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Monday Fly - 5 days until weekend

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Wolfcub Mon 19-Oct-09 06:42:37

morning all

hope all have good days

scattyspice Mon 19-Oct-09 07:45:33

Morning Wolf - what are you up to today?

Parents Eve today so i don't think I'll get much else done. Bedding in the washer as we speak though smile.


ShannaraTiger Mon 19-Oct-09 07:46:34

Morning all

Wolfcub thanks for the thread.

To do today
Buy Dd's birthday present for tomorrow!!

Can't think of anything else until that is done.
I'm feeling really guilty again about not doing her a bday party even though I know she wouldn't be able to cope with a big one and our little 2 bed flat can't fit more than 2 extra children in.
Next weekend will make up for it though as we're off to my parents and all my family will be their, poor dp his idea of hell grin

I was also thinking of writing out Morning and Before bed routine and sticking it to the cupboard/kitchen door so that everyone knows what I'm trying to remember. Hoping might make everyone feel involved, especially dp who I think gets really frustrated because he knows that the epilepsy makes me forget everything but he doesn't know what I'm trying to remember!!

Anyway enough of my waffling need to try and get ds to eat something before playschool this morning.

Hope everyone has a good morning

BBL after town

ShannaraTiger Mon 19-Oct-09 07:48:15

x-post morning scattyspice hope parents evening goes well.

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 08:32:26

Morning All Thank you Wolf for the thread
Shannara I think she'll love a special tea with her best friends. I'm sure your family will make her feel special.I used to love going to the cinema with a couple of friends on my Birthday when I was little.
With ref to memory I have a pinboard on the front door so I can remember what Ds needs for school,what I need to take out the door. With so much going on I never remember to return borrowed stuff so I leave a note on the door.
Back after shower with list smile

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 08:33:03

Morning Scatty

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 09:09:02

Hello again.
A bit thrown today as ds has an inset day. I got used to him going to school & cracking on with things without him!
Washed & dressed me
Ds watch a bit of telly blush
Beds made
W/M on
Clothes folded & put away.
To do
Ds dress & wash
Empty DW
Reload D/W
Hang out washing
Reload W/M
Go to the park
Do some craft things with DS & a couple of Thank you cards
Make Minestrone Soup. we have noticed that DH doesn't have a cold sore near the end of term. We think it might be due to veg soup.
Fish cakes for tea made with yesterdays mash.
Swimming with DS's friends.
Wish list,if the sun pops out maybe a bit of gardening.
have a good day everyone. smile
have a good day

TeaMonster Mon 19-Oct-09 09:20:54

Morning all



Dress and breakfasts
DS1 at School
Washer on

To do

Home bleur
Blog about the weekend
Post e-bay stuff which has been paid for
LIst more e-bay stuff
Whats for lunch
Whats for dinner - spag bol
Play with the minimad


Scatty ours is tomorrow night

swanriver Mon 19-Oct-09 09:37:21

Hello everybody - tis so nippy that we've finally put on the heating in mornings.
Last night dh lit a fire in the grate of living room as I had been organised enough to finally buy some smokeless coal to add to wood pile smile IT WAS LOVELY.

Yest - wrote loads of appts and dates in diary (see one more I need to do on cork board blush still have vague feeling something has been forgotten
need to do a few more birthdays and car tax and MOT in diary
dcs to school with library books, ties, waterbottles

Shannara - writing routines (keepng them simple is the prob) on door sounds like v. good idea - I keep forgotting obvious thngs too.

Now going to start the day with some piano practice after doing dishes and I load of laundry.

TM - well done on ebay things completed

swanriver Mon 19-Oct-09 09:40:16

Starbear - yes it's difficult to revert to workaday mum when they are home from school, seems like they should be getting special attn not just fitting in..enjoy it though!!!

TeaMonster Mon 19-Oct-09 10:34:11

I am back for a cup of tea nad a break.

Me and DS2 have done:

Home bleur upstairs
Played with garage upstairs!!
TD on - its raining

I now need a reast

Sorry that I am not very chatty, guess it is just my mood. I am trying, but go into hospital in two weeks time and I am scared to say the least. I need this op thoug, as I have padding and dressings on again from an open sore where my bra has been rubbing, so no boobs again for me.

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 11:07:31

15 min break with a cuppa.TM Just missed you, Sweetheart. You need to do what you need to do. (Wish there was a heart emotion)
Should really tackle my e-bay phobia Can't get into the shed safely now!
Swan Oh! That sounds cosy. Makes me think of all the things I want to have in place during December. Don't you just hate those I've forgotten something moments' That's why I go around the house with a pen and paper. Doesn't always work as I've normally got wet hands when I do remember! By the time I've dried my hands the thought has escaped me!blush
Ds is still in his PJ's being very good playing with 2 BAKUGAN????!!! He got for his birthday. After tea break he'll get washed & dressed & we will go out blush

grouchyoscar Mon 19-Oct-09 11:30:47

Hello ALL

Just passing by. Got to take new puss to the vet this aft

See you soon

scattyspice Mon 19-Oct-09 12:48:23

Hi all.

Thinking of you Mad. I'm not surprised you are apprehensive about this next op after the complications last time but there is no reason why you should develop an infection this time round.

Swan - we have chimney swept now (and new fireplace) so looking forward to some fires too.

Star - we have inset day on Fri.

Grouchy - I see you've adopted the new cat smile

Shanna - happy BD DD for tomorrow (how old?). Your plans sound fine smile.

I have printed off the Flylady Holiday (Christmas) control Journal for the check lists. I did this last year and it helped keep me on track (I'm having a cool yule this year remember, not a frantic one smile).

To do (after work/school):
Recover from parents Eve
BR floor
Fill in check lists.


TeaMonster Mon 19-Oct-09 12:55:55

Scatty Could you add a speical christas to do thing each day them for us???

swanriver Mon 19-Oct-09 13:03:51

Swept downstairs floors but not mopped
tidied but not cleaned bathrooms
put away all dry washing
ironed a big pile
2 more loads of laundry washed and hung out
made a pile of mending
sheets changed yest (just ours to do)
eaten leftovers from yest
sorted out handbag yest
found some more library books for library book box

still need to
do last dates in diary
post a letter or two
go to library and get Ella Fitzgerald picture for dd/return some books
tackle appalling playroom
piano practise angry
get some money from cashpoint
lay out Cubs uniform for ds1
assemble dinner (lamb & apricot cass and rice)

TM - I'm having minor op on 10th under a general. I remember being completely knocked out last time I had one from anaesthetic alone, you must stay in bed afterwards for as long as possible and not expect yourself to be doing things too early, even if it means forcing your in-laws to help you and dh.

grouchyoscar Mon 19-Oct-09 13:16:09

AAAAGGGHHH. The little cat has hidden herself under all DH's many boxes in the attic/office/dumping ground. I have 1 hr to get her to the vets and...I can't find her shock blush

The whole house now smells of tinned cat food but Mrs has vanished hmm

swanriver Mon 19-Oct-09 13:28:28

what about the irrestible sight of a long twitching piece of string?
they have a sixth sense don't they when you are trying to take them to vet...hmm
good luck

Ludaloo Mon 19-Oct-09 14:53:39

Hi Gang smile

Feels like an absolute age since I was last on here! I hope you are all ok smile

I have finally finished my summer contract for work so have a few more days a week to do other things now!
I've spent most of today having a toy cull in the kids room....THE worst job in the entire world! Looking quite organised now though...we'll have to see if they keep it tidy! hmm

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 15:50:57

Scatty what a great idea, I'm going to copy you.
grouchy It's that always the way. Hope you've found her. Ball of wool?
Hi Ludaloo welcome back. Working, taking care of children & the home makes a mess of my head!
getting DS to do homework is painfully he is only writing out 'THE' and keeps doing the Homer 'Doh!' when he gets it wrong. The sound is driving me nuts that why I'm here and told him to do five on his own.
He has done them now, we are now off to runaround with some friends, he needs it. smile

grouchyoscar Mon 19-Oct-09 16:33:30

Well, I extracted the cat from her hiding place. Took her to the vet. She is 4-5 mths old, has had her injection and some flea and worm treatments. She's fine, I'm skint but all is well wink


Bed made
DW emptied
Put away
Damp washing taken down and loaded into TD
Lunches made for tomorrow

and a big Welcome Back to Luda, great to see you again

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 17:30:38

Ticking off list for today
Beds made Done
W/M on Done
Clothes folded & put away. Done*

Ds dress & wash Done
Empty DW Done
Reload D/W Done
Hang out washing Done
Reload W/M Done
Do some craft things with DSDone
Lunch Done
Swimming with DS's friends. They cancelled the swim (I don't mind hate the cold, dirty unisex changing rooms)
went to the park instead with friendsDone
Still to be done
thank you cards before bed
Make Minestrone Soup A bit now & a bit tonight
Fish cakes (Ds will eat steamed,whole fish DH is the big baby and needs the fish hidden!)
Loaded camera manual I have learn and not ignore new technology!blush

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 17:38:25

Scatty I have looked on the fly lady site and I can't find the Christmas (sorry Holidays) Control journal printable pages just references to it. Where did you find it? (Sorry to give you another job to do!blush

Starbear Mon 19-Oct-09 17:44:43

Scatty I found it! here it is smile

wendyhappysmile Mon 19-Oct-09 17:59:41

hey all
DH moved the PC and its desk last night so am sitting in improved study now.
Shopping with mum
bought a birthday present for DH (don't know what else to buy him!)
Got some more xmas/birthday gifts for DC (both November)
helped mum do the same for DH/DC
made tomato sauce for pasta with toms from greenhouse
cleared up a bit - a mess again
a 20 minute nap!!!

Right, better crack on
luda it is great to see you back!
Good idea on stuff to do every day for Xmas!

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