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Wednesday Fly - anti procrastination day

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TeaMonster Wed 04-Nov-09 03:45:42

Morning all

Ruby I am being needy, the pain is much worse at night [sob], I forgot how much it hurts if you lay on it nad move, plus I cant have any more pain killers yet. I am OK though - still happy. I would much rather be here at home in pain than roming the hospital like last time.


Christmas Mission

Simply Wed 04-Nov-09 08:21:50

Good morning all. Thanks for the thread TM. I hope the pain and discomfort ease soon.

I'm off to get showered and dressed. Back later!

Jas Wed 04-Nov-09 10:34:45


Thanks for the thread TM I hope you got back to sleep.

DS is at nursery all day today, and I am planning on a quick 15 min room rescue in each room, then attempt to paint my bedroom ceiling today.

I also need to make a veg curry for tonights tea.

Will reward myself with another visit here for lunch. See you then!

Ludaloo Wed 04-Nov-09 10:46:30

Morning Teamonster Thanks for the thread smile

Hi simply and jas smile (simply...not forgotten about you...we will have to arrange a meet up..will email u xx)

Weel seeing as today is ANTI procrastination day I'm not doing very well!

So far I have...

~Eaten a big bowl of shreddies

~Chatted to friend who phoned to say keep fit is cancelled this morning...but we can't even go for a walk as its peeing down!

~Watched all the birds on the feeder...which is absolutely teeming with them...despite the rain! Even glimpsed a Great Spotted Woodpecker!

~Facebooked, Twittered, Listened to the Coral on Youtube, and MNetted

~Umm....stroked the cat for quite a long time indeed!

So as you can see I need to flick the cat off my knee and do something constructive!! grin

Ludaloo Wed 04-Nov-09 10:58:34


Still not moved...but just had to show you this...

For cat lovers everywhere!

My cat does this!!


Ludaloo Wed 04-Nov-09 10:59:43

(well, the bit where it won't come in once it's made a huge fuss about comming in anyway!!)

Simply Wed 04-Nov-09 11:14:26

Luda Thanks to you I have a 20kg dog sitting on my lap! v hard 2type" i got her up to see the u tube and now she is comfy! thanks a bunch!!! v funny clips, though smile

galen Wed 04-Nov-09 13:22:08

Quick hello all

TM glad you are still feeling happy, hoping pain eases very soon for you

Still on dodgy internet connection so will be brief....(though new mobile dongle arriving this evening yay!)

Not doing too bad

Extremely tired for some reason though LOL

Have been attempting to make sock monkeys forChristmas pressies.... first attempt not too bad for a non sewer LOL

Off to spend 20 mins on second one ....

Lots to do really but am avoiding!

hopefully bbl with proper internet!

Ludaloo Wed 04-Nov-09 13:57:21

TM How are you feeling? Sorry...I completely skimmed your first thread. It is awful at night..things seem sooo much worse and the hours seem to go so slowly don't they.
I was sterilised just before last xmas and the pain from that tiny operation was enough!
Hope it eases before too long xx

I have managed to do some bits.
~Put clothes away
~Washed up
~Tidied kitchen up

Have been sat watching the birds though mostly...some of the House Sparrows are poorly. There is a disease that birds (mainly finches but other garden birds catch it)which is caused by a parasite, and develops quickly in the Autumn/Winter time. I'm going to have to get all my feeders in once they empty and give them a good clean.
Poor things sad

wendyhappysmile Wed 04-Nov-09 14:02:35

hey all*
hope pain is easing a little and tonight is a better night's sleep.
Luda can't remember the last time I sat and stroked our cats, mindlessly, iykwim - I am always too busy blush and sad
DS's birthday today grin He loved his presents
potato gratin for tomorrow's tea
For birthday tea:
cake baked and iced
homemade potato wedges prepped
bread rolls made ready to bake
pizza (frozen blush) on pizza stone ready
For party on Saturday:
party bags finished - yay
mini mushroom quiches
made a shopping list for party
tidied up a bit
I am shattered
Pampered Chef party at a friend's last night was nice. I was chauffeur to two best friends who both live out of the way (whereas I lived 2 mins walk away from party!) so they could drink - it feels good to be nice to people!
Feeling very overweight though - this party season is doing my figure no good - put on 4 lbs!
DD in bed but not sleeping - was hoping for a power nap!

Ludaloo Wed 04-Nov-09 14:23:18


How old is he wendy?

I don't actually have much choice when it comes to cat soon as your bum hits the chair she's on your knee!

Can you belive I have found 32 odd socks shock
Gawd only knows where the other 32 are!! Surely they can't all be in the washing machine somewhere!!???

wendyhappysmile Wed 04-Nov-09 14:24:49

Thanks Luda - he is 5!

TeaMonster Wed 04-Nov-09 14:28:30

Afternoon all

I took more painkillers when I could and went back to bed. Havnt been up long.

MadDad is painting the hall, stairs and landing!!

Tis pouring down, so no park for the boys. May bake cakes with them

Have just attempted to sew, but right side not up to the stretch yet.

Ludaloo Wed 04-Nov-09 14:38:36

Awww 5 is a great age smile

Take it easy Mad [hugs]

TeaMonster Wed 04-Nov-09 14:48:30

Happy Birthday to DS Wendy Hopefully he will grow out of his testoterone stage!!

What did you get him??

RubysReturn Wed 04-Nov-09 18:27:35

Hi all
am thinking very positive and healing vibes to you monster. You are fully entitled to be needy and you get every bit of this weeks sympathy quota.

The holiday saga goes from bad to worse. We decided to swallow extra £700 to make change - they are now quoting an extra £1300 shock. On a holiday that cost £1500 total. As I said it was our error that got the wrong dates, but I can only think they are now profiteering.sad.

Looks like I'll be coming home early, I just hope DH can manage without me. Not that he is useless, but I would not want to be on hols without him either.

I cannot work out if I am being selfish or selfless. Even if we cancel whole thing, we lose £700. I bitterly regret booking the damn thing.

scattyspice Wed 04-Nov-09 19:01:48

shock Ruby what a nightmare!
Hi galen - sock puppets sound nice smile.
smile luda - I love a cat (Dh allergic) still I have dd who also climbs on my lap the second my bum hits the seat smile.
Happy birthday Wendy DS smile. 5 def easier than 4 IMHO.
Hi Tea, glad you're feeling better.

Busy day. Peter Beardsley came into work (to visit a patient on the ward who used to be a footballer), he was lovely and spent ages chatting to all the patients and having photos with them etc. What a nice man.
Then i had a swine flu jab in 1 arm and normal flu jab in the other!
DD had a school trip.
Took dd to GP for MMR booster but nurse off sick so rearranged.
Friend took ds to beavers bowling night. I have just picked him up.

Need to wash up/make sandwiches/find uniforms.

BB tomorrow.

RubysReturn Wed 04-Nov-09 19:26:20

Have requested yet another change of dates from company. I dread what cost they might come back with this time. It seems they just double any quote 10 minutes after they offer it.

I will never book another holiday again. Back to camping for us

RubysReturn Wed 04-Nov-09 19:27:17

sounds like a lively day for you!

Am due to have flu jab this week - do you know if I can have it at the same time as having chest infection?

wendyhappysmile Wed 04-Nov-09 19:40:46

Ruby holiday nightmare. Sorry to hear it is getting worse!
mad We got DS a camera - he loves it, one of those VTech ones, a new model with a good spec; and a new Leapster as DD is always pinching his. DD 'bought' him a brilliant remote control motorbike which he loves too!
Had a good day, busy in the house. Picked DS up, both sets of grandparents came, and SIL, then DH came home and we sang and had cake. Party is Saturday (which I keep going on about! LOL)
Peter Beardlsey sounds lovely, Scatty
DH went to see the family friend in the cancer hospice yesterday, he is still on a downer. In a strange way it has put me on an upper (not a word, but it seemed appropriate!) instead. She is deteriorating fast apparently.
Today I also spoke to my friend who lost the baby last week. She is a wreck sad as you would think. So I am feeling thankful for my lot in life.
See you all later.

Simply Wed 04-Nov-09 20:09:26

Good evening everyone. smile Ooops. I seem to need to re-type everything! Obviously a (small) glass and a half of red wine ruins my touch typing ability!

Ruby Sorry to hear about the difficulties with the holiday booking.

Tea I hope your afternoon and evening (so far) has been pain free or as close as poss.

Done list:-
~ cleared the ironing pile
~ watched about 4 How Clean...? K and A programmes whilst ironing
~ did the recycling
~ swept up leaves from a neighbour's driveway and added them to my composter
~ did some paperwork
~ bought a new shredder. I'm going to be really good with this one and not jam it up!
~ did food shopping
~ posted b/d card to ex-neighbour

All I need to do tonight is to walk the dog around the village so I think I'll put the d/w on and then do that. I don't think it is pouring with rain atm. When Luda gets fed up with the rain, she sends it to me, don't you know! I wonder how far apart we live as the crow flies, Luda. Perhaps I should get the atlas and work it out! It is about 40 mins by car, I guess.

Off to clear the table of tea things. See you tomorrow!

wendyhappysmile Thu 05-Nov-09 10:01:45


FlappyGrouchybatOscar Thu 05-Nov-09 18:37:54

Cheers for the thread Tea Hope your post op pain is fading fast

Wolf I'll check my diary for 18/11 smile Oh the holiday, I was refering to the town, not the hotel itself which was fine and dandy.

Ruby Awful re the holiday sad

Hello to EHM and Wendy and starbear and simply and luda and, ooooh, *Everybody else

I'm approaching things more steadily and starting to feel a lot better for it. I'm a lot more relaxed too which makes a nice change I've done all my rotines and I'm finally getting ontop of the washing cycles (at last)

Batboy is flaking out on the sofa. Beavers was canceled tonight and I think he needs an early night

Love to all

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