. I tried storing them in a wicker basket within the toy box but the pieces still end up everywhere.
Apart from rehoming them in --the bin-- or charity shop or losing it with DS does anyone have any handy hints or tips please.
Many thanks in advance...

maddylou Thu 05-Nov-09 21:26:47

After someone emptied all ours out of boxes and muddled them up I resorted to giving each puzzle a number and writing on the back of each piece!!!!
How about those plastic zip up wallets stored out of reach?

TabithaTwitchet Thu 05-Nov-09 21:31:10

I'm planning on storing jigsaws in small tupperware boxes - I just today got a big, cheap job-lot at a pound shop .
For ones that have lift out pieces, the pieces are going to go in the tupperware box, and the board stored seperately, empty.

When I have time, I'm planning to take a photo of the completed jigsaws and stick it onto the lid of each box.

(At the moment the jigsaws are all scattered over the floor because DD has suddenly become jigsaw mad, and was playing with them all evening I should be packing them all in their new boxes now, but obviously am on Mumsnet instead blush

posey Thu 05-Nov-09 21:34:40

I work in a nursery and we keep open puzzles in zip top bags. And normal puzzles in boxes have a colour or number or letter or something on the back of each piece, so when they inevitably get mixed they are easier to sort.

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