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Thursday Fly

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scattyspice Thu 22-Oct-09 07:52:23

Morning smile

scattyspice Thu 22-Oct-09 07:55:48


BB in a mo.

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Thu 22-Oct-09 08:37:24

Hello to all. Sorry I've not been around much for a day or two. I started sorting out papers and I'm determined to get rid of as much volume as possible ready for recycling day on Monday. We usually put out about 3 or 4 bags a fortnight. This time I expect it to be 7 or so. I also had a problem yest with dd and ds but I think we've talked it over and have sorted it.

galen I liked the website particularly the first impression which was the letter head (I don't know what the proper name is.) I loved the green and the font and the branch with leaves. As MC pointed out, there are some spelling mistakes "behaviour" and "suit" were two I noticed. I wasn't keen on the green text on the pages themselves as they don't agree with my eyes when there is a background also. I have funny eye tolerance limits now (size of text, font type, colour, flashing lights, bright lights etc) due to the ME. Also, I'd prefer the text to be more uniform on the pages. I'd like a picture of you, too! It's hard when you're usually the one behind the camera, though. I hope it doesn't sound too critcal as I really like the website. Well done! smile

I need to shower and dress ready to start the day. See you all later.

galen Thu 22-Oct-09 08:57:57

morning all

Thanks scatty for the thread.
simply morning!

Thanks all for the feedback on website!
Am off to work on spellings and typos now LOL
Will remove the words package and products and stick to "services" Will find a more English qoute for first page and will look at text font...And I will at some point attempt to apply makeup and put a pic of me on!! Great feedback all Thanks!

Well today is "parent Review Day" which means all DC at home, DD4 to nursery at 12, then have to attend appointments with DC and teachers throughout slight chaos, though nice not having to get out of the house first thing!

Also have lots of hous ertecue type stuff to do....will see how far we get LOL

BBL hopefully grin

Ludaloo Thu 22-Oct-09 11:45:11

Morning Ladies smile

I have the biggest migraine ever this morning, so I'm ligging about the house feeling sorry for myself sad

I haven't even got dressed let alone done any housework!

I shouldn't really be goggling at the computer should I but I get soooo bored lying down!

Perhaps If I go and get dressed and get a drink I'll feel a bit brighter.....

galen gosh you sound like a busy bee today! I have missed the website chat evidently...will surf back and look when my head stops pulsing!

swanriver Thu 22-Oct-09 12:46:50

All this mornng in library - we have been doing Civil Rights movement, so feel envigorated but then had to escape from chatty teacher in her lunchbreak hmm

Now confronted wth so much mess don't know where to begin
small list
fold up dry sheets
put concertina files off table
put books back in shelves or neat piles
PUT CASS IN OVEN (make it first)
hang up coats and pair stray shoes


wendyhappysmile Thu 22-Oct-09 13:23:00

Very quiet today! Hello everyone
Have dropped DD off at SIL an hour ago, and I have done more in an hour than I have done all week - music on loud and just go go go!! I have had a bit of a lethargic week, though.
DH's birthday Sunday - need to get arse in gear, having a party with a few friends and some family round - it's a first for us to mix friends and family since we moved here (used to live 100 miles away from family). I am feeling happy though, about friends - I finally feel like I have some good, lasting friends around here, that I can rely on.
Need to crack on really, swimming today. Knee fever is better, so must have been a bite! blush
hugs and smiles to all

TeaMonster Thu 22-Oct-09 13:56:13

Afternoon all

I hate Thursdays, so busy, esp when mum does get up and we have to wait for her and shopping, which makes everything late.

The shopping is finally away
The washer is on
Boys beds are stripped

To Do

Ironing and put away
make boys beds
Emergency contact lists for the boys


swanriver Thu 22-Oct-09 14:51:13

have made casserole
mashed potatoes
red cabbage
rice pudding
industrial quantities of veg soup for freezer
paid gas bill and filed smile
taken out food recyclng to compost bin
washed up some things hmm

now cuppa and more attempts at tidying before pickup of dcs

Starbear Thu 22-Oct-09 15:42:55

Afternoon all
The day at work wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. Old team boss & supervisor were nice to me!shock They asked after my welfare and my opinion. shock Maybe throwing my teddy in the corner last month got the message across! Well, I've just had a nap, otherwise would have crashed collecting Ds from Lovely sis. I'm going now but, not before I checked in and posted the Flylady holiday missions. I haven't been doing them yet but will do as I like the thought of a smooth fun Christmas.

Christmas missions grin

swanriver Thu 22-Oct-09 16:22:39

Glad your day went well Starbear and that you got a brief rest before starting again.

I feel utterly knackered now (kitchen is a bit tidier and hall semi-cleared)
dcs in front of CITV
but promised I'd take them to park for roller skate/bike ride in 15 mins
v.strong cup of tea in front of me at this moment
have managed to overcook rice pudding into a flambed souflee (no not as delicious as it sounds)

swanriver Thu 22-Oct-09 16:29:04

right, reboot brain
food (prepared)
final homework, spellings, times tables
put PE bags in safe place
singing practice dd lesson tomorrow
no violin lesson on Sat so no practice
vaguely write holiday list (passports...wooly jumpers, mobile phone topped up, ring bank to check acct before setting off Sat)
confirm cat sitting arrangements for 2nd w/e (dh here till then)

physio appt for ds1 first thing tm am.

RubysReturn Thu 22-Oct-09 18:12:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeaMonster Thu 22-Oct-09 18:51:22

Evening all

Collected mads from school/preschool and then spent an hour in the park with snacks and drinks. I think I need to make a flask of hot chocolate for me.

Home and check project and reading book. There was a comment from MaxiMads teacher that his pattern was lovley and she would like a necklace like that - q mad wanting to make one.

DS2 also wanted to make a badge for his teacher, so we have adapted some salt dough ornaments we were in the middle of making

Jackets with beans and cheese
books are now being read by daddy

I have one bed to make still but I am drinking my tea first

Will be back later

scattyspice Thu 22-Oct-09 18:54:11

Thanks for the Christmas missions Star (I am getting excited lol).

Busy day and friend to play after school but thankfully no school tomorrow so no lunches/uniforms/bags/homeowrk to do this eve.
My (present) deliveries have arrived so need to be stashed.

I have had a happy 1/2 hr writing in my budget book (yes I got one for me too blush).


galen Thu 22-Oct-09 19:38:14

evening all.
Tired and stressed here.
Parent review afternoon was an ordeal - mostly due to having to drag a grumpy 18 month old around to appointmants all afternoon.
Lots of worries with DD3 though. And the whole experience was just too much for her |I think (they come in to see the teacher with you) and she has just had meltdown after meltdown since we got back home. I am at my wits end with her and she is now upstairs with DH trying to put her to bed and there is lots of screaming going on...sad....

Need to try and go and chill and order my thoughts...will post a more rational post tomorrow...

scattyspice Thu 22-Oct-09 19:59:43

Oh galen what a shame. It must be very difficult for a child her age to listen to criticism from her teacher however 'constructive'. Poor dd I hope she calms down soon and I hope you don't feel too overwhelmed sad. I HATE parents evening!

swanriver Thu 22-Oct-09 20:07:42

Galen, relieved you added a stressed message blush
a bit like that here
dd has kicked dh - something to do with roller skates
ds1 hs had a meltdown over not understandng his maths -at least I have FINALLY understood it myself, but too late to explain it to him

supper was very nice and they all gobbled it up after park - so that does help

wendyhappysmile Thu 22-Oct-09 21:35:44

galen hope you are all ok after such a stressful day.
night all

Wolfcub Fri 23-Oct-09 08:43:29


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