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Help! how to clean mold off a buggy

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abdnhiker Sun 25-Oct-09 16:28:31

I'm hoping someone can help me salvage the mess my DH has made of our mountain buggy (left a banana peel on the visor and then left it wet with the raincover on in the garage for a week).

We've small black pinpoints of mold all over it. I've tried washing it in the bath but the mold's not shifting and the cover has too many integral parts to fit in the washing machine. Any ideas for what I can use to kill the mold? Milton would strip the colour out i expect and I'm also worried about using harsh chemicals on something that my 16 month old DS2 sleeps on.

It's just been one of those weekends...

malfoy Sun 25-Oct-09 16:31:58

I used Dettol Mould & Mildew Remover Trigger and my P&T that I had left in the shed.

abdnhiker Sun 25-Oct-09 17:23:44

how did the fabric hold up to that? Did it strip any colour? Thanks so much for replying!

malfoy Wed 28-Oct-09 02:39:57

the fabric was fine but the Dettol did smell strongly of bleach/chemicals so I had to do it outside and air the buggy for a while.

abdnhiker Thu 29-Oct-09 21:21:40

we've done this and the buggy seems much less horrible! The mold spots didn't disappear but I'm sure they're at least dead and not growing. Thanks for your help!

JustChancesAndChoices Thu 29-Oct-09 21:30:19

My MB went mouldy too as we have to park it outside in a plastic shed & it was fine until we got all that snow.

Anyway, i completely stripped it & put it in the washing machine which didnt do a great deal, but it did kill the spores. Think I will try the dettol spray as like you I was worried about it fading the fabric.

(also ebay often has spare covers up for sale)

MERLYPUSS Thu 29-Oct-09 22:02:34

Someone I know that sell used buggies uses 'Astonish mould remover' or somehting like that spray. It's in a royal blue trigger bottle with a yellow lable on the front I think. Wilkinsons sell it.

abdnhiker Mon 02-Nov-09 07:50:49

we've washed it with mold killer (it has internal framing so can't be machine washed) and are hoping it's killed the spores. The fabric came out fine too - fingers crossed.

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