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Storage and sleep for an extra child...

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LissyGlitter Wed 21-Oct-09 13:52:19

DD is 2 and a half, and we have another DD due any minute (well, technically in a month, but that sounds SO long away...)

We live in a dorma bungalow, so DDs room is downstairs and our room is upstairs. Eventually we want the kids in bunk beds in DDs room (with a vague idea of putting them both upstairs if we are still here when they are in need of more space) but at the moment there isn't much room in there with her cotbed, bookshelves and cupboard (its kind of a cupboard underneath with shelves and two drawers on top).

The baby stuff is currently either in the garage or in a big pile outside DDs room.

Money is very much an issue, and it is a rented house so we are limited as to any permanent solutions. Any suggestions for fitting another child in the room?

Obviously at first baby will be in our room, but eventually we will have to fit both kids in together. We are thinking of a cheap single bed for DD and converting DDs cotbed back to a cot for the new baby, but that is really going to cause space problems. The beds will fit in, but then there will only really be room for two standard sized chests of drawers. I'm thinking the new baby is going to have to be at least two before she will be able to have the bottom bunk of bunk beds, not least because DD will need to be old enough for the top bunk. Me and my sister apparently bedshared when she was a baby, but I really not sure DD could be trusted not to push the baby on to the floor.

Given the choice, I would have everyone in the big grown ups bed, but DP smokes and is anyway not keen on bedsharing as he says he can't sleep with DD in the bed. He does have a point as she is very wriggly.

I suppose we could move the bookcases out into the rest of the house with a bit of shuffling, but what does everyone else do? I would like to have the babys stuff downstairs if possible, to make the endless changes of clothes easier.

CocoK Wed 21-Oct-09 15:29:53

Get everything you can off the floor by putting up shelves, to make room for beds.

And invest in storage solutions - IKEA's Expedit shelves are excellent as they are sturdy and can fit big boxes with lots of stuff in them. Maybe put a tall shelving unit in your hallway if you can fit one in?

We're pushed for space so put our boys in loft beds (like bunks but with no 'downstairs' bunk) last year. It freed up lots of floor space for playing and when no.3 comes the cot will go there too.

Maybe a cabin bed would work for your oldest? They're not too high and usually have lots of storage underneath. If it's high enough you might be able to fit a cot underneath - depends how well you trust your DD not to fall off the ladder (ours never had an accident so far and it's been 1 1/2 years).

You could try Freecycle, Gumtree or Ebay for second hand stuff to make it cheaper - we got two loft beds on Ebay for £100 all in. Good luck!

LissyGlitter Wed 21-Oct-09 15:36:29

DD does still occasionally fall/throw herself out of bed (although mainly when she is trying to sleep with ALL her soft toys hmm ) so not sure putting her any higher up at the mo is wise...although those loft/cabin beds have rails, don't they? Me and my sister had them, but I think we were quite a bit older. Hmm, will have a rummage about online.

CocoK Wed 21-Oct-09 15:38:48

Yes, they have rails. Only really dangerous if she is a kamikaze kid/doesn't understand that jumping out will hurt. There is next to no chance of simply falling out when asleep.

doggiesayswoof Wed 21-Oct-09 15:42:31

We have 2 DC in a small 2 bed house. DS is still in his cot and they both sleep in the smaller bedroom.

Space is tight and we have some toys and kids' books downstairs (in cheap faux leather boxes I got from Matalan - can be tidied up and look ok in the evenings).

We also keep all DS's clothes and changing stuff in our bedroom - a throwback from when he was sleeping in our room - not ideal but works ok.

Basically it's a minimum of stuff in the DCs' room so they still have some floorspace to play. DD has one very tall slim bookcase from IKEA with baskets on the shelves for toys. She can't reach the top shelves obviously but it works ok just asking us when she wants something out of reach. I keep the most popular stuff near the bottom.

In terms of keeping the baby's stuff downstairs, the phase where you are endlessly changing clothes doesn't last long - I had a big basket with changing things and a few outfits which I kept downstairs when they were tiny and refilled every couple of days.

Like you I will be moving them to bunk beds when DS is 2, in 6 months. When I get a bit fed up with how "busy" it is in their room I just focus on that!

Indith Wed 21-Oct-09 15:44:41

I have no useful suggestions but Lissy get yourself over to the meet up thread please, it has been abandoned and half term is looming

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