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White spirits in my wash ....Help!

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katsh Thu 05-Nov-09 19:28:17

Somehow (long story) something dipped in white spirits has gone through my wash, and consequently all items in the wash stink of white spirit as does the machine.
I've run an empty wash with some powder but ,as I had thought might be the case, it has made no difference. How do I get rid of the smell in the machine, and how should I re-wash the clothes to clean them up? All help v. gratefully received .

fizzpops Thu 05-Nov-09 19:50:02

This is so strange because I was going to post the same thing a couple of days ago.

In the end I googled and found suggestions to use either vodka or white vinegar.

Haven't tried yet but am going to soak in white vinegar in the bath and then wash as normal. Have used WV as a fabric softener before so know there is no residual smell.

To try and tackle the washing machine I washed a load of dustsheets on hot with LOADS of powder and fabric conditioner. I may try it with WV in the fabric softener drawer.

Will let you know how it turns out...

katsh Fri 06-Nov-09 08:28:43

Thanks - I googled a bit too last night, and tried the vinegar in the machine, and hung all the clothes out undercover last night. My dd's school rugby kit which had to go back to school today was smell free this morning, and the smell in the machine is fading! I think it's probably a matter of time and it will all evaporate and the smell will go. Good luck with yours !

fizzpops Fri 06-Nov-09 12:25:35

Mine seems better too. Soaked for half an hour and then washed (DH couldn't wait all night!). Just smells strongly of detergent... perhaps I overdid the detergent so we will wash again and maybe hang on the line.

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