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Tuesday Fly - Insomniac flyladies need some sleep

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Wolfcub Tue 20-Oct-09 06:44:12

morning all

scattyspice Tue 20-Oct-09 07:58:26

Morning wolf - are you sleep deprived too sad.

Swan DDs teacher was DS teacher last yr too. She is a great teacher and put masses of effort (though sometimes goes over their heads I think). She was very concerned that she had spotted DDs minor physical problems (they aren't that obvious so it shows she is taking notice)smile.

Tea - fantastic presents. I'm knitting furiously for Christmas.

Galen - good luck with the new get rich plan.

house bleugh
DC to gymnastics
buy food
organise friends to play at 1/2 term
Tel Mum.


SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 20-Oct-09 09:08:34

Morning all. Thanks for the thread Wolfcub. I've been awake since before 2 thanks to dh's snoring so I've been busy sorting out papers in the living room half the night! Hi scatty. smile

I did read most of the thread yest but didn't get around to posting. It was good to see you there Luda! I was in your neck of the woods recently. There was something on in the hall one evening. It sounds like you've been busy and enjoying your work. We must catch up sometime. I'm way behind with my e-mails so I won't promise to e-mail you until I've cleared the backlog. smile

Ludaloo Tue 20-Oct-09 09:26:32

Morning Ladies smile have all been up and at it early this morning shock

simply...yes, my apologies for not replying to your email sooner! It would be great to meet up smile have a half term comming up so have no idea where I am that week but maybe after the half term? Hope all is well with you anyway x

Well...housework wise:
~ Washing up (dishwasher gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago and we haven't replaced it yet sad)
~ Washing (got at least 4 loads if not more shock)
~ Bathroom and downstairs loo clean...hate that job
~ Hmm....hoovering and trying to get the smell of vinigar out of the carpet where dh dropped a bottle the other night!

Also on my list of to do's.... to go for a walk to collect acorns and search out some Hazel trees to see if I can find any chewed hazel nuts (winter wildlife food day comming up at work)

TeaMonster Tue 20-Oct-09 09:54:33

off to toddlers see you lovleys later and welcome back Luda I have missed you - tis Mad bytheway

galen Tue 20-Oct-09 12:07:11

afternoon all !

tm enjoy toddlers. Your Blog and your sewing are so fab!
luda good luck with nut gathering
wolf thanks for thread. Hope Drs app goes/has gone well.
scatty wouldnt describe it as a "get rich plan" more a sort off "be able to survive" plan LOL We'll see how it goes!

Having a quick 5 mins before nursery drop off

Have done:
Morning chaos and school drop off
Walked dog
LOTS of clothes sorting, ironed uniforms, renamed those items with missing name tags.
Rebooted laundry X2
general tidy
Lunch: left over sausage pasta bake
Now:nursery drop off
then: work on website for hour, on-line banking,few other internet jobs...

oh dear DD crying...must dash

BBL grin

wendyhappysmile Tue 20-Oct-09 12:08:38

hello ladies
Made playdough for toddlers
Washing on

To do
Cat litter
Clear up - house a tip!
Run mum home - she is at school helping, still can't drive after minor op last week
usborne book party tonight
What's for tea?
Clean bathrooms

Wolf hope GP visit goes ok and happy birthday to DS

See you later hopefully

wendyhappysmile Tue 20-Oct-09 12:10:42

galen x posts. We are all very intrigued with finance plan!

TeaMonster Tue 20-Oct-09 12:12:30

Hello All

I am back and just sorting lunch before Preschool drop off

Busy day

Off to freinds for a coffee sans boys
Home to prepare dinner for boys
School pick up
DS1 swimming
both boys parrents evening
drop mum home
Sewing and ironing
Sort our swmming bag for tomorrow

wendyhappysmile Tue 20-Oct-09 12:33:11

Hi Tea
I am lurking on here.
Just had a large credit card bill (we always pay it off every month, so it's never usually too bad) and am hiding from Life on here!
I am feeling a bit fed up today, not just that, just a bit lethargic. Need a boot up the bum!
BBL, off to do something more productive!

Ludaloo Tue 20-Oct-09 13:01:47

Ah Ha...hello TM (glad you explained the name change as I was non the wiser!) Missed you too smile
Actually I have missed everyone... so its nice to see some friendly faces smile

I've done half my list but had to do a food shop so that has taken up half the day now!
It is also absolutely chucking it down so no walk for me either....

Guinea pigs are next though...they are a bit whiffy so must fit them in somewhere today!

galen Tue 20-Oct-09 13:21:20

quick hello all again!

Just back from nursery drop off... found DD2 crying in the playground sad something to do with some other girsl being unkind and not letting her sit with them at lunch so she had to sit with the Y1s Not like her...she looked very sad and said she didnt want to go to school anymore sad
Popped and had a word with the secretary who is going to speak to her teacher and check she is OK , but has left me feeling sad and worried for her...sad

DS2 also appears to be randomly in a foul mood - having some very convincing tantrums over everything and anything!!


Right enough to be useful...

wendy Hope you're feeling brighter soon. Bills , especially of an unexpectedly large nature , are very demoralising.

grouchyoscar Tue 20-Oct-09 13:38:50

Hello ALL

Just FLYing by. I located Mrs L (The moggy) in time for the vet. She is 4-5 mths old and has had her 1st jabs. She officially hates me (Find, retrieve, put in basket, put in car, vet/needles/poking. basket, car again trauma no wonder) and has returned to hiding. I've got pet insurance for her this morning.

Also been to a meeting re extended School services for the govenors

Also Done

Bed making
Child washing
Child feeding
Empty DW
Put away
Reboot clothes horse
Load TD and run X2
Fold and put away x3
Clean out cat tray
Feed cats

Off again. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

swanriver Tue 20-Oct-09 14:29:42

Flying by too.
Worked all mornng at school, then swimming with ds1 till now [smile}
Unfortunately now had disagreeable conversation with bossy sister on phone whch has made my hackles rise.
Also need to do my piano practise or it's not much point having lessons is it hmm
Think supper is fried fish, mash and salad but dh is gong through his usual "don't fancy that..will have takeaway/sandwich" which drives me bonkers (though at least he organises it himself)

Galen sad seeing kids in playground can be v. upsetting if one catches them at bad moment
TM well done on coffee (or tea)
Simply - snoring husbands needs sharp taps

swanriver Tue 20-Oct-09 14:46:14

just spent 10 mins looking for music fruitlessly -
only to find it filed under "MUSIC" in concertina file blush
I think I am getting too far ahead of myself

Ludaloo Tue 20-Oct-09 15:03:54

Galen I hope she is ok by the time you pick her up sad
swan oooh piano lessons...I'd love to be even slightly musical, I love the piano.

Well everything on today's list is done...apart from collecting acorns. Rain has stopped so still might do that later.

Have a meeting at dc's school this seems our school is next in line to favour of a merge with the high school in the next village along.
Really hoping we can prevent it happening as it means our 4 year olds will be in the same school as the 17 year olds! (plus it means they'll have to catch a bus each morning...which I'm not happy littlest is only 4!)

I'm not too optomistic though...once they have made their minds up, these things usually happen don't they sad

scattyspice Tue 20-Oct-09 16:00:31

Oh no Luda, what a shame sad.

Galen poor dd hope she is ok.

I have collected dc (dd whined all the way home, but at least she walked - very slowly). Now making pasta so they can get off to gymnastcs. DS has left his lunch bag at school angry.

RubysReturn Tue 20-Oct-09 16:02:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scattyspice Tue 20-Oct-09 16:03:50

Swan - that is difficult if dh won't eat what you are making, makes it difficult to insist the dc do, then before you know it you are cooking different dinners for everyone angry. My dh can be a bit like that too.

wendyhappysmile Tue 20-Oct-09 19:11:16

galen hope DD OK?
scatty sounds busy in your house. These after school activities do make life complicated, don't they?!
swan I am just born bolshy I think, but if DH didn't want what I cooked, it would be just tough and he'd go hungry - same message I give to DC! I am obviously a Victorian wife as well as Victorian mother grin
Luda sorry about school merger, that's sad
Tea hope parents' evening good?!
grouchy hope mog is ok!

Off to an Usborne books party, getting picked up so having a glass or three grin
See you all tomorrow

swanriver Tue 20-Oct-09 19:20:14

electrician is here (shortlived chaos again)
supper plans reduced to baked beans on toast blush much appreciated by all grin

we've had a lovely afternoon, children have been sticking thngs in their scrapbooks,
good temperedly done music practice and homework
ds1 has been perfecting his Freddie Mercury impersonation
and I have saved the telly fix till now grin
I think doing something I liked this afternoon has definitely made me in a better temper!

Ruby - you are our zap-woman, hope you feel better soon.
Luda - re: school, know what you mean about consultations which are not really consulting but finalizations sad
Grouchy - what you do think of this extended schools business?
Scatty - hope you have a good evening

bb wed

swanriver Tue 20-Oct-09 19:22:56

x-post Wendy - hope you get to buy lots of inspiring dc books!

Wolfcub Tue 20-Oct-09 19:24:47

evening all*

I have been unable to sleep properly for about 5 weeks - am really starting to suffer with it and am struggling to function as a normal sane human should. Ended up crying at work because I shredded a very large document with hand written notes that I knew i needed and then had to spend ages sticking it back together with cellotape


car serviced and mot'd
been to work
taken ds to docs - he wants to talk to key worker but isn't worried so that's good - he is a total nob though, would have preferred to see my doctor rather than dp's
birthday cake made - will ice tomorrow and decorate on thursday just before he blows candles out
just put dinner in oven and am planning menu for thurs for family dinner - intend it to be things i can make tomorrow so I can enjoy ds's birthday on thurs

hope all are well. there really should be a clinky glass emoticon!

scattyspice Tue 20-Oct-09 20:27:23

Wolf - sorry you are not sleeping, poor you sticking a document back together with sellotape (sounds like the sort of thing I would do). You must be worried about DS. There is quite a reassuring thread on the go about 4 yo boys (I know your lads a bit younger) being ? ADHD etc with lots of helpful responses by people whos DS's grew out of it. Might help if you can find it.

Swan - LOL at beans on toast. Sounds like a nice evening though.

Ruby - sad

Wendy - bottoms up!

DC back from gymnastics, not sure how long DD will be going though sounds like she's being a bit of a PITA!

cull mags/recycling
1/2 arranged 1/2 term friends to play (complicated arrangements).
labeled trousers for DD (too cold for socks, can't manage tights)
bought food

I have been reading the Gordon Brown thread. Quite interesting.

Wolfcub Wed 21-Oct-09 06:43:55


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