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Packed lunch advice please

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nightmareteamgirl Sun 18-Oct-09 16:44:26

Hi all
DS is having his first ever packed lunch tomorrow- he has finally talked me into it after 7 weeks of school smile

But to be honest I have no idea what to give him- the school has a healthy food policy, but have said crisps are occasionally ok.

So what do you give yours?

I was thinking
1 slice of bread made into ham or tuna sandwich
A banana? Or some raisins?
and maybe a penguin biscuit? (well generic equivilant)

What do you think? Too much? Too little?
About right?

He doesnt eat carrot sticks or chopped peppers or things like that- he is more a typical 4.5 year old than a typical MN 4.5 year old blush

I am not really keen on him having packed lunches- too much hassle and I would prefer he had a hot meal, but he really really wants it, so ... I gave in and said just this once. I amy let him have one a week in the future, but I dont want to give him too much- he is a slow eater, or too little and him go hungry!!

Thanks all

IdrisTheDragon Sun 18-Oct-09 16:48:58

DS is 5 and has a sandwich, a cheese string, a penguin type biscuit/piece of cake etc, carton of drink and a fruit. It all does get eaten. I have found getting the balance right takes a bit of time.

Ivykaty44 Sun 18-Oct-09 16:54:26

five things is the wa I do pack ups

so two bread sandwich, marmite or cheese or tuna and mayo with crusts cut off when they are in infants - just makes it easier for them to eat.

drink of juice

fruit of some kind that they like

a yogurt/fruit jelly (i make i with tinned fruit ain tiny tupperwares)

rasins/grapes/biccy/peice of cake/babybel

Golda Sun 18-Oct-09 16:59:18

I give ds a tiny sandwich, a pot of fruit and a box with either 1/2 packet mini biscuits or popcorn or small piece of cake.

If I give a whole piece of fruit he tends not to eat it.

Yoghurt tends to be opened and then put back in his lunchbox.

Sometimes I substitute a sandwich for brioche/hot cross bun/ scone

Sometimes he gets cheese or cold sausage if he has no protien in his sandwich.

I give him pasta or beans in a flask quite a lot (a recent thread thought this was tantamount to giving him cyanide)

Make sure he can open everything himself.

nightmareteamgirl Sun 18-Oct-09 23:06:13

Thanks everyone

Golda I have ordered that flask for myself! it seems perfect for soup and pasta when I am out and about at lunch time (which is 2-3 days a week!)

I think I will put a cheese string in as well and hopefully he will have enough
Thank you

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