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FLYing through that Monday Feeling.....

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galen Mon 26-Oct-09 07:33:26

Morning all.....

Links etc to follow....

galen Mon 26-Oct-09 07:45:13

In the Living Room this week for those of you organised enough to keep up with the zones...(unlike me LOL)


Christmas/holiday missions for the super organised!!


galen Mon 26-Oct-09 07:49:37

well a very early start here today (dratted hour LOL)

But have had coffee and am hoping to motivate myself into action any minute LOL!!

To Do today:

Laundry - lots!
Am going to attempt to read Chritmas missions and make Christmas control journal LOL
Sort out Halloween costumes
Make some Halloween arty crafty things (may be stalking TMs blog for some ideas LOL)
Littlies to cheap cinema this morning

Also going to try to do little bit on new business idea each day so today:
Some alterations to website
Finish letter to nurseries and find addresses for first 10

OK well spose I ought to get started as I am still in PJs and kitchen is a mess LOL...

BBL grin

galen Mon 26-Oct-09 08:05:40

right...really must get off the internet and do something LoL

Have been reflecting on parent review day here for anyone wanting a laugh!!grin

TeaMonster Mon 26-Oct-09 08:34:59

Morning galen I am here and have been up since 5 with a coughing DS1 and now I have two very ratty boys.

DS1 is whingey and tired and all I seem to be doing is referring this morning


To get us all dressed
scooter to the library

so not much fly wise

scattyspice Mon 26-Oct-09 08:39:23

LOLOLOL galen you're blog is great grin. Poor you though, I do sympathise. Everyone must think you're fantastic! (and such cute kids too).

I am waiting to see whether DS will be well enough to go to friends, he says he is, DD is desperate to go (but can't really go unless he does) but he is coughing alot. I'm waiting to see whether he can eat his breakfst (usually a good indicator).


Jas Mon 26-Oct-09 09:08:55

Galen - Love the blog.....made me smile.
Please tell me more abut this business venture I keep seeing mentioned - I'm intrigued.

Good morning TM and Scatty I hpe the day improves for both of you.

I've got a friend and her children coming over today, But I need to g shopping, s will have t get all of them together and out of the house fairly smart.

I will try and get the girls to do their rooms before extra children arrive, too.


scattyspice Mon 26-Oct-09 09:36:48

Hope you get your shopping done jas.

DS has rallied so have quickly cleaned mud off trainers and will take them to friends soon smile.

To do (in childfree 4 hrs):
wrap and stass christmas presents (currently stuffed under bed in a bin bag)
house bleugh
tel gp to rearrange dds jabs


FlappyGrouchybatOscar Mon 26-Oct-09 10:04:29

Cheers for the thread Galen*

to All

DH is on his way home, I've missed him and Ed has too blush


Up and meds
Make the bed
Take down drying washing
Load TD and run (x2)
Empty DW and put away

And I've packed for me and Ed for the suprise trip tomorrow. Hope it works out cos Ed is coughing and saying he has a 'poorly everything' Ho-hum

wendyhappysmile Mon 26-Oct-09 10:10:17

galen blog made me smile this morning!
scatty hope you have a good day - childfree - and DS is ok all day
TM just chill! Don't be too optimistic about what you will achieve, and you'll have a good day, I hope. Hope DS's cough is better
Well I am slowly clearing up after DH's party. Everyone left about 10 o clock last night - it was a fab party! Nine children rampaging across the house whilst all adults merrily getting sloshed and ignoring = very trashed house LOL. DC are enjoying playing with the toys that are out, though, which makes a change. I have come to the conclusion children like a messy house - well, my two never seem to think to pull all their toys out, as they are scared of the reaction from me, probably! But when it is all out, they love it!
White choc cheesecake was LUSH! Recipe here

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 26-Oct-09 12:04:54

Good morning all. Thanks for the thread galen. smile

TM A new Lakeland catalogue arrived in the post today and I'm going to be visiting one of their stores tomorrow. Perhaps I should give ds my credit and debit cards for "safekeeping" whilst I'm in the store.

go Very halloweenish! smile

I still have plenty to do so I must pull my finger out.

~ decide on the material for the curtains
~ take kids to the dentist
~ visit to cafe as a treat for ds, dd and I
~ dropped some info off for someone
~ did some food shopping
~ bought some more magnets for the noticeboard. They are plain but dd and I might customise them for fun sometime.

To do:-
~ take charity shop bag to town
~ ring Lakeland
~ return mail order stuff
~ more paperwork
~ measure up the window and get it whilst the sale is on (it ends this w/e apparently)
~ ironing

RubysReturn Mon 26-Oct-09 12:58:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FlappyGrouchybatOscar Mon 26-Oct-09 14:00:10

Hello again

Ed had a 2nd wind so I took him to a local cafe/bar for brunch. Just as we were going 2 of his school friends popped in with their mum and they all had a great time.

DH is home and groggy hmm Well we don't need lunch after the 2nd brekkie

See you Later

galen Mon 26-Oct-09 14:04:48

grrrrr Dh has dropped mylaptopand broken myspacebarkey grrrrrr[grr]

scattyspice Mon 26-Oct-09 16:20:34

Sounds like a nice day grouchy smile.

LOL galen.

To do (in childfree 4 hrs):
shops - done
wrap and stash christmas presents (currently stuffed under bed in a bin bag) - whom I kidding!
house bleugh - 1/2 done
tel gp to rearrange dds jabs - done

Now whats for tea hmm.

wendyhappysmile Mon 26-Oct-09 18:31:23

Hi all
Back from Ikea Hell. angry Always makes me feel cross and bothered! Children were fairly good but flagged by the end!
Feeling shattered after party over indulgence. Now thinking about the next one in 12 days' time!!! DS is 5 so it's 16 little ones, followed by an adult and children party ... I'm a glutton for punishment, it seems!
I love parties grin

We sold two cabinets on ebay last night for £53 so very pleased!

Anyone in a book group, or ever been in one, help me out over here please Advice for setting up a book group thread

galen Mon 26-Oct-09 18:40:46

ok.... space bar kind of fixed but wobly!

Feeling incredibly exhausted though for some reason...

DH has decided topaint hall???!!!?? in midst ofhalf term chaos... just what I need LOL

Have done:
cinema with girls
some (but not enough) laundry
painted halloween pumpkins (inspired by tm great blog thanks!)
Started a blog here... once again inspired by TM herself - the master of creativity LOL
*Thought about* Christmas and how wonderful it would be to have a control journal ....
forgot to go shopping - que emergency dash to shop by grumpy DH for milk for even grumpier DS2...hmm

To do still:
work on website
more laundry
plan craft activities for rest of week...
EARLY NIGHT to hopefully wake up without grumpy mood!

may BBL ....grin

galen Mon 26-Oct-09 18:42:48

wendy Xposts... Hi, did you get anything nice at ikea....(to at least make it worth the ordeal!) yay for ebay!

Jas Mon 26-Oct-09 18:54:50

Just wanted to pop in and say I've never done a rl book group Wendy but am just about to restart the online one I'm in on here. It'll be our 3rd year and very succesful so far. We will have a couple of spaces if you (or anyone else) is interestedsmile

wendyhappysmile Mon 26-Oct-09 19:19:29

Thanks Jas! How does it work?
Ikea, just some wardrobe door handles, and the ubiquitous baskets I always buy from there, and bits and pieces! Fed up of having no wardrobe door handles!

galen Mon 26-Oct-09 19:28:20

Oh jas I would be interested in a OL bookclub! I so want to get back into reading... but need some motivation to get to the end of abookthese days sad is that? I used to devour books! I'd also love to know how the bookclub works exactly !

galen Mon 26-Oct-09 19:29:22

hmm obvioulsy stil having some space bar issues... sorry LOL grin

wendyhappysmile Mon 26-Oct-09 19:52:01

Wardrobe handles fitted! grin The things which make me happy!

TeaMonster Mon 26-Oct-09 20:18:42

Evening All

Wendy Ikea ranks with Hobbycraft as the seventh circle of hell grin, but worth it I suppose for the handles.

galen love the blog and the decorations, wonderful.

Groucy enjoy the lights and wrap up warm. I remember being so so cold as a child, infact that is my most vivid memory of blackpool.

*Waves to Jas*

I hope you enjoyed your child free hours, what pressies have you bought.

Ruby pmsl at little splashers. DS1 has been promoted at swimming so now it is a 5 oclock lesson, makes life hard when it comes to dinners

Simply did you sort your curtains.

Well mixed bag of a day here, library, scoot, bit of painting, reading, breaking up fights, more scooting, early baths and madagascar 2.

I have also started on some more sewing, but ran out of ribbon, so just ordered some more!!

Just a question for you all - I have made quite a few t-cup and saucer candles (jasmine sented) and think I have over done the number, but have found it really relaxing to make them and was thinking of selling some via the blog, but need advise regarding price. I have seen them on etsy and the likes for £15 which seems over the top, but taking in to account materials and packaging was thinking about £9.00 for one or £16 for a pair. I also have some with plates too. What do you think, would anyone buy them?????????????????????

Wolfcub Mon 26-Oct-09 20:27:13

evening all


bed made (twice as dp and ds unmade it)
lots of washing put away
wm unloaded
quick tidy of living room and kitchen
ds taken to granny's
parcel's wrapped in car at train station
post office at lunchtime
picked ds up
made pancake lasagne with the italiany lamb mince I made yesterday
kitchen surfaces and hob cleaned
dry dishes put away
washing up done

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