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Tumble Dryer

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Benjy Wed 28-Oct-09 08:31:09

I'm moving house soon and have two small children so I want to buy a vented tumble dryer at last. At the moment I have a washer dryer which I've stopped using because it never gets the clothes dry. The only space in the kitchen is opposite the external wall. Would I be able to keep the dryer there but move it across the kitchen when I want to use it so I can put the tube out of the window? It's a bit of a silly question but I've never had a separate dryer before and have no idea how easy or not it would be to move the dryer.

SweetApril Wed 28-Oct-09 15:24:51

What about something like this? It's what sprang to mind when I read your post but I've never tried one and I'm not sure whether it would raise the dryer too high to fit under a worktop. I'm sure if you had a quick google you might find more info. Are you absolutely sure you can't move things around in the kitchen and get the drier on an outside wall? On a long term basis I'm thinking it might drive you potty having to keep moving it and sticking the tube out of the window even if it was on wheels. We rearranged our entire kitchen to get the drier on an outside wall. It was a pain in the bum but I'm really glad we did now.

BloodRedTulips Wed 28-Oct-09 15:29:30

get a condenser dryer, way better imo.

you can put them anywhere that has a plug.... ours is in the playroom as there's no room in the utility room off the kitchen

nightmareteamgirl Wed 28-Oct-09 23:46:31

Why vented if it isnt ideally located?

A condensor makes so much more sense. I am just ordering this one Beko fab reviews and very cheap

But in answer to your question they are fairly light, but most appliances dont like being moved

runnyhabbit Fri 30-Oct-09 08:50:18

I've had both, and believe me a condenser drier is the way to go.

A vented drier is generally smaller and lighter (therefore easier to manoevre) but your going to have to think about where the vent hose will go (out of window, door etc) plus the vent hose always came off the door with ours.

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