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House moving, storage, hints etc

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tiredandgrumpy Sat 24-Oct-09 12:53:57

Argh! Please can anyone help - I've not done this before and have a few questions.

Anyone know the best place to get removal boxes cheaply?

We're going to put stuff into storage before we move so that the house looks better for when we market it. Would removal boxes be adequate to use in storage (ie we don't need to use waterproof ones or anything like that, do we?).

Am totally new to this whole idea and dreading the idea of going through our years of junk.

Has anyone used a house-dressing service? Not sure whether this exists, but I could really do with someone to help me present the house as well as possible. Hints on pictures to put up, little touches to make a room more attractive etc.

Any other hints & tips would be greatly appreciated.

mummymoomy Sat 24-Oct-09 21:34:54

Hi, try your local supermarket - crisp boxes are lovely and big for lighter stuff and banana boxes are really strong and stackable - plus they have all the sizes in between. we're putting our stuff in storage and that's where i got my boxes from. Re: house-dressers - sounds expensive!! I just cleared the clutter and tried to make it look like the houses you see in magazines plus kept it clean and tidy (virtually impossible some days)and sent the dds off for a walk tith dh at viewing time. good luck. mm

MrBox Tue 03-Nov-09 11:14:33

Here is an article that may help you.

Where are the Boxes?

When moving properties most house movers either forget or leave until the last minute about the moving boxes & other packaging materials they will need. When they realise that they do not have these items it is a mad dash to a supermarket to see if they can grab some used, often not suitable boxes for the job in hand. What they find is that these establishments are no longer willing to give these items away due to waste laws in the retail and manufacturing trades. It’s all about the environment these days.

Their next point of panic call is to your big stationary stores where they can get, at an extortionate price, some of the items they need. So where next and why all this fuss just over a cardboard box? Yes it is just a cardboard box but your possessions that you encase within them are more precious and often more expensive and harder to replace. So choosing not only the right box for the job but also the right company to supply them is paramount.

The internet is a fantastic source of information and products. For moving boxes and packaging materials you be surprised to find that there are plenty of companies out there offering the goods that you require but shop with caution. Many of these companies are just merchants (buy and sell) who buy in bulk from the manufacturers and after adding their mark up, they then sell the goods to you at the heightened price. Plenty of promises of next day delivery are made and many do not offer on their websites a postal address to contact or even answer the phone when called.

A tip to help is to look for the manufacturer, they are out there. One such company is who are part of Kenross Containers Ltd, a manufacturer of not only the moving boxes but also the cardboard from which they are made. They have been manufacturers in the trade for 40years and are a family run company who understand the needs of the purchaser. Boxes2move do not trade on false promises or on second hand lesser products. They offer moving boxes and packaging materials made for the purpose of moving home and they will not charge you the earth for purchasing their products.They use a reputable courier service who have a very high percentage of next working day delivery success unlike some. Boxes2move not only offer next working day delivery but they also offer it completely Free if your order is £35 or more. If you call the telephone number during working hours you will always get an answer and you can speak to a human being without an automated service to trawl through. When you speak to boxes2move, not only do they know their product well (because they manufacturer it) but they can also offer great advice and all products they send out are traceable so items getting lost are a thing of the past.

Another tip when choosing a company no matter what the product, is to type in their name in Google and see what comes up. More often than not you will find review links good and bad. When you do this with boxes2move what you will find is that they are a reputable company that does what they say on the tin.
Do not trust testimonials that are on the company’s actual site as these can and are often manipulated and produced by the company themselves.
So use this advice well and you will also be able to make an informed and the correct decision on where to purchase your boxes.

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