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Give in and buy a new bed?

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Naetha Sat 24-Oct-09 20:46:52

Three years ago DH and I moved house and splashed out on a king size bed.

Problem is, it's borked. Its a metal bedstead that squeaks like mad at the best of times, but about 6 months ago the bolts holding the horizontal bits to the headboard both sheared off, and it's been held together with tie-wraps. I'd like to add as well that we're not that frisky in bed, so I don't think we could claim exceptional use.

DC2 is due in a month, and the bed makes so much racket whenever we get in and out / turn over / breathe heavily that I'm thinking of just giving in and getting a new bed.

I'd like a chunky wooden one with a decent sized headboard and footboard - should I just give in, even though it will cost the best part of £400? Anywhere I can get a decently made (if not assembled) wooden bed that isn't one of the big chains?

BPiggy Sun 25-Oct-09 17:04:15

Sorry to tell you this but we've got a superking size with a huge wooden frame. It squeaks like you wouldn't believe. My dp says it's because I sit up in bed leaning on the headboard playing my DS till all hours of the morning. I think he's implying I should be doing something else until all hours of the morning.hmm

Fizzylemonade Mon 26-Oct-09 22:45:19

We have a divan bed, we have had a metal bed and a wooden bed and every time we have had squeaks and noises.

A divan is fantastic.

Give in and buy a new one.

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