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MN is amazing

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StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 15:52:33

SO far recently MN has
- fixed my tumble drier
- fixed my dishwasher
- told me why my washing machine wasn't using the fabric conditioner section
- told me how to get mucky marks that wouldn't shift for scrubbing off my shower tray
- got permanent marker off a varnished wood table (still amazed at that one)
that's just what I can remember for now
Thank you!

caughtintheact Thu 05-Nov-09 15:57:38

ooh where's the shower tray one?

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 15:59:29

not sure sorry but it involved making a paste with bio washing powder and water, scrubbing with that, leaving for a while then rinsing really well. I used it all over the shower I was so impressed - it worked on the tray, obviously, and got water marks off the glass door.
Wow, I'm exciting myself into doing it again! Tomorrow...

caughtintheact Thu 05-Nov-09 16:00:47

lol! ta

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 16:09:16

i used a scourer btw - careful of the shiney bits

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