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Friday Fly - date night

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Wolfcub Fri 23-Oct-09 08:43:00

Morning all

Wolfcub Fri 23-Oct-09 08:47:46

I am going to try an do today's mission in the hope of getting one complete night's sleep.

ds had a nice birthday yesterday, he went to nursery and then came home and opened prezzies. Granny and Grandad came to tea and he liked his cake.
Downstairs is looking cleaner and tidier than it has in months. Upstairs is a disaster as all the crap from downstairs migrated upstairs. I need to declutter,
Having a day off today to get a break from work and try to de-stress. DS is at nursery but is coming down with a cold so I am expecting him to be sent home.

Have a lovely day all

scattyspice Fri 23-Oct-09 08:59:46

Morning Wolf smile. Glad ds had a nice birthday, hope he gets through today without being sent home (sometimes being at nursery distracts them and they feel better, fingers crossed for you). Hope you get chance to get things done today.

DC are off today (inset day), need to go to Lidl and clean bathroom. DD is 'bored' already angry.

To do:
clean out fridge
clean bathroom

Hope everyone else is ok and has a good day smile.

galen Fri 23-Oct-09 09:07:28

morning all

Had a bad night - up lots to dd 3 and 4 with various requests/problems/general crying
then couldnt get backto sleep, so groggy here today

Also have all DC at home - inset day-
need to come up with inspiration to entertain them all
Going for long walk in a bit...

also stripping various beds...lots of washing...

Thankfully D3 seems in improved mood - fingers crossed
Allother reports really good for DC though so that is good. My main concern for dd3 is that hger teacher is rubbish...nee dto ponder plan of action...
right best get on

wolf enjoy day off,glad ds enjoyed bday
scatty good luck for surviving inset day!


galen Fri 23-Oct-09 09:08:30

hmmm obviously cant type to get more coffee!!

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Fri 23-Oct-09 09:14:22

Morning all! Thanks for the thread Wolfcub. Am pleased your ds had a nice b/d. I must get my ds' b/d pressies soon. It is only a fortnight away. Yikes.

A story (which I found funny). Ds said to me the other day "I need to start choosing..." and I thought he'd say "What I want to do after school" or "Which A levels I'm going to choose next summer" and instead he said "...which first car I'm going to have!" He's not 16 just yet, let alone 17!

Hi scatty. smile

Well, my living room is a tip because I've been sorting out papers galore. There are now 8 bags for the recycling and the worms in the composter are fed up of shredded receipts and names and addresses!

~ emptied and reloaded d/w
~ recycling
~ played silly devils in the garden with the dog

To do:-
~ get showered and dressed
~ return mail order items that don't suit (will the post office be open today, I wonder?)
~ hoover around
~ put dd's outgrown clothes in a bag
~ wait in for dh's hire car to be collected

swanriver Fri 23-Oct-09 09:19:25

Hi Wolf and Scatty
I'm feeling in a mellowish mood already for halfterm [Eire - parents' house)
dh says he's going to miss us all terribly hmm so he's been warm and lovely this morning grin
3rd Birthday - he's nearly a grownup Wolf!
Hope Tower of Doom gives hours of pleasure.

Scatty - hope "boredom" is redefined as relaxation, or perhaps they want to be set to work shock
Now going to try and tackle the maths homework again with ds1 before going to physio with him, and get him to do his exercises.

arranged holiday transport (train times)
assembled a few items to pack (we travel light)
written thankyou note
washed a lot of uniform
frozen soup and red cabbage

still need to get
mobile topup

need to cancel milk, veg box

swanriver Fri 23-Oct-09 09:28:31

Simply - One of the Scout helpers who is 16 has already decided he's going to be a teacher - think it's amazing when teenagers are so focused envy and car choice must be first step to being a free independent grownup in his mind. They love reading those consumer mags too. My brother used to endlessly read What Hi-Fi? weighing up the technical merits of each model.
Galen - how are the other parents finding the teacher of DD3? Could you insist on HEing her until you get the work placement till she gets her confidence back (or would that be a nightmare?)
Anyway I better crack on - must stop thinking and just act.

galen Fri 23-Oct-09 10:32:08

having a quick break....
have gone for the Divide and Conquer approach ...DD1 and 2 tidying bedroom, DD3 building lego in DD4 room ad DD4 and DS2 playing dominoes with me in lounge...oh and dog banished to garden for trying to eat all the picture dominoes...

Now drinking water having 5 mins...
Beds all stripped, bedding in wash...bedroom tidying done and underway...
Have also re-arranged lounge furniture to make better use of seating...

swan dont think I could go back to HEing...and not sure really it would benefit DD in lkong term .... I need to try to build her confidenc in school setting I think...
In fairness her teacher has tried harder since I went to see her so I think keeping on top of situation and regularly nagging speaking to teacher will help.
Am also helpful that her developmentalasessmen]t will help just by shedding some light on what is actually going on with her....we'll see...

right off for next tasks...

BBL grin

swanriver Fri 23-Oct-09 10:37:43

balls up on ds1's appt - turned out it was 30th not today blush so I've rearranged.
so he's gone to school - still floundering on his Maths partitioning as am I...

now feeling a bit ill not mellow, so going to tackle playroom slowly.

Starbear Fri 23-Oct-09 10:52:37

Morning all Thank you Wolf for the thread. Glad Ds had a lovely birthday. Hope you get the free time you need.
Well, my tummy doesn't like the change of routine this week so not feeling on top form. I think today is going to be all about planning. Need to book various appointments Dentist for me play dates for half term etc.
As promised the Christmas mission. Pls ignore if its too early for you.
Xmas mission
HBack in a mo with list Have a good day every onesmile

TeaMonster Fri 23-Oct-09 10:58:54

Morning all

Wolf I hope you have a relaxing day, you derserve it. Glas DS's birthday was good.

Waves to everyone else.

I am busy playing with DS2, making car tracks on paper, just needed to grad a cup of tea shock


Starbear Fri 23-Oct-09 11:01:10

So I'm back
Okay so far:-
D/W empty & re loaded Done
Load W/M Done
Sort laundry Done
Make bedsDone
To be done
Phone Gymnastics re half term
e-mail to school mums
Find out what’s on locally for half term.
Hang out washing
Phone radio shop again!
Get a feather duster & attack cobwebs on ceilings
Clean fridge
Get Chilli our of the freezer
Plan weekends menu
Write ds out ‘Thank you’ cards get Ds to sign
Sort out camera

Wolfcub Fri 23-Oct-09 12:11:51

hello again

bed stripped and all washed or currently in washing
wet washing hung up
dry dishes put away
one lot of washing up done
pans in to soak
matress flipped
dressing table (chest of drawers but its all I have) decluttered and cleaned - it was filthy
windowsill in bedroom decluttered and cleaned
bedside chest of drawers cleaned
chipped crockery from kitchen put in bin bag ready to throw
went through drawers in sitting room looking for stuff to chuck - found a few bits

off to take mum to lunch and need to get diesel and go to homebase before collecting ds from nursery.

Fireworks display at local garden centre night. Whole family going as treat for ds.

Starbear Fri 23-Oct-09 12:22:28

Tissue ot paper in washing Arrrrrrrghangry

wendyhappysmile Fri 23-Oct-09 13:30:17

just flying by, need to dash out to music for minors in a few mins.
Had my hair cut, dd went to MIL for an hour. Lidl and the shopping - forgot the list though angry so missed several key ingredients for the party on Sunday. Busy couple of days here cleaning house, baking cake, puddings, pies etc.
Shattered as DD had very restless night on top of me staying up to watch Question Time. I always watch it but usually record it and watch it later. It was very funny actually!
Hopefully an early night if I get everything done.
wolf enjoy fireworks. my DD was very scared last year so was DS so not sure what we're doing. She hates loud noises.
BBL perhaps!

swanriver Fri 23-Oct-09 14:18:58

Dh was up till late watching QT too - there was the lady from Dewsbury wasn't there? not sure what his verdict was, must ask him blush
Hope your party is lovely.
succeeded in assemblng a large pile of stuff /toys/books to take to parents for halfterm actvities etc which I will leave there forever (well will do over Xmas too) playroom looks much better without it...
slow progress though
kitchen cleared somewhat
floors swept
uniform upstairs
long chat with friend on phone
Starbear - I am philsophically beyond tissue-rage - as long as it's not black cashmere or dh's, a quick shake and a few more washes and grin
now I am going out to get money

RubysReturn Fri 23-Oct-09 16:39:34

Hi all
have little friend for tea and dd1 just keeps shouting. Poor thing must be terrified !

Got paid for first time today. All gone already! sigh.

scattyspice Fri 23-Oct-09 17:39:55

Me too Ruby sad.

Had a rather frantic day (also poor nights sleep with DD), but managed to:
clean kitchen
clean bathroom
make halloween bats with dc

DS lost his temper and gouged a huge scratch down the table shock. I'm not too bothered about the table but was abit taken aback by the violence of it (at least only the table got it I suppose hmm).

RubysReturn Fri 23-Oct-09 17:44:29

Oh shame scatty - I hate it when they destroy things

swanriver Fri 23-Oct-09 18:56:44

We have been for a long roundabout walk to and from singing lesson, dcs shoving each other into road, calling each other names, and generally being very tiresome.
Now they are being lovely grin and eating supper.

galen Fri 23-Oct-09 19:07:00

evening all

muddled through today some how LOL
House still a mess despite much tidying...hmm...
Now having glass of wine....will no doubt regret tomorrow - but I need it LOL

Have located useful booklet of half term activities so will do some planning tomorrow...
DD1 and 2 going to a new choir tomorrow am...
other than that no plans made for wk/end as yet...

Need to come up with some totally free advertising ideas for new business LOL (who said you cant set up a new business on £25 LOL)

but now off for more wine wink

wendyhappysmile Fri 23-Oct-09 19:08:08

I am glad my children's violent horrid antics are normal grin

wendyhappysmile Fri 23-Oct-09 19:08:38

just contemplating the wine myself, Galen

scattyspice Fri 23-Oct-09 19:25:59

Yes wine good smile.

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