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Weekend Fly - family time

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Wolfcub Sat 24-Oct-09 09:40:04

morning all*

my table has seen similar ds related damage, it's amazing what they can do sometimes and not in a good way!

ds is very poorly today so there is no trip to the zoo. Boo! Might go next weekend if it's decent weather.

He is currentlt snuggled up on the sofa with me being snotty and sorry for himself.

dp has gone back to bed]

did the mission yesterday and whilst I was still awake for a few hours during the night I did at least manage to get back to sleep eventually.

Wolfcub Sat 24-Oct-09 09:48:55

star hope your tum feels better
swan enjoy half term
wendy & galen hope the wine was good
scatty hope you got a better nights sleep
ruby yay for being paid - sometimes its like a sieve, you pour it in and it falls straight back out
simply and tea hope you both had good days yesterday

Wolfcub Sat 24-Oct-09 09:54:52

family fun day

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Sat 24-Oct-09 10:23:53

Good morning all. Hello and thanks for the thread Wolfcub. smile

My brain has gone blank!

Done list:-
~ helped dh load car full of recycling stuff
~ d/w unloaded and reloaded
~ hoovered up my bits of cotton mess in the living room
~ put the dog's blankets in the w/m
~ emptied some bins
~ a couple of games of chess on the PC

To do:-
~ have just remembered that dh forgot to take the charity shop bag with him so I'll take it to town when/if I go in later.
~ maybe swimming. I'm not sure.
~ get showered and dressed
~ ring Lakeland
~ return mail order stuff
~ put the washing on the line once it starts to dry up
~ defrost something for tea
~ paperwork
~ decide on the material for the sitting room curtains and get it whilst the sale is on

That seems like plenty!

galen I liked Ruby's idea on the thread yest about visiting toddler/antenatal groups. Another suggestion:- Tie in with another business. i.e. if someone is selling, say, new baby hampers, talk to them and see if you can put in your leaflet and run a competition and make the prize a half hour free consultation? I don't know what your customer profile is, but I'm sure you do and then you can target the advertising accordingly. I think I'm waffling. I got to bed rather late. Sorry!

Back later!

Starbear Sat 24-Oct-09 11:54:25

Morning all
Wow Wolf bravo for using time so well. Hope you don't feel too tired now. Thank you my tum is better today. I'm going to ask DH for a nap later. I went out with nursery mums yesterday. Enjoyed talking politics, hate gossip. Drank too much wine while opt-out of the gossip. So didn't sleep well blush
Simply what a list and you've been swimming. I have a dilemma. Should I get up early on Saturdays to go swimming or the gym even though my tummy likes to stay at home for a 9.30am poo? (Too much information I know)grin But what do you all think!!!!!
I'll go with the majority smile
Back in a mo with a list.

Starbear Sat 24-Oct-09 12:22:31

Some wasted resources in the Starbear house hold this week!
Yesterday while cleaning out the fridge found my Fish cakes of Monday to eat Tuesday! I don't think DH would have cooked them without me around hmm must train him. I now have to go to the dump to get rid of food waste as forgot to put out on Tuesday night (not the top of my list when I came in at 1.30am from work!)
Then DH promised to bring in the washing on the line last night as I was going out. It was nearly dry, now its out there in the rain! Men!
Back in a mo with a list (I know I've said it before.

Starbear Sat 24-Oct-09 12:24:53

Okay list for today
Go to the dump
collect curtains
collect radio Yippe!
Food Shopping.
I want to something fun but productive today but I don't know what!
TM help!

RubysReturn Sat 24-Oct-09 12:28:24

Hi all
busy day of parties and projects!
Also fitted in a row with DH. All sorted now though. Friends dd is coming round as she is poorly.

Otherwise, am just getting into half term mode

Jas Sat 24-Oct-09 12:58:46

<<Jas pokes her head round the corner in an ashamed-to-have-abandoned-you-all- manner, and asks if she can come back, please?

wendyhappysmile Sat 24-Oct-09 15:38:56

hi Jas we have missed you, welcome back!
Star hope your list went well
Ruby I always seem to manage to fit in rows with DH too, in the midst of a silent one atm
Simply gosh you are busy
wolf poor ds, hope he's better soon
Getting ready for party tomorrow for DH
Well, my done list is:
read some book in bed (blissful)
made a choc birthday cake - need to decorate
biscuit base for cheesecake
choc chip cookies
general tidy up

To do
make coleslaw
make cards for DH birthday with DC
put bread rolls in bread machine
potato skins


grouchyoscar Sat 24-Oct-09 16:00:58

Grouchy stands behind Jas and hold her hand for support also wanting to know if she can come back as well

Jas Sat 24-Oct-09 16:08:18

grin Thanks Wendy

Have I been gone that long?? I didn't know you'd been abset without leave too Grouchywink
I think f you lots, as ds is still wearing all Eds jumpersgrin (Just not at the same time)

What have I missed?

grouchyoscar Sat 24-Oct-09 16:38:37

My laptop needed feeding and the power supply was on the blink sad Plus flying has been very minimal.

Boris has been having a field day sad My specialist nurse told me the low iron really causes problems as Boris thrive on it [poo! bum!] I've got blood tests next week to find out why it's happening and what can be done about it.

Madam insomnia was here last night. I need tons of rest as DH is going to the NFL game at Wembley tomorrow. It's just me and GOjr until Monday teatime. Then we're going to Blackpool on Tuesday grin

All I've done today is go to the taxi office to collect Ed's trackky top that he left in the cab after rugby training. That nearly knocked me out for the day blush Oh and I've been helping him with his PC stuff too

Pleased Ed's jumpers are coming in Jas He grows out of them so blinking fast they barely get worn here.

Right, must sleep, TTFN

TeaMonster Sat 24-Oct-09 17:01:33

Evening all

I am a pants flyer latley too, but I am here and reading and will get better I promise!!

Ludaloo Sat 24-Oct-09 17:28:36

Hi smile

Yey....Jas and GO hello [waves madly]

Been at work all day today....very wet and windy. Was feed the birds day so made bird feeders and led a guided walk! (got wet too sadbut hey ho!) Off for a nice bath now.

Ludaloo Sat 24-Oct-09 17:31:40

Talking of pants flyers...I just can't manage to work and fly sad I did decide last week that I MUST try harder in that department!
These threads are a part of me! I remember I started flying way back in the days when I had tiny babies!! all mean an awful lot to me smile

Ludaloo Sat 24-Oct-09 17:32:16

Oh gosh...Ruby hello to you too! smile

Starbear Sat 24-Oct-09 18:09:05

Evening all
How old are your babies now? Think you are right I try so hard at work & flying there is no time for me to do the things I like. I think I've taken a wrong turning! I'm on the the Aggie or Athena Turner route. OCD about housework I don't think that's what flying is about.
TM You seem to have the balance sort of right. Love your sour dough halloween ornaments we might do the same sort of thing for Christmas.
grouchy You can come round & have some beef wellington tomorrow. That should help with the iron. I have a huge joint.
Jas Hello, I missed you. Just pop in and chat anytime. have you enjoyed your time off?
Wendy sounds like your going to have a fab party. Is it just for adults or kids too?
Go to the dump *C/f
collect curtains done
collect radiodone
Food Shopping done
Lunch!!!? Out as a treat from DH
Dinner will be beans on toast had a huge lunch
fun & productive will have to wait until tomorrowsad

galen Sat 24-Oct-09 20:00:12

quick hello all

Had a sort of bleugh day....

Have on going case of post-wine grumpiness...

Did manage to do some Halloween type crafty things with dc.... thats about all of any significance....

BB tomorrow hopefully in brighter mood grin

wendyhappysmile Sat 24-Oct-09 20:56:14

hello luda and galen and grouchy and tea
You are all our fab fly friends - aren't we gushy on here today grin
Still got lots to do for party, but managed to decorate the cake!
See you all tomorrow

Wolfcub Sat 24-Oct-09 21:46:41

grouchy get yourself some spinach and some sanatogen tonic wine to tide you over until they can get you sorted. Or alternatively guinness is supposed to be quite good for the old iron levels.

jas it's really good to see you

luda I also have big problems juggling work and flying. But I couldn't do without my flyfriends. This place keeps me sane.

Jas Sat 24-Oct-09 22:51:19


I have missed you all, too, but just can't FLY with dp home all day. He messed up all my routines and gets grumpy if I spend too much time on the computer!

Grouchy - I hope you get Boris back in his box....plain chocolate is my fave iron supplement.grin

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Sat 24-Oct-09 23:27:35

Hello again all and good to see some (dare I say it?!) oldies back again! smile

I seem to have hardly done anything from my list except some paperwork. I have done even more recycling. There are 2 bags ready for Monday and dh got rid of about 8 today. At the moment I'm working hard on reducing the volume of papers I have in the living room, dining room and sitting room. I'm getting there, slowly!

Dd and I are going to go swimming tomorrow so I didn't go today. Dh is going to go walking with the dog if it is dry. Ds may join him or might work towards his GCSE mocks which will be soon or his music exam which is very soon. He also has a concert coming up but I'm sure he's well rehearsed for that. Dh, ds and I were on a Welsh tv channel programme tonight. Dh and I only quite briefly, thankfully. I looked okayish, I think. I should have worn my contacts and got my hair cut but not to worry, I'm sure no-one cares! I'm still behind with my e-mails. Sorry luda and EHM. See you tomorrow everyone. smile

Wolfcub Sun 25-Oct-09 06:44:44

flylady sunday

morning all my attempts at a decent nights sleep and lie in ended at 4:15 courtesy of DS. He went back to bed but I couldn't get back to sleep. Then he called for dp at 6 so I went to see him and he'd taken his nappy and shorts off and was stood at the gate with his nappy undone. Fine I thought, obviously didn't want to be in a wet nappy, this is progress. Then he decided to tell me that he's wee'd on the bed. Grrrrr. I would have been less cross about this if there hadn't been two potties in the room with him, and it's only a small room.


Ds stripped and changed
bed stripped and in wm
quick kitchen tidy
I am back in bed with tea and toast for an hour


go to hobbycraft to get the bits to make our wedding invites. Think mum might have ds if she's feeling ok as he had a total meltdown in hobbycraft last weekend.

Have a lovely day all

Jas Sun 25-Oct-09 08:35:18

Good morningsmile

Today I plan on hotspotting. The general state of the house is not too bad....dp likes minimal and clear spaces, but he does have a tendancy to pile up the other stuff and stick it in out of sight places, so I'm going to rehome/throw away as much as I can.

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