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Wednesday Fly - pack up your duster in your old kit bag and smile smile smile

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Wolfcub Wed 21-Oct-09 06:43:12

morning all

Wolfcub Wed 21-Oct-09 06:47:38

today's mission should you choose to accept it

scattyspice Wed 21-Oct-09 07:58:01

Morning Wolf - hope you had a better night.

collect DC and friend from school
DS and friend to Halloween disco
dd reading
Tel Mum
Collect DS and friend from Halloween disco
Dh to make lasagne smile
Finish arranging friend to play at 1/2 term.

Oh yeah
Laundry (sigh).

Have a good day y'all smile.

TeaMonster Wed 21-Oct-09 09:59:37

Morning Wolf, Scatty and all who follow to sail in our ship.

Well it is raining so hard it feels like a ship

Would madam insomnia please leave the building.

Swimming with DS2 this morrning


swanriver Wed 21-Oct-09 09:59:46

What are they dressing as Scatty?
Thanks for thread Wolf

Done so far this morning
quantities of kerbside recycling
rubbish for bin men
supervised ds2's piano practice and dd's recorder practice
everyone in a good mood (last night dh decided to make a (pocket money purchase)StarWars Lego fighter at 7.30 with dcs - so still playing with it this morning smile
taken ds1 to therapeutic swimming lesson (at swimming now)

managed to cook a delicious spicy vegetable pilau for Dh,after all, last night when elec went - he was very grateful smile think from now on not going to tell him what's for tea just present it to him wordlessly.

So muchhousework to do but can't even make a list - too alarming and more appts today as well.

galen Wed 21-Oct-09 10:13:43

wolf thanks for thread
scaty lots of arranging - good luck
TM Go away insomnia....enjoy swimming
swan sounds like you've done lots already!

so far have done:
school run
Dd4 and ds2 to soggy playground, doggy run around soggy park
Home and all changed to dry clothes!

Now to do:
Callendar updating and organising - feeling stressed there are lots of things coming up and I am not to sure what or when LOL
Laundry reboot
clean washing sort and put away
upstairs tidying

BUT have stonking headache and also had rubbish nights sleep....kept waking up with strange feeling of panic and stressing over some upcoming event or other that I needed to sort...(DS camping, MIL to visist, halloween-sort costumes, DD1 Bday, Christmas etc... you get the idea LOL)
So seriously lacking in energy...
still, will go and try and motivate myself...


swanriver Wed 21-Oct-09 11:41:44

Back home, brief tidy
now list goes as follows
piano practice 3/4 hr
eye test and collect mended specs(buy catfood on way back)
make carrot cake with many carrots
more piano practice
put cass in oven, make mash potatoes
lay out beavers clothes and brownies clothes
pck up 2 kids, take 1 to piano at 4.10
pick up 3rd kid at 4.32 from invasion games at school
all home for food, homework and vp x 2
dh back early [need to create calm atmos forhis return)
go to beavers at 6.15 with ds2 leaving dh to take dd to brnies and entertain ds1 for eve
back at 8.15 to then put fractious kds to bed and eat with dh at 9.00
doesn't sound good does it?

Galen, I'm going away for halfterm, and can't even think beyond that organizational feat. My [large] diary is helping though, amazng what I would otherwise completely forget.

swanriver Wed 21-Oct-09 11:42:30

Oh forgot my piano lesson at 2.30 [oops] no cass or carrot cake then..

swanriver Wed 21-Oct-09 11:50:07

and hurray! someone has just rung to say No Brownies this eve wink

grouchyoscar Wed 21-Oct-09 12:28:11

Cheers for the thread Wolf

Been for a 2nd breakfast this morning blush and I bought a new iron (that won't leak and drip). House cleaned this morning with the usual routines.

GOjr in youth club tonight, then straight to his swimming lesson then home.

Have to think about packing a bag for the trip to the seaside next week. I so hope it works out

scattyspice Wed 21-Oct-09 12:40:53

Trip to seaside sounds good Grouchy (are you staying?)
What a busy day swan (where are you off to nxt week).
Galen hope a session with a calender calms your busy mind smile, was dd2 ok yest?
Mad is your insomnia planning related?

Right, need to print off car insurance then back to work.


grouchyoscar Wed 21-Oct-09 12:44:55

Scatty We're taking GOjr to Blackpool to see the illuminations and have a tram ride. He doesn't know about it, we'll just get on a train and get off in Blackpool! I've booked an overnight hotel, B&B for 3 for £55 which is good really

galen Wed 21-Oct-09 13:43:21

afternoon all
swan where are you off to at half term?
scatty Oh yes , DD2 was totaly fine when she came home - it had all totally blown over LOL and there was me worrying! hmm
GO Blackpool sounds fab. Bet DS will love it!

Ok... if all you lovely ladies promise not to laugh I'll let you have a little sneak preview at my new business venture....
Parenting courses and coaching were my favourite bits of when I worked as a child pyschiatrist so I am trying a bit of freelance LOL PLease note the website is still sort of being worked on and added to!
Did try once before with no success though... so we will see...

Anyway have done some callendar updating.Have lost 2 important letters though with dates on that I need...grr...

Have also found the halloween costumes yay (couldnt remember where I put them other week when I goit them out of loft!)

now off for a cuppa and a rest as headache still annoying me....
BBL grin

scattyspice Wed 21-Oct-09 16:39:34

Wow galen, thats great. What a good idea. The website looks great (I love the quotes). This would have been perfect for me in my 'year from hell' when DS was 2 and DD a baby. I longed for some professional support, yet as my situation was perfectly normal I didn't feel I could bother the GP or HV. I wish you the very best of luck.

collect DC and friend from school - done
2 skeletons to Halloween disco - done
dd reading
Tel Mum
Collect DS and friend from Halloween disco
Dh to make lasagne
Finish arranging friend to play at 1/2 term. - done

Oh yeah
Laundry (sigh). - reboot (sigh).

RubysReturn Wed 21-Oct-09 16:41:38

just deleted a long message explaining why I am much happier today!

Anyhow better mood.

Galen - your website looks really fab. Professional, yet approachable, expert, yet hands-on! And I think people could actually afford the 'packages' when they get desperate!

I do think it would be lovely to see a pic of you on the website though - good to see qualifications etc, but it would help me to have a real face to the name of the expert I was consulting. Unless you are impossibly glam model and you are in the pics grin. Or do you prefer to remain private?

I had a crisis today at work. Head Teacher put out motivational briefing. She is great, a real leader. However she made a real horror of a synatx error. I had to cling to side of my chair to stop myself going and telling hershock. I am such a nerd!

galen Wed 21-Oct-09 18:03:41

Oh thanks scatty and ruby nice to have some feedback.
ruby yes I agree a RL pic would be good - couple of glitches...I am the photographer so always behind the lens in this camera and ...more importantly... need to work on making myself look slightly less mad and scarey and off putting LOL grin

ruby sorry about stress at work, glad you are feeling more positive though!
scatty you're making good progress, well done you!

scattyspice Wed 21-Oct-09 19:42:34

LOL galen - I actually thought that 1st picture was you and your family, then I realised there weren't enough kids in it. A picture of you would be good though.

wendyhappysmile Wed 21-Oct-09 19:48:56

Ruby LOL at your syntax crisis! Sounds so like me!
galen think the website looks great, hope it works!
swan hope your manic day wasn't too bad
everyone hi
Well I have been in agony today - I have something wrong with my knee. MIL thinks it's a bite, anyhow, my whole knee is swollen up three times its size; and is red and feverishly hot. (Can a knee have a fever grin)
Hoping it gets better for tomorrow, really want to go to swimming. My friends at mini movers bullied me into going to A and E, but when I got there it was a 3 hour wait, and I had DD with me, so I turned round and came home! We both had a long nap at lunchtime though, and am feeling slightly better for it.
Managed to only spend £17 at Usborne book party. Always get my books cheap online so I begrudge paying full price, esp when my friend gets 24% commission! She was pleased she had made £50 in commission in the evening, but I just kept thinking about the wine, drinks, nibbles etc she had provided which surely ate into her profit!
Anyway, need to go and do some ironing, tidy up, and need some lists! DH's birthday on Sunday and having a few friends over and family - need to plan and make food, and clean the house ... sigh ... I love having people over but it seems to be a lot of work! Perhaps I should stop baking and making everything from scratch and just go to Asda instead!
See you all tomorrow

wendyhappysmile Wed 21-Oct-09 19:49:48

scatty I also have reboot my laundry - yuk! Rainy weather sad

Starbear Wed 21-Oct-09 21:11:23

Evening all Just checking in. It's become a bit of an OCD habit blush
I've got a 5am start which always makes me worry about sleeping which means I don't sleep Argh!!!
Galen website looks great. The Baby Whisper book helped me because I really didn't have a clue about parenting. Still not sure but, routines work for us & possibly saved our marriage. (singing from the same hymn book helps)Agree with other photo of you would be good. An excuse to have a make-over smile and get pampered.
Wendy Knee fever! Hope you feel better soon. I have a tooth problem but going to ignore it until after half term.
Scatty I think it was you. I'm going to hunt for the Christmas missions & post them when I remember. Family over for dinner maybe we will discuss holiday arrangements Sis is a JW okay to write her off for Christmas day.
Take care everyone & try and sleep tight. smile

swanriver Wed 21-Oct-09 21:28:54

Re: Pics Galen - Supernanny was really scarey (I think they made her delibarately so) and that didn't seem to put people off!

One thing: I think you should have an English sounding quote on front page - just to reassure punters you are not an imported site. The other quotes are brilliant.

I think also you shouldn't refer to the help as a "product" but as a listening counselling service - more discreet and more cherishing in tone perhaps.
Packages are a excellent and clear way of settng out how you will help, but again I think you shouldn't use the word "package" but a phrase which is more sort of open ended (even if you don't want the help to go on forever LOL)

I thnk you could do more pictures of children playing together happily, sleeping peacefully, eating round a table (sort of Penelope Leach type black and white) and less emphasis on parents in pics. Sort to remind the callers it is not about them so much as the kids. Fill them with ideas of all the things their children are capable of - with the right help smilewink

Not that I have ever set up in business. Dh sells things all the time, he says as long as you believe in what you sell you can't fail.

Anyway it's a brilliant idea.

Had forgotten parent's meeting for ds2 in my list angry
Went (with dcs running riot), returned home just before Beavers,
Beavers went well, pm went well. But house is a shambles again ho hum.

Makingchanges Wed 21-Oct-09 22:50:17

Evening all

Not read posts but thought i'd pop in and say hello - managed to get internet in Lakes and surfing absentmindedly whilst DH watching footie. Thought i'd pop on and say hello to you all. Blackpool illuminations went down fantastically with DD was obsessed with trams decorated as train and boats with lights they were fantastic and then a walk down the seafront the following morning was greeted with questions about why the lights had gone out and had the bulb gone. Didn't manage to make a tram ride as MIL not very well but she would have loved it. Lakes good but rainy weather is holding some of activities back and i'm getting worried about the 5 hour turnaround we have between getting back from here and setting off to airport for Spain on Saturday.

Hope you are all well. Off to catch up on other things, catch up in 10 days or so

Makingchanges Wed 21-Oct-09 22:59:46

Galen website looks brill. Certainly something I would have loved to have been available when I had DD and really wasn't coping

(I know you said it was being worked on but you have a few spelling mistakes on the shop page - one paymnment on first section and paretning on telephone sessions - Hope you don't mind me pointing out - you may already be aware - I can be a pain noticing spellings when I make so many myself)

scattyspice Thu 22-Oct-09 07:53:59


Starbear Thu 22-Oct-09 15:39:21

Afternoon all
The day at work wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. Old team boss & supervisor were nice to me!shock They asked after my welfare and my opinionshock Maybe throwing my teddy in the corner last month got the message across! Well, I've just had a nap, otherwise would have crashed collecting Ds from Lovely sis. I'm going now but not before I checked in and posted the Flylady holiday missions. I haven't been doing them yet but will do as I like the thought of a smooth fun Christmas.
Christmas missions

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