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Anyone used a compact tumble dryer?

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mummalish Tue 03-Nov-09 10:24:42

We dont really have the space for a tumble dryer, and I have used washer/dryers before, so dont want one of those.

I have noticed on amazon that they sell a compact table top dryer, so was just wandering if anyone had used one and if it is useful?

I do a load of washing every day, and just need some help with it drying.

kcartyparty Tue 03-Nov-09 21:31:43

Had never seen one of these before. Googled it just now. How cute is that grin

Am not sure if any good. I have a compact one, not table top, and I love it.

The energy rating is a bit high on the tt one, so I would use it for emergencies only!!

ladylush Fri 06-Nov-09 17:46:11

Yes, we have a compact table top one. We bought it when we lived in a flat with a small kitchen but lots of cupboards in the hallway - so stored it in there. It was great when we had to dry baby clothes in the winter. Have just started using it again now that I have another baby. It probably does cost more to run but it works perfectly well and I don't want to buy a full size one til this one conks out.

wonderingwondering Fri 06-Nov-09 17:51:56

I had one in my flat - my sis in law now has it and it is still going after 15 years! It was handy, but you need to split a full washing machine load into two dryer loads. Was much better than having stuff hanging around the house.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 07-Nov-09 00:26:29

we have a white knight 372w

is fab - think was £115

LyraSilvertongue Sat 07-Nov-09 00:35:39

I have a White Knight compact. It takes about three quarters of a full wash load at a stretch.

ladylush Sat 07-Nov-09 13:36:02

Mind, you half of our clothes can't be tumble dried anyway so works out ok.

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