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weekend FLY - family time

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Wolfcub Sat 31-Oct-09 08:18:48

morning all

thank god it's the weekend.

Back with links in a mo

Wolfcub Sat 31-Oct-09 08:24:08

xmas fly

today's reminders

to do
go to optician to make appts for me and dp
try to do some more making of wedding invitations
house needs something doing to it as it is a mess
take ds to early learning to spend some money he got for his birthday
online banking
meal plan for the month
mother's for halloween tea

EHM Sat 31-Oct-09 10:10:37

Happy Halloweensmile

wolf Thanks for thread. Have good day.x

Wolfcub Sat 31-Oct-09 10:12:29

happy halloween ehm it's good to see you.

bed made
dressing table wiped

TeaMonster Sat 31-Oct-09 11:27:26

I am busy making a list and checking it twice BBL

wendyhappysmile Sat 31-Oct-09 13:54:23

Hey girls
Quiet today on here - hope all are well.
Happy Hallowe'en. We are off to a goth wedding reception tonight!!!
Had a good time at my girls' night out last night. I bought something new to wear ... OMG, can't believe I'm saying this! A black jumpsuit! Must say, it looked great! Off the shoulder on one side, other side with sparkly bits on it. Very flash.
Bought some other new clothes yesterday too, about time the wardrobe had an update - all from Asda though, so I got 6 items for the price of about one really LOL
Well, been to a Xmas concert rehearsal with DC's music class this morning, then local castle for a runaround, and they had crafts there so did some sticking too.
DH is doing the pumpkin atm.
Probably see you all tomorrow - looking forward to a bit of a rest at some point in my life! This week is manic - getting ready for DS's birthday, his party, then two other nights out this week too ... and Bonfire ... Phew!

wendyhappysmile Sat 31-Oct-09 13:55:24

Tea I have emailed you - will you get back to me!?

EHM Sat 31-Oct-09 14:23:42

Tea how long you in hospital for this time?

wendy sorry to read dh's friend terrible news-really puts things into perspective! You both must have been deeply saddened by this. You go girl in your cat suitenvy. Have fun tonight at the goth wedding reception. Its my parents wedding anniversary today toosmile
We are staying in a 2 bed terraced. Its about 10-15 years old well maintained & very comfortable. Thanks for asking.

ruby hope you got holiday sorted & sorry that you also received sad news.

wolf are they your wedding invites?

sorry I've forgotten everything else-memory span of gold fishblush

Off to get Ellie all witched up-she has been asking to go Trick or Treating since 630am this morninggrin

Wolfcub Sat 31-Oct-09 16:06:39

dp just reset the broadband hub and killed my post - arsehole

tea you need to set up your own flylady style site -

ehm yes they are my invites - scary bears!

opticians - made appt
menu plan
bed made
fridge emptied of crap
shopping done
shopping unpacked

just off to make rachel allen's spotted dog for brekkie tomorrow

EHM Sat 31-Oct-09 18:48:31

we've had losts of T & T so far-which Ellie is loving. Sadly none of our neighbours answered their doors when we tool Ellie aroundsad
So we drove across to our old house & there was only 1 house in. So DH off to collect pizza with Ellie. May take her around the corner if she wants to when theyget back

TeaMonster Sat 31-Oct-09 21:36:13

Evening all

EHM I am not staying in the hospital under any but the most dire circumstances after the horror that was last time. The consultant has agreed that he will do the op under a local (maybe sedation), so that I allowed out and he will revriew me at Guisb
I know that it is not the best option, but i
t is all I can manage right now and I have to have the extra breast tissue removed.

So DH will look after me at home.

wendy You go girl, catsuit and all


Wolf I like things as they are at the moment I think, just wish we had a little more money, but then doesnt evey one.

I have been sewing again hearts for the mini;s

Wolfcub Sun 01-Nov-09 08:46:20

morning all

not a good morning so far. DS has pooed on everything (slight exaggeration but not far off).

bed made
poo cleaned
ds showered and dressed again

Babieseverywhere Sun 01-Nov-09 09:04:17

Done nothing

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 01-Nov-09 09:52:14

Poor you wolfcub

Slept badly, got a cold and an upset tummy. So have done nothing too, but need to go out in a bit.

scattyspice Sun 01-Nov-09 10:37:44

Hi all smile.

Hello babieseverywhere and ohyoubadkitten smile.

Tea - good luck tomorrow.
wolf - good luck with all that poo!
EHM - very quiet on the trick or treat front here too.

Busy day yesterday lovely afternoon at the park and halloween party at neighbours smile.

Dh has taken DC to pictures. I have a list:

buy food and papers
laundry and ironing
ds homework
pack bookbags and find library books/PE kits
make pack lunches

Very wet and windy here! have a good day all.

Starbear Sun 01-Nov-09 10:39:29

Morning all Wolfcub Arrgh! must be the way your feeling. It does get better promise.
Thank for the thread and for the reminders quite useful.
TM Must read your blog later as I would like to make cloth hearts to put on presents this year using old buttons. (Ah! I bet thats jsut in my dreams!)
Only a quick pop-in to post a list very busy here today as I've done very little flying with work & Ds half term.

So today
load W/M
Fold dry clothes
get next load ready
Going to risks the cost of the dryer today raining cats & dogs here.
Clean two recycling bins
Make beds
take Ds to party Hope he'll stay on his own for a bit.
Shopping with trolley
Get Ds's stuff ready for school
Chicken & green veg rissotto for dinner
Breakfast apparently is ready must dash!
Thats the scores on the doors for today.

wendyhappysmile Sun 01-Nov-09 11:08:50

Morning all*
poor you, hope things improve
Star you are a busy bee today. We are tumble drying today too sad
scatty enjoy the day and DC free time!
EHM hope you found some trick or treaters. How is Ellie taking the move? My DS was very unsettled when we moved and his behaviour altered, he was just 3.

Well - goth wedding last night was great, so refreshing to see people getting married how they want to do it - and everyone having such fun! (I'm not a big wedding fan, btw. Sorry, wolf! Each to their own but personally they leave me cold!)
MIL was in talkative mood. Remember I said about DH's childhood friend having 3 weeks to live: well, the story is it's a neighbour of DH's parents. The street was like Ramsey Street when they were growing up, and MIL/FIL are best, very close friends with this family. So MIL looked after their children all the time. The friend is SIL's best friend from childhood - so she is devastated too. My MIL, bless her, doesn't do feelings (she has hugged me twice - on the birth of my second child, and when her mother died) and has never told DH she loves him, is proud of him etc etc. So to see her so visibly upset was awful. She doesn't cry, just you can tell she is upset because she has more compassion in her voice, ifyswim.
We are just up - children at my mum's!!! Better get cracking.
Sorry to put the day on a downer. I am trying to get a postive from it all and living life to the full. MIL said this to me last night - she told me to spend money, enjoy life, drink a lot and not waste my time on this earth!

RubysReturn Sun 01-Nov-09 12:05:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubysReturn Sun 01-Nov-09 12:11:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Simply Sun 01-Nov-09 12:54:19

Hello to all. Just a short post from me as I have a headache that won't shift. I'll give up and take some tablets in a bit if it is still there.

I hope you feel better soon Ruby.

Bye for now. Back later if I feel human!

scattyspice Sun 01-Nov-09 18:41:04

smile wendy - that wedding sounds fun. Mil speaks much sense I'd say.

sad Ruby and simply - hope you feel better soon.

buy food and papers
laundry and ironing
ds homework
pack bookbags and find library books/PE kits
make pack lunches

Had a windy trip to the park with Ds on his bike - boy did he fly LOL.

Wolfcub Sun 01-Nov-09 18:59:39

evening all

it has been a bad day. I have been ill, dp has been out, ds has been in one of his moods and the dishwasher has leaked all over the kitchen. My efforts to fix dishwasher has so far failed and repeat floodings have occurred.

tea will be sending many positive vibes your way tomorrow. Here's hoping for a successful result and a rapid recovery. hugs

wendyhappysmile Sun 01-Nov-09 19:13:36

Mad Thinking of you for tomorrow.
Had a mad mad day again - FIL has fitted a shelf in the kitchen but the second one was the wrong colour. Had yummy pumpkin soup for tea though and homemade bread rolls. Just making parsnip and butternut squash bake for tomorrow's tea. Determined to be more organised this week!
See you all tomorrow

TeaMonster Sun 01-Nov-09 20:09:33

Evening all

Ruby You have made me smile so much - thank you. What the surgeon said is the fact that he already removed 6.5 kg it was highly likly that there would be more to remove once they could see it better!!! I am hopeful that that he can made things more confotable. Then I will just see how things go before even contemplating a reconstruction.

Wendy, Wolf, Scatty a nd everyone else thank you for the hugs. I want to you know how speical you ladies all are to me. You are true friends and you keep me plodding on when times are tough.

I am not a super mum by any means, I have just rearranged my priorities a little and am much more patient that I ever was.

My list was:

Finnish stuffing and sewing the boys hearts - done

post a message in each of them - done

record a message on voice teddy

emergency contact list for the school - next job

pack hospital bag

charge ipod and load some new songs on - no new songs, but nevermind

tidy play room - done

menu plan and shopping list for 2 weeks - done

Set aside school lunch money and snack money

Do maximads homework with him - done

ironing and put away - nearly finnished

wash door mats and replace - done

change our bed - done

Bake cakes for trick or treat - done

Fill up snack tin with baked goodies - done but ate, need to do more

Write letters and post

pack 2 parcels and post

Sort boys school clothes out for the week

Set Sky+ to record the necessaries - done

Order some books for boys for Christmas

Trick or treating with the boys and MadDad - done

Take down all Halloween decorations - done

find small flask for park hot chocolate - doing

Get out manual with how to do everything for the boys (wrote before I went into hospital the last time), this covers everything from how to cook porridge correctly for maximad to which songs to sing when minimad is upset. Check and update if necessary. done

Change the calender to next week done

Write a "special" letter for MadDad - will do later

SO I am going to finnish the ironing and crack on!

Simply Sun 01-Nov-09 20:25:48

Good evening everyone.

Thanks scatty, my headache downgraded itself over time to a dull growl.

TM I take my hat off to you for your organisational skills and for the lovely things you've done for the boys and MadDad. Best wishes from me. smile

Wolfcub I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you.

wendy Your food sounds yummy!

EHM I owe you an e-mail, sorry!

Right. I've done lots today to make up for being away for a couple of days this week. The house doesn't look so bad now. I'm going to sit down with my glass of wine and watch the rest of the X factor. See you tomorrow!

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