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Help - Bath bomb staining

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slummymummy36 Fri 30-Oct-09 19:52:02

I am hoping someone here on MN will be able to help.

My daughter went to a Lush party earlier this week and came home with a bag of lovely smelling products.

Tonite she has had a bath using a yellow bath bomb (no idea what it was called except Christmas something, as the paper it was wrapped in has gone mushy in the bin). What I could read of the lable - there didnt seem to be any warnings about what it may do to the bath.

Anyway she got out the bath and left a yellow tide mark all the way around. She rinsed around the bath using the shower head (well trained lol) but it removed nothing.

I had ago with a few flash wipes and still the bright yellow tide mark remained.

I have also just filled the bath up with a strong bleach solution and put in some serious elbow grease with an old flannel. The yellow has faded slightly but oh so obviously still there!!

HELP!!!! Is this normal for Lush products??? This is the first time any of us have used them. How can I get my enamel bath back to white????

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